Today they speak of some mess that I have made which needs to be cleared up but I am not the one making any mess; what happened is that the Political goons decided that they needed to spend tax payer funds of culture trouble makers with spiritual powers that can make people poor or rich and it was used to push me out of my academic work, nobody can now understand why they are still hounding me if they are not in need of money or self-confidence anyway; so they do love their blame thing without which they have no energy to get out of bed and follow up what it is exactly that gets to their heads in the first place the bottom hurting bits of which is not my problem all together as spending tax payer funds on such things is how they want it to be.

The insult is usually that I am coping out of Government concerns and it generally always feeds into the part where my responses to these things are amusing is where their bigger problems on the matter will begin as we are where we are simply because I have done nothing about Politicians and Media fools who persecute me so like everybody else is interested in the fact I have written some Books, interested in the fact I have responded to the whole case of these goons creating problems for the new generation to add to the ones we inherited from them and the ones that came naturally each time they set foot at Government buildings, the last time they saw I could do something about it interested in the fact I have written a Book and it was a slice of what happened when their Muslim friends led from the front at University to wreck my academic work while they passed exams and returned to the popular culture they did not need the exams at University for, as the blacks got involved and led from behind while their stupidities made statements of what I had lifted from the white race the whole time, written a Book on how the decisions of world leaders was affected and how that affected me they are also interested in getting involved for the purpose of glorifying themselves on Media and I find it difficult to understand how this incredibly invasive breach of property and patents which bottoms out my finances every day is meant to have been a sort of choice fun all together; hence it goes without saying there is really nothing they can do about me, need to stop addressing me or my Public image, keep away from my Books and spend more time with their families who enjoy the salaries they take home after making a mess of mine, blissfully unaware of this nonsense. I mean if it happened to me like that, full of nonsense about how they chose poverty to find their mates had become more successful hence had a rite of passage with me supported by their Politicians, then only God knows what is happening to the 18-24 year olds, the business of these scum wanting access of ownership of the things parents invested in people rather than spend the money to buy them a House etc, talking nonsense that suggests that I will likely see the stupidities they invent when people take up seats at fat cat panels in Company AGMs to talk about whose own was used to do what as some sort of sacred thing I should not handle, so they might be able to continue undercutting me where I have done my best career work, issuing those stupid unnerving threats they cannot really back up as they go along.

The part where they threaten me with some soldiers will just have been the bit where they loved their blame culture but I have now reached a stage whereby I do need to do something about it all together, put an end to that nonsense about how they are very important and I am insulting and they have a need to see me become afraid and so on since it is clear the scum are happy to wreck the academic work and pass their exams then show up to rely on me to do nothing about damage to my property as they fight tooth and nail to preserve a process where they can assume the right to keep an eye on me for employers and clients at Industry using Media insults and busy body opportunism blame, blame, blame until it feels it was responsible for your problems and then when you stab and shoot it will be the fault of the victims is how it is done, I am wondering if they are blaming because their big mouth can. So again, nobody is arguing with them about who owns all the money in the world, we are here because I have not been doing anything about them for my part all together when they pick my market and asset equities to sell their nonsense with and I recover it to earn their merciless behaviour that makes me smell like my loo, I am sure they can give me my space over my Book sales as well and not find their vandalism amusing for it, before it really does get to blow up in their faces. What really stops me from acting is the fact there is nothing to do i.e. my Books have been Published, I have access to the Public and there is really nothing to do about them no matter how abusive they might get but threatening me with soldiers because they are very important for doing nothing and I am insulting takes it up a notch, not because I am afraid as they have assumed but because all they will do when it kicks off is talk nonsense and point to their back up when it all goes down the same way I know this business of doing little crimes while you are too insignificant for government to bother with until you build up capital base and start off the big crimes against the state is what racists do and hence unacceptable to them as well the same way they like to think I am on my cause over inequality but it is really just a matter of not adding to nuclear arms races and world war two which is the worst we have ever been as human beings which is also something their stupidities might want to think about not doing like these as well; the same issues that show up on one end while the ethnic minorities do the big crimes the Politicians have thrown tax payer funds at on the other end, leaving the Police out as the enemy of the Public I would fancy they had stopped inviting their gonadotrophic nonsense into my concerns while glorifying themselves all over it with a Media access, bottom out my Book sales, make a mess of my Office and patents and then have their media scum find it amusing whenever they are having a conversation with guests, it is not amusing, I have had enough of them tolerating this damage since 2009 every 24 hours.

So the point not be missed; they had decided that they want to create problems for younger generations as if it helps them to keep Political jobs which they must have felt was about to run out apparently, adding to the problems that came naturally and the ones we inherited from them; people have been showing up around my concerns because they saw me get on well with it, sharing what I know through my Books had taken up work time and therefore means I must sell the products and get professional at doing so they have no business with my income margins, the Politicians especially. They always excuse their madness with the claim that I am selfish and I am wondering if they were then planning to anus whip me until I give up on the selfishness with the big mouth City Centre scum in suits nonsense and insults that is meant to groom me for it, it goes without saying thus that the way it is done here is that people buy Books I have written to find out and that it is done in that way for a reason. Now they do say I am selfish and this was the problem which is understood naturally but I am wondering if they are also planning to anus whip me until I am not anymore with that big mouth they have got, since it is likely to lead to an outcome whereby had they stopped will I have begun such things for my part as well, especially concerning their pest in suits characters making out their need to be rich and famous surpasses the priorities of anything I am doing with myself, talking nonsense about how I mess with their Celebrities and popular culture because I am lucky it feeds into that case where they say I am unable to see the underlying factors i.e. that I cannot see it is their hatred for women that brings it on but I would not know anyway, I know that if they say women in the world place is pleasure and business in the same place, then women are working from home; the teacups are there and so are the loos when you need to find them etc but so is there work for paid employment to be done as well and the question of what it is that adds up to the problem they have got with it. I do get told there is a lot of instability and no final say in the way I handle it but there is; it started out with these goons deciding what is to happen to the academics and finances of a Church person, then it grew into one where I dropped out of University on the same year that the economic crisis had taken hold of the worlds Industries, left to deal with stupid statements made my way which suggested they had found somebody they would cause great suffering to alleviate the economic recovery discomforts for everybody, which got me taking up the economic crisis nonsense and managing it for them at private expense. I do not think it a crisis, the biggest problem is that fools have built up this very abusive and violent stage that says they are the icons of what success is, so if I had gone around finding and gathering up equity that helps me mop up National currency liabilities like I have, I am not; so I am now being asked why I thought it was important but it was basically a matter of competence with respect to taking up the stupid insulting economic recovery and managing it for them at private expense, that each time we trade in Africa it is controversial, same as when we trade in Asia or South America always controversial until we are brought down to our so called level and then left to lick our wounds and become industrially gay; so it all adds up for me into a case of the liabilities associated with our trading footprints all over the world and a problem these overseas goons and their pest in suits local mates appeared to have with our stock market. Naturally they are usually judges so they have claimed I would not let them take what they wanted but have been sharing what I have with society people, yet everything I do is dated pretty much and people can only claim it as their own on a later date, the stupidities that bottom out my income which I have to deal with incessantly on account they are menaces with needs and then they take job roles from this Estate and extract an income from my markets as well, while their society goons come up with a complex web of lies that will ensure they can peddle my life to get rich as there is no other way, hating my Books as though I wrote the wrong thing.

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