There is talk of course of how my discrimination knows no bounds but we all know that where these civil service quick riches vandalism comes is a total travesty and destruction of the benefits of gypsy and traveller culture which every idiot wants to deploy to get rich i.e. you must know what your stuff is like and what you are like lest gypsies around the corner will take it up and do it for you – people call the names when their own evils know no limits and when it comes to Government they say I control peoples heart disease but they call me names and make out I am the guy that gets exasperated so that ideas for government can get rolling, it gets worse than that because if I say something about The City then the curator at London Assembly will turn out on media to protect the reputation of the City with the usual abuse where my head and chest and tummy is their plaything until they destroy everything to show me how my stuff was done – then it gets better when they get on media to tell people everyday things that change the meaning of my books all the time chiefly of which is that it is a rant when I probably must have said it as a rant when they heard it from me but a rant was not what I wrote or what people perceive from what I wrote which supports the books and the products, so this is how their access to my personal life ruins my life and hence something about which I must tone down my behaviour because I am doing their heart disease; it beggars belief and builds wonder of whether they do these things because they feed me and cloth me and dress me well and let me sleep properly to deserve to, like the reverse effect of the existence of gypsy culture and a process where I am always doing what they planned concerning which I have no right to feel good on account they want money. So in the end they say I do not feel the Labour Party has any right to be involved with Government activity but of course what I really do think is that if we were to be really radical then the Labour Party would be made to take a 10 year break from politics i.e. if the Conservatives are the ones that build things and Labour the ones that spend them on people to make wealth equality, at this particular point Labour Party Policies at the political arena ought to disappear completely until there are things that they can spend, otherwise it amounts to political paedophilia and is definitely breeding attrition.

The application of this over stability matter is a lot more serious than that i.e. a Political party is a process where I and two others got together to set up a group which has its own way of governing itself and comes up with ideas of policy that the public vote for and the voting allows a process where I and my three friends rule the Country. The Labour Party has become more Conservative than Conservatives due to its dishonesty when it handles National property and it has become more liberal than the Liberal democrats and we are on our way to a one party state while they pillage, pick and use and do whatever they feel they can get their hands on with Parliamentary business. I mean personally they think it is funny and it will never be around here, I do have an intense need to hound that party to extinction for my part anyway, I do not chase it as much because we all try to leave in a tolerant society and they need to save their insults and keep away from my business. They will say the gypsy cultures keep hurting me while I continue to think that I need it and I lead it and I control it etc but I have already said all they need to hear anyway i.e. they are thieves that think themselves feminists, I will never get a job from these stupid men and their vandalism because I will never stop hitting them until the books are sold and there is no way that I will get a job while doing that - if Politicians wind me up further, I will write another book that is even more difficult to sell than the ones I have already written; it was always the kind of accumulated nonsense that takes people right out of places they are certain to find employment and places them in places they are never likely to find any, keeps an eye on them and then hound them for being on benefits as well. 

They speak of things I suffer as a result of what they consider to be insulting especially for the stupid females with ideas about how to get into an office and put their feet up while people get a boy to do their jobs for them which is then made up on media when it is not happening so a desire can be fulfilled with a big mouth looking for some all the time. I don’t think it a major issue since last the fact I am not their mate or that of their stupid children had failed to pay off and I have continued to have difficulty seeing women I want to see because they are always here isolating me and using me had resulted in serious social and identity issues for their children, so I guess now it is going political all together as well. I mean it is all together about being really inconsiderate and then I can take stock of my age all the time while their stupid children get confident about beating me up which is what government office is for until somebody wants a pound of flesh at all cost and it is not so funny anymore, that stupid socialist hell hole they come from. I mean the children do not do it to their age mates the part where you find unlikely plans in their midst such as getting around with the secret service in order to ensure they are able to get anything from anybody to do global fame and fortune with, they do not set up their age mates because they will need to have friends and Boyfriends of course and I do these things because I want them and the stupid older men that support their foolish system outside of anything concerning me along with their community croons because I am being silly in their view, so we will find out as what I have done as far as the Political ones are concerned is not hurting badly enough yet.

