Another new word that Politicians have enjoyed lifting from my work is “social mobility.” I do not know why they do it when the questions are asked in professional capacity but I do know the reason anyway and this fact is something their media idiots think they wish to bully out of me to make their insolent day with the news. When I say social mobility it is a factor of the truth that it is something artificially created by another and not something that has occurred naturally; somebody must have gained access to another persons privacy to get a peak of my work, then set out to get help from Politicians to stifle my work academically and career wise while he prepares with the same help and gets himself to a place where he has absolute control of my life and so no matter how powerful I am and impossible it is to make happen because it will cause me and not him damage, it is something worth seeking; so far they have wasted a decade of my time to try and make it happen and when I speak of social mobility they get off and talk so much political rubbish as well. I am not saying it is that much of a problem either because the other side of it is that every fool in town is my relative and they always are my relative when the Politicians have helped them to gain access to my work and need to be my relatives in order to spend it on themselves, so naturally when I speak of social mobility and the echo it as well looking for political power it is infuriating. One of those thing that cannot possibly have a limit unless I do them as well and we end up with a banana republic i.e. it is electoral campaign day that creates the day for my revenge, so that when it is impossible for them to have any connections with my relatives and the meaning of politics has to be redefined while politicians don’t know what they are doing when they are getting elected and no body can hold them to account because there is no workable society, then when I speak of social mobility people will not mock me, insult me and show the fact that their parents tell them I am mentally ill off and more so on public Television all the time; only God knows what told them I am mentally ill anyway.

As for the part where I speak these things because it is teased out of me by back stage media scum, it is nothing new about the lowest gutter of lower class life. People are supposed to get out of it except them and why would they think twice about doing that anyway, the fact they have a conscience? I mean is it just me or do people not think there is something fundamentally wrong and unjust about thinking about your conscience when dealing with lower class scum? The biggest problem we have with respect to me and things I say which others lift for their insolent purposes the way politicians do is that of the fact I was a Christian and then my life got better and I got a royal estate from the Queen and then it got worse because they exist, so naturally they have planned my fate and the outcome of my life with that rubbish about how I must exist in a certain way before I can exist played up around civil rights and then boasted about when others have let them get away with it and that outcome is that I will not spend the rest of my life fighting over something every single day. It is not yet clear to them as it were for the time being that this inability to leave other people alone still stands as their biggest problem around here as well about which they need to watch me spend the rest of my really fortunate life fighting something too, for I have ever seen them give to the frugal. Hence it is currently impossible to see the link between the harm I do them and the parting shots i.e. they start a fight, I settle it and they part shots with a big mouth; you will spend the rest of your life fighting one thing after another yap, yap, yap.

It is not the first time as such, usually you get out of it and leave them behind in it but because you are such a hard nut to crack, those years will be kept by them as the history they share with you and you will stumble onto it in absolutely every place you go with a tinge of violence which is sickeningly embarrassing, so that when you speak of social mobility they want to make good of it as well. Naturally what always happens is that I return to them until it is and to have it sorted. Twice over I have done so in my teens and it does not quite cause me any astonishment that I will end up doing it on the money eventually.

I know what people are angry about but it is not surprising that for men when I happen to on occasions leave my home to get to the bank to sort out a lost or stolen card issue, on my way there of which people use my temperament for things unintended and think they are evil at church but when I finally get to the bank the entire day gets spent on idiots that walk into the branch for the sake of it claiming to have established connections between hurting me and getting top jobs especially in the manufacturing sector that they know nothing about, that they are angry about something which has to do with what is happening to those stupid pop culture firms and for the women, their insults and attacks on my people which creates damaging irony in the sense that people can only make use of my work if they have money to spend although it is a good read I suspect for those who have no money but especially so for those who want to blag their way into success if need be but because of their insults and obsession with digging up my personal problems and pretending I am a low life while they are important on National Television, every time people loose a sense of this fact they abuse me and have that feeling of being more important at the same time then expect to get away with the damages especially to my business.

The politicians do clearly think they are notorious for forcing people that others do not want around them on people – you never know if it is the fact they do it or the fact they even have reasons for doing it that winds you up, bearing in mind you stay away from whom you stay away from at your age without good reason, unless they control the money of the world that is, then become the ones that others want to force people on. So the talk about the claim I am a Coward who cares a lot what people think is all just as well, I am protecting myself from civil rights cowards anyway, whose death threats in my direction as well is insufferable. It is something they must always do, get into peoples affairs and find out where security matters are happening because it is where to find the possibility of breaking promises others are fulfilling to those they care about by getting in the way which they suppose those they do it to do not find infuriating as well, especially because they get rich and famous with it. I suppose here we have come to the end of our review of social mobility anyway,

I had said all I needed to sometime ago about insolent Americans selling things and needing my taste, especially those who have access to the book publishing industry and get in the way when I try to have my books distributed; people are always stealing their taste, they are always the only ones that need money and they are never respectful or scared of anything in their stupid lives. Having sex on my equities and securities, especially filthy American filthy sex will lead to trouble, every thing else they get up to happens behind my back and that is precisely where it stays.

