They do say I thought the way I ran my concerns was good but it really isn’t – this is the part that beats me, as the problem is that people have overlaid abusive society activities on the engagement of an Arch Prince and turned up to complain about the results but none has yet answered the question of whether they will be the ones funding changes I had to make in order for them to feel comfortable. We see the same thing played out by Americans and a further complication where it sets off a small problems that will consume me without building up difficult political crises, then complains about the way the mess it made of my concerns affected its own, about the effects of abusive activities where it wants to get the communists showing the world economic advancements that the USA permitted and not what their cultural facilitated, whilst its celebrities told lies of what I was doing with the communists, the idea was that another stateman should get into Uniform to serve a bunch of characters that graduated from Harvard, speaking of which I did not have a millstone on my legs preventing me from completing University degree, just expensively dressed hoodlums on media that they fund, running me down every time I am at work, hence there is now a problem with the way they organised the career and engaged with the public, so when they claim I did not present a United front for Ukraine and these facts were cleared up, we find what is happening in Ukraine is not half the gimmicks they make it out to be and they get to tell me I am two faced whilst I am really able to catch them out in all directions. I am told it is a problem that can last the rest of my life but it will never, I mean they were men and I engaged with people in Europe comfortably all these years, underlying message that as long as my social status did not get in their faces I would be fine and then at some stage Washington must have said something or somebody fought my wars and it was no longer the thing to attack people who sold catering services to freelance journalists at work, in order to show the USA ruled the world, it was the main thing to get rich fast attacking me, running me down and fingering my bum, which is all good as long as people were able to read the Books at this shop, considering the main issue was financial wellbeing, so the picture that comes to my mind at this stage was one of those layers and layers of perverted communities that have met to listen to a speech from a proper trouble maker who spoke to them from a balcony in the City, runs over and over in my head for them. I mean I do get told I give the society a bad name when I talk like that but it is not what people think at all; there could be five truck drivers and two were keen on incredibly abusive gimmicks that their popularity gits will pick up for work place narcissism that allowed expensively dressed hoodlums to run me down whilst I am at work, annoying when I had to tolerate it but nothing prepares me for the damage which comes like something of a perverted relationship with the broadcasting community, my clients lose money for simply talking to me and there is a useless, stupid unnecessary industrial politics that shows up all the time, to express more so their need to be the hand piece and mouth piece of people who had money beating me down, their famous gits have not yet recognised my position that there was a problem on the way they chose to organise their careers and engage with the public and that my Bookshop was too noisy for my clients, causing me to lose all my money – these labels are starting to look good on them, becoming generic.

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