There are of course contrary to popular ideas no over bearing and over passionate services at the NHS as claimed, the reality is that the NHS is lacking things that a common civil service department would have such as a stable system where the people who run it are answerable to the Minister at Government and not their Political ideals, it is in my view incredible that the civil service should have this safety catch but the NHS being a place where people can easily kill people should lack it. I mean I know for example the reasons Labour Party women are so insolent is because they want to be able to sit in an office, cross their legs and get people to get a boy to do their jobs for them and everything for them is a plaything; now we know that the two women at the top of Mid Staffordshire NHS trust were women and they were both Labour Party women, so it does go a long way to apply that the Labour party is a government that is unaware that evil cultures kill people especially in a medical environment where it is so easy and if these facts were taken into high account these individuals did get away with murder, mass murder to be precise. So in my view it is either the Labour Party takes a break from Politics for about a decade or so in order for these issues to be ironed out before it returns, so that when its people are in charge of or deliver life saving systems of care everybody understands that their margin of error is such that it cannot possibly kill a person, otherwise there is no point. I mean we speak of care for example and yet we know that if you do a job where a person requires you to sanitise their living for example, it does not apply that the person likes his or her sanitation to be broadcasted to the world, it does not apply that when you do have aspirations it is in your interest if it is broadcasted to the world and so it is never clear how we tend to have care workers these days that are so completely detached from their service that they abuse the patients to a point where some happen in a systematic and sustained and continued condition. This is the problem with the NHS, no more care, just Politics and even the civil service does not put up with that sort of instability despite its activities being overtly Political in nature all together, not some over passionate service. From where I am, I am only largely concerned with matters of society and religion in Europe and the Middle East and so everybody else gets to stay off my office and get stuck in a community somewhere where their pain and violence is their privilege; we are not Americans, we are British, it is important for people to remember that – I mean the female journalist can no longer see the passion in sitting down to talk with a writer in a garden these days, nor do we get much pleasure from botanic documentaries despite how much the new technologies would enrich our lives if they were done in the proper context – so it seems the good stuff never gets done because there are evil cultures.

Its one of those things that brings home to us the travesties we have created over the last few years in the name of law making; I mean somebody hacks into secret service computers for example and the law is that he has to be doled a big punitive punishment but the reality of course is that it is not necessarily what due process would bring about – in a due process it will be broken down in Court his mental state and mental condition, what he was thinking when he did the crime, whom he may have shared the information with if any and what he was thinking when he did; there is absolutely no sense whatsoever in putting people that have a mental condition that places them at odds with the activities of the secret services in prison, they might even be more passionate about the security of their Country than the Politicians that have made such laws and it does make you feel when you are a judge or a lawyer that your career means nothing, what you do for a professional is bastardised when the Court has to apply such laws and they are utter rubbish as well. I mean we speak of terrorism today, I personally always feel that terrorism is the easiest thing in the world to deal with; I mean the terrorists do complain I set off new problems by making a stance where I will defend myself but in the end it is a matter of respect and decorum that their dispute with goons that feel they like money should not lead to blowing up tube and train stations that I might be travelling in at any time but that said, the reality when it really comes down to it is that these money trouble makers have their point about their version of Industry and Capitalism in the face of rising extremism which by the way also applies they want to own my life on account their version of how to do business went down with the world trade centres, which of course is that aspect of that tragedy I do not have sorrowful at all but so do the Muslims have their point about their Islamic culture and if they are so determined to ensure the only way they think a business can be done is to find money anywhere to make themselves desperate, buy things with that money and pile it high, then sell it cheap using Muslim cultures as the foundation, then there is no point being deluded about what terrorism is about like they think everybody is or will become; I mean I myself do think they consider themselves business men but are nothing but menaces and the black ones especially because somebody might be marketing projects manager for Ford Autos for example but because I broker creative equities with the firm and he does not understand what the business means, what he must do on