As for the problems the fathers cause me, I am not yet kicking in my fathers tummy, so it will seems as though their sadomasochism and misogynistic rubbish has no limits. So it is the same old thing; wreck the Christians life and offer him your wife to wreck his faith and make him part of your family in your money making plans for the future; so that when I tell them I do not think that a process where sex or dirty sex on my equities and securities will lead to trouble means everything else they do happens behind me and stays there, unless they have some connection with book publishing and sale industry and are stifling my sales about which I am not the one complaining at the moment, they have difficulty understanding why another thing entirely on media like the claim I sleep with their wives which is all it is good for these days does not hold sway, alongside those incredibly foolish claims their silly children make about how I aim to make them beautiful by my actions, when they know it is entirely a function of looking after my faith, which of course is the crucible in which back stage media scum that perpetually intend to get scary are born.

The Politicians think they want to arrange an enquiry into banking malpractices; I have no idea why it has so much to do with my market place in the most violent way imaginable at parliament anyway. I mean they always say nothing anybody does cuts my biscuit for example but what is anybody meant to think about the completely hopeless incompetence that we have here and we are not yet putting it into the perspective of criticising MPs without authority to do so, until they loose their self confidence at the job, we are talking about the fact the last time I met this idiots was at a Town hall and they told me they will look into the Banking issue and now are spending more of my tax money to gather facts on banking Malpractices that the Media has reported and the Banks involved have admitted. So no body knows how this solves the problem of the malpractices anyway. Maybe there is another side to it where we are to put it down to the fact when the Government shows the banks it is capable of being equally corrupt the Banks will behave but how does it get to solve banking malpractices issues? Again maybe there is another way we are meant to put it in the sense we are to give them the benefit on the doubt in that an enquiry will ensure that every fact about banking issues are available to the public to undercut any problems they might face when and if they wish to go about regulating it but how does that solve the problem of banking malpractices and who told them I want more fucking facts anyway?

I mean some say my criticisms are way too abusive an insulting but considered from the point of view of securitising financial market risks for people who are engaging in changes in government across the middle east, bearing in mind I have ever seen them control money laundering pipelines extended from the UK and the US to Africa for example, which I have also successful completed and they love to rip apart for me with their insults, who told them I need more facts bearing in mind their insults as well, over the matter of banking malpractices? It seems the main issue is that the Tories want to have my royal estate and even I have no idea how they are going to make that happen anyway; all I know is that they enjoy attacking my earnings, then turn up to scrutinise my state provided support, nothing more; the result it is creating is something that can get violent very easily i.e. black people are all over me with their stupidities to ensure I think about things I am not meant to, while they scrutinise and threaten me with the use of state provided entitlements to ensure I am thinking about things I should, so we can already see the violence bottoming out, while they cannot keep their insolence off my market place and like to claim I used Government property as my own which is how I get to create problems I never mention by talking about national interest matters openly when they should be kept secrete and how much am I paying them as a tax payer to get into office and create an enquiry to find me more facts on banking malpractices anyway, besides which I am not currently doing the same things to their jobs as were, so that a few months down the line I will tell them it is national property about which they should not talk about as they wish, hence, besides which I am not kicking wind out of father yet so their misogyny has no limits. In the end they will say my desire to see somebody else get into government office and do a practical straight forward job like I and the rest of the Population has to acknowledges the importance of Politicians; for Labour I ma that close to ripping that party to pieces due to their insults which mean I say and do everything I do by instigating their existence, so I bet they are doing a good job getting reborn recently, for the Liberal democrats, everybody in there wants to sacrifice everybody else these days anyway and for the Tories, we are obviously back where we started off in the first place:- who told them I was in need of any fucking facts on banking malpractices?

It is also true by the way that after supplying these facts when you must have had enough of waiting for them, seeing that you will have no pensions if you do, hence take matters into your hands, they start a new fight entirely on claims that you have stolen their job and it is one of the biggest problems I have with respect to my right to earn from my products. Surely it is the political stability that Politicians create for banks that banks have to work with, besides which those insults in my direction do a lot of good as well anyway.

