I do get told I am very slippery but will be caught eventually and its utter nonsense if it turns out that whether I lost a Hermitage was wholly reliant on which neighbourhoods I spent my own money living in so those who engage with this appear to be looking for trouble and are working extremely hard to get there. It is like they say I interfere at Industry while what happens is that they spend their time doing nothing after they trash my academic work to pass their exams and get the so-called best jobs in the land, thereafter which their whole lives were about tackling me, to set me out as a character people picked on to suck up to rich people or seek equality for the masses. The outcome being that they sit in Offices where they are paid a lot of money to get products to consumers, doing nothing, especially the Germans and Americans who soon end up with scenarios where the top built 4 pictures; one to do with the streets of Germany, the other the USA, the third a Country in Africa and the fourth a grand old vision and because they do nothing at the Office, they did nothing about it and I ended up looking that part where I had done something to suggest others should grab their jobs, to which they have responded by calling on support from the communities, whereby my bottom hurts and I smell and it was all over. Here people say that make light of it while it was rather serious and yes, it is serious, but I must have my fun first before I get off describing it as grand nepotism.

For my part they say if it was clear what I did, I would get a lot of help but we all know it was quite obvious that it was impossible to write Book of equity and get it into the hands of professionals, trades men and industry workers when and if Celebrities had set upon a campaign which suggested that a business arrangement between me and their enemies was detrimental to show business existence; I could say its the usual paranoid and insane Celebrities doing what they do best but immediately after my whole life will come a dead stop on account they had invented another that actually shuts down my personal relationships, so they might gain access to me and gain my full attention so it becomes a question of whether it is not a stupidity that has developed to a point of seeking a far reaching response from me.

I. Uno I

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