sharing skin colour with me is get his own creative equities as well and use it to do the marketing for the same company because he has a company from which he does it and I was giving away free things about which I cannot just get off and exclude some people and from this they build community of party goons that will keep you away from what you own so they can continue to use it in such ways and of course we all know the more you suffer the better as well. What I saying is that I had a long time ago put together plans that will ensure they eventually get to see the other side of a world business man who is being tortured in that way and it is the reason I find it amusing sometimes; They love to claim they are a threat to everything but of course what really happens is that it started off here in the UK for example with such things as the fact my actions create the sense the UK is place where being successful is a piece of cake and it has taken many of forms to become this process of getting up every day to stifle my book sales which it has become presently, so they are not half a problem as they think they are, it’s just that I will soon have to create and bullzose my holiday right through their stupid lives one way or another and everything I have planned to show the ugly side of being abused just because you are successful until you fail while you build an empire and the money ends up somewhere else  can also create a certain level of inconsiderate activity towards some people on a global scale – however at present it continues and reaches this extent because there are Politicians that continue to find the fact it is happening an amusing spectacle and this is something I want to break and completely shatter so to speak. As for terrorism, all I can say is that they need to stop trying to eliminate Muslim culture; what we have are people who arm themselves and go into the mountains to fight (???), then they have to plan it so much that it is possible to get through undetected in order to blow up a bomb and kill people but of course we should also remember that those bombs are supposed to have killed them too in the process – on the other hand are people who can build their market place somewhere else besides Muslim culture who are refusing to do precisely that, so that there might never be a chance that somebody will get off the Mountains one day and turn up at a local market to run a small business. They do need to stop trying to eliminate Muslim culture and try to ground some of the drones for goodness sake. To this they say I do not take into account that it is not that simple but it is that simple; I mean a typical example is stupid laws on people who hack into secret service computers – where the law is such that due process cannot apply on account it has been stipulated for the Courts what they must do, which means that if somebody got elected into the white house who loves to put up 100 CCTV screens in a room in several neighbourhoods to watch women with big bums and feed his perversions over the bums that are biggest, he can do that because there is no due process of law that means this law makes any sense and creates any real legal interactive means by which he can be called to question which is what a law does; it is never glamorous working in the law as it were, it’s all about disputes and how people get to settle it – so that even when it is murder, it is the last five seconds before the person was killed that will determine if what he was thinking when he struck the fatal blow was a premeditated murder, so I find it difficult to work out what is so important about secret service computers that is beyond the due process of law in this matter anyway, it is this simple to deal with terrorism; you can make a big law that educates people about crime and then punishes them for it, claim it is a function of the fact when people know more about crime they commit less of it or you can realise that what will happen at court is a factual evidence of what he was thinking when he committed the crime during the last five seconds before the deed was done, which makes a very clever law: and then you will have to do all the interaction by yourself and make out laws have always been made like that about which you never really have the time to do the interaction sufficiently leaving behind your own margin of error for somebody to pick up on at random as a yardstick for getting around harming completely innocent people. These so called terrorists will never ever stop fighting those who want to get rid of or damage their culture; I mean how many evils has the white man done in this world because they claim their culture is being threatened? It was only 50 million lives lost in the second world war alone not counting the first and by the way 6 million of those were not shot because it would have been too expensive to work an industrialised way of murdering people so hence a method that would cover more surface area, reach more people in a given space of time and effect the most efficient way of committing an industrial mass murder was adopted; they were led off at gun point and gassed. In the US they say the matter of law making is a bit more complicated due to such activities as gun ownership etc but we all know that is utter nonsense since the reality is that if you do walk up to somebody to tell them there are things they are never to do on account it was not how their own was set out for them from childbirth, then there must be many other things you do know as well technically – my point is that knife or stone or gun, anything can kill a person and it does not apply that Mr ten