 So some say they will get out of the EU and that it will offer them more range for ruling over me. I don’t know what that means anyway, all I know is the simple fact that I have already done things that show them in this country I will not tolerate any of that distant fascism rubbish; where they love to get up on public places to address me in my absence and call upon me as if I am their mate which has eventually led to all these nonsense they engage in because they want to start a fight with me which I will win and they will keep secrete until they learn everything and win to go public and they have lost their friends in the US so far and things have changed dramatically from the way they used to be in the 1980s and 90s but their attitude becomes even more optimistic than usual instead of an expected result where they put distance between me and them and leave me alone. Of course if I get hold of them and tend to do it on the money things will get a lot worse but do they ever listen? They all work in the same way in this country; blacks like blacks and whites like whites and they will get out of international organisations in order to rule me because there is a greater chance of doing so if they do. I mean history says a very different thing from all that rubbish about a black man that comes to their country to suppose he can do whatever he likes with their history; facts such as the process where Caesar got really close to killing off all the Lion Population in Africa because of his entertainment; obviously Europe is still that detached from Africa today in the first place and then there are other things like savaging my privacy to access my products and put them up on the market place, then detach me from money and sit around getting rich from destroy the equities of my company; now they want to get out of Europe to rule me for thinking I can do whatever I like with their culture on account I fought back and it always makes me think they are more stupid than I first thought they were.

The main issue for the most part is that we have Political traction control in this country so to speak, so some of the things you might do are not things that you think is worth taking the risk for; things like twisting peoples society and culture in order to wind them up, when they insult and abuse you and you warn them and they show off that their rubbish on the right and challenge you for example and then contrary to letting them build up enough false confidence of pretending to be in the right until they are strong enough to challenge you, you set about murdering them and murdering enough of them to ensure that the job is done properly and that you can go home when finished. Here in the UK you loose nothing if you loose your temper but do not actually take the steps, so if they get to talk rubbish and play around until they kill you, it is fine for them if they also suppose that it is of their doing. So it is the old story about how people like me who come from African backgrounds have an inability to be democratic people but it entirely depends on which part of the world people live in because there is the facts about how a country destroys its economy living beyond its means by an obsession for insulting its leaders, which people solve as a problem with the use of government funds embezzlement for example and there are other things like leadership expeditions for freedom, justice, whatever you are good at which idiots always turn up to have ideas of what it should be used for especially the female ones backed by really stupid men and so killing those does not create democracy in anyway does it?

I am not wishing that such things should happen in the UK but nightmares like getting up everyday to find out MPs have recently left their office to vandalise mine is the worst possible nightmare anybody would have to put up with. If they have a problem with me, they will never take it up, what they want to do is use government office like it is their personal and private property and unless they rip apart a perfectly good country, they will not think they ought to give it a rest yet; instead it is all over the place that their hooliganism means they are also invincible, considering the knowledge I have government office at my disposal as well.

So the idea that one moment I build my country and the next I tear it down is a simple fact that these idiots like to climb on Universities and gather up the degrees and before long think they are so flash they will now get out of international communities to make it easier to rule me. I just want them to zip it; they are not the only ones that wore white socks in school.

I am not saying it is that much of a problem, after all these days I pull their legs and temperaments which means they are available and open to that stupid witchcraft as well and I can pull their yarns too like I like. I mean when they say expound on what zip it means and I need to explain politicians and media and society and culture are all gather here to have only the one ambition in life of making us work harder than we need to, so that we can work for everybody and they are really violent too with a big mouth. Of course besides these kinds of things, people can always get off and plan their economic recovery as well; I just need to look after my own. I mean, did I mention the link between these witchcrafts and what Bankers get up to? When they hand my equities I am a low life and they have lots of media friends, until it goes horribly wrong as well.

I mean if people are not thinking about a condition where they work harder than they need to, in order to settle an economic crisis it is mind blowing what else they are thinking about but that it is a matter of having ambitions to see me and my people work harder and more so for everybody? They really have had it all worked out as it were. I mean they have already begun telling me about girls that do strange things to me and I have no clue what those were meant to have been; I mean in no less than 40 years at least there will be a King on the British throne and I will be able to run around with all kinds of rubbish about women tagging along with men and making use of the lives of men because they could not be bothered to earn money. No body told them to invent the idea I am doing the same with the Queen; they just did for their narcissism and now that they are all set up, the result is that I finish my academic work eventually at some point and then set myself up and get ready to run my business and get to a normal life, while they have all along been building up their superiority by which they are now clean and well set up like a call to anybody who has a dick. When I say such things by the way, it might be a sign to people that a bad thing is a bad thing anyway no matter how much we justify it however it does not change what people are and they really are having a go as it were. It is completely unpredictable, the laziness is astounding and it is completely indiscriminate; first they pick on women who move them on and then the men and now the boys aka me and then there is the connection with businesses, so they can become the best well fed well taken care of arses in the land.

Its like the low down on where Bankers are today; governments are settling in on a definitive message about their economies globally, businesses are on a definitive message on what the global economy has become but Bankers fail to understand. I mean the popular idea is supposed to be that I do not know all my suffering and pain best expressed by vandalisms of my office and business is a function of people making trends to sell things and get rich i.e. the vandalism happens when the link between them and trends in my life on which they have placed a product to make money with recently has been broken and the action taken to set it up again is the fixing of that trend which they own after the violence comes as soon as I have finished reorganising.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland