I do worry when the Labour Party starts to talk about Policies that we get to collectively agree on; I mean it started off from an inability to accept a conservative party that got off laying claims to the Country according to them when we all actually have a bit of conservatism going on inside all of us and then it developed into claims they were the party of the people whose ideals everybody else is trying to steal Ė now this talk of policies we all agree on which should not be undermined is really worrying because of course there are some of us that will not miss the demise of the Labour Party, some of us who want it to go, to disappear alongside its plans to remove the welfare state so that it can oppress those it wants to. In the end they have always been a party of very twisted evil gits who want nothing for a 100% of their time but an exasperation, a reaction and an illness out of others; so this talk of Policies we collectively agree on makes me very concerned indeed because there is a need to ensure something that is a National Institution that voters identify with is only physically removed more so without the actual will of the voters for very good reason.

For me I must ensure there is a way of protecting my life and livelihood from their vandalism and we all know it can come from any corner such as when it is difficult to pick on young people to get a reaction and ill health because their parents will protect them so the important thing is to pick on grownups who have just reached adulthood instead which means people with a lot of energy to spare channel all their energy towards protecting themselves from them which will never work and then they realise they need money and spend tax payers funds on themselves and this is what I feel there must be a way of preventing at Parliament where their politicians had nothing to do with the rule books as it does with destruction. This is all I am mainly concerned about not half as much how to ensure that plebes like these have a better life at my expense as they claim I do i.e. it will be nice they get rid of the welfare state and disappear in the process, instead of think I actually have no right to do anything to defend myself irrespective of what they do to me provide it is about possessions.

They always say I press myself over an impossible task which is utter nonsense; there is nothing impossible about warning them to stay off my book sales or the end product will be a major and global contribution to their biggest problem yet which I will make, nothing complicated or impossible about how much they know of what I am thinking when I regret not doing such things five years before now, so it is the usual delusion as ever and my warnings have never been clearer to them either. I know they speak of communist influence; the reality is rather that when you are either an idiot who takes a look at your physical endowments and thinks you were born to lead weaker and lesser people such as me with a big mouth or take a look at yourself and think you should be a gang over lord who dies in a hail of Police bullets and is remembered and loved by your local community, then the last thing you will want to do it get it right with the law before you think about making money if there is a civil service and Government departments you can play games with and talk nonsense about how I do what you have been planning to do with that stupid media as abusively and violently as only you can or you can simply find the next biggest worry of the entire polity of the Country and play around with it in order to steal from people which is just a progress step taken from the fact you have an inability to listen and to desist from doing things to people they have expressly told you causes them suffering and distress like black people and their stupid insolent communities. These are things they are doing very well and it has nothing to do with the influence of any Communism in the world.

We all know of the story about young people that support them of course it does not even bear mentioning in grand detail; the realities are very clear about that stupid Popular culture and all it does as it were but we have been there before where I write books and they want to steal the career even when they know the books are about young men that betray women and talk nonsense about civil rights later on, so these idiots can wreck my life and claim they are doing civil rights attacking me to a point of forcing me to get into a daily struggle over personal dignity, no plans to end it, no plans to go away and they have ever won a fight around here as well. It beggars believe on the two fronts; the problems Americans create being one of them of which I donít mind, only if they wind me up I will watch pornography again Ė it is what it is all about anyway, pornography and anal sex with my friends and allies to make them their own permanently, and lots of insolent media based freedom and capitalism nonsense; I donít know why people fret about it anyway since I have clearly got them where I want them and they are not going anywhere fast as such. The other front of course is such facts as how the guy who was sexually assaulted as a child is best friends with the guy that wants to control women and that is how they target me because they expected civil rights to get it done as well from here with that big mouth and that stupid Popular culture with it as it were.

The part they love to finish off everything with of course is that old claim that all these things are problems I create through my insults and then set about solving. The truth and reality of course is that when their stupid children work with them to use government property that belongs to them thereof to wreck my finances to a point where I ma available to the lowest points of their stupid society Ė assuming everybody wants to live in a tolerant society and try their best to ensure that is the case like I do, there are some things people do, some regular behaviour people exhibit that is very inconsiderate towards me and there is no way they could possibly tell anybody that they expect to do these things to me while keeping those behaviours as well at the same time unless they have got it and so far we all see that they have not and love to make up ideas on media that I m scared of them as a matter of securing their daily confidence to get energy and get to work, while such nonsense as imagined sodomy of me ensures I am out of energy all the time because I am intensely angry and violated on account they have civil rights and these things are important so they can have what they want to make their stupid lives worth living then remember they need money to pay their way later on and spend tax payer one, then find it impossible to shut their mouths when they know I donít support their stupid party. They are not learning anything right from those days when I was  Christian because I donít want to suck peoples cock and was  Christian because I want to provoke criminals into lashing out by grabbing all the attention Ė they have not learnt anything from how much what I have done hurts with respect to that.

Itís like all those tales they tell about my problems when we all know they are the ones that own and run local communities full of croons that attack those who do not carry their shopping when they are perfectly aware they would never have asked their stupid children to do it in hell. The sex based abuse however is supposed to have made me retarded and their stupid children clever, to support all that nonsense that goes on in their heads that everybody likes them. So in their view there is nothing to be angry about and what I say here is all I can do which I have spent years working out as their lives are therefore interesting. The pipsqueaks are actually doing social selection apparently. They say they do what they do because I am one such persons who will not allow others a break from their first impression issues; so the first impression of me they have created which will suit them well is that I give away ideas that would have helped me make a living and of course will find no other ways of making money and it therefore beggars belief they think that companies and industries do something wrong by abusing them to create profit margins bearing in mind everything is a plaything for them, especially so when you pay people huge sums to do your advertisement and that money will be deployed at a later date to control you while especially the girls involved will become powerful Ė it is one of those delusions that make them think I actually do not believe in my products as it were whereas they could not have been more wrong and it is a lack of respect for what I do as a result of that which will be their undoing.

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