times local marks man champion knows anything about shooting a person; I mean it is very likely the first time he ever heard such a thing was when drone strikes occurred – I am not suggesting people who handle guns are not aware they are dangerous enough to hurt other human beings, I am simply pointing out the fact that if you ask the most active gun enthusiast to shoot a person you may need to tie me down and medicate him in a mental institution after that. What we know they do have an issue with is that some of them have encountered cannibalism and are basically traumatised as a result and never let that fact die in their communities, keep the guns at all times and are convinced that Governments create wars to feed people who have a need for cannibalism, which is why Obama is so hated because he loves to do things that are against the will of the people but which they will like anyway, then tell them to give up their guns – it beggars belief of course to most people but the Tea Party people are actually very nice people; all that loathing them and abusing them etc. I am simply saying the idea gun ownership complicates laws in the US is utter rubbish. In effect I am saying it is this easy to deal with terrorism, even though they say it is a question and fact I must face about racism and extremism but people really do need to learn whether or not I am a coward, to see the good in other people; I mean  when you see somebody that is completely clueless and is disillusioned and does not know his left from his right and probably a damaged; do you want to think about him as one of those individuals who remind you that birds must be wild and free and grass can grow anywhere which is really what is personality can be like if you get to know him, most of them are like that – or do you want to tell him there are things he cannot do because it is not how his own was set out from childbirth without reason or provocation on account of your own personal prejudices; if you chose the latter then do not be surprised he had a bit of a problem with employment or his family or a of cash flow issues and at that moment knows he will be something as a result of your great powers, that children abuse and throw stones at and that his life is finished and over and he will never recover and you are dead. So that the Politicians can wonder why they keep reoffending since it is the reoffending that is the big story all together.

I do not see things like most people do you see; in my mind most people who are disillusioned and probably damaged and do not have a clue their left from right are likely to come from a very strong moral background, especially the Mothers; women like that never play along and you can have any ideas you want. They will say they don’t understand what this means but of course it is the same issue; take a village of 14 inhabitants for example and then there is this girl that is about the same size as her boyfriend and the boyfriend knows a lot about money – why do they always want any who thinks of moral ways to do things to become a problem for everybody and why does she always claim to be feminist? It is the terrorism issue you see, it all comes down in the end to the things we do not let these women do. They would say I speak of things I have never experienced or enjoyed and applaud people for ruining my life but I am content with all my friends and allies know I abhor those games people play with the secret service in order to grab what they want from others and make fame and fortune and it goes well with me to do something to help with the matter of stupid young people who behave in such ways. I mean we all know you can have a party every year organised by your company boss at the home of one of the managers during Christmas, with all that talk about soldiers fitting into civilian life that people do not tend to understand what the meaning is, they need to imagine what the boss of service personnel would be and where they will have their Christmas party, if the story of respect for what others do for a living is not good enough. Naturally they would say I am covering for the fact it is a rotten job but of course they on the other hand do not have the strength to study for it and if at all they do besides being a pain and being dragged in there so they can get on my case when they don’t want so much power anymore, then they become detached from the health and safety issues and so on such as not shooting civilians etc. Never mind the other forms of detachment that causes mental disorders and so on, which of course I get to do my bit to help using a condition where I was informed I came full circle on the matters of violence etc and have come to see what people mean.

So on the matter of disrupting peoples societies and power bases; the reality is the old story of simply getting off to have the worst day of your life for five years running without reason or purpose day in and day out until you realise that a certain black idiots has a job that is similar to your personality and is taking out competition or making sure others do not use your stuff to compete with him if you are never likely to work in the same Industry and he does. For the others it is a matter of the fact when they bring it up, then I have to respond which inadvertently means I approve such things as they do or indeed their right to bring it up and Christians who read the Bible do not do that, hence how I deal with it all is a matter of the divine and man given authority that I have to do so, in order that we might see what their own looks like for all of them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland