We hear I have secrets and that I need to be pumped because it is the means by which I hold onto Royal Office these days but when we actually explore the secrets what we find is that the Bible does not actually ask Christians to attack homosexuals as they claim, it rather prohibits homosexuality among Christians. So what they mean by secretes for instance could be that the Church supports same sex marriage these days while I am completely opposed to any kind of homosexuality and Female Bishops and same sex nonsense; which of course I donít want done on my personal life too, considering I have a History with Tony Blair and George Bush and every other black fool which is not counted among the two category who has apparently not learned their lessons about conflicts being portrayed on Media and the profitability of their stupid insults. I was there when they started inventing new ways of messing up their lives because they thought they could handle me, I was there when they continued to take the risks when they knew they couldnít; nobody is forcing me into supporting any stupid homosexuals while they preach wealth inequality and save their stupid children from it by spending tax payer salaries on the most expensive schools for them etc Ė the homosexuality should be taking place in their families and personal lives, not here; I have never in my life once met a nice homosexual, so people cannot just get off and force things on me like that if they wanted. Itís like the story of psychopaths not being able to empathise, where we all know it is completely irrelevant as people are supposed to keep the ugly sides of their madness away from the general public, except the excuse is that psychopaths actually have a problem in the sense that they never actually had any empathy with which to begin doing that in the first place, so instead of people getting help for a medical condition, what we find is that Media is set up so that another group of idiots can make an investment base out of their existence and which is so that they can turn up here to talk nonsense at me about people doing my stuff if they do not get what they want at my expense. I have no idea what the Church is doing supporting it anyway but itís like every other issue including the appointment of female bishops that goes right back to my leadership being delayed so that the Church can set up premise by which to behave in such ways as contravenes the Bible Ė this problems associated with a process where people set up Industry and trouble makers set up canopies at their backyard for all kinds of sinful nonsense resulting in the Church of England supporting homosexuals must therefore have indicated they are leading and I am following as it were. I hear of my insolence to that effect too and nothing of their own where an average black girl has a personality that suggests she is nothing but 95% of that thing people use whenever they want to rob you violently and it is not the only indication they were the ones that sought sex with sexy teacher rather than concentrate on their studies on claims the school was not good enough, ripping up my studies to make it better without which they cannot study their own, so that they can make up all these lies and insults to pretend I am some extension of their personality which they did not like to have and my personality is an extension of theirs which they want along with all that comes through it with that big mouth supported by Politicians that we have to put up with all the time Ė it beggars believe the idea is continuing that someone here wants to entertain their involvement etc; never mind the fact I am selling on that stupid culture and society and the insane socialists and liberalists can stop me too, as we explore how on earth I am supposed to get money from doing so in order to have a life, if they are then able to have the war we hear them talk rubbish about all the time. These things happen because they think the reasons I do not get about preaching the gospel is because I have ended up in an environment where servants of evil are much more powerful, so even in Church, I am afraid to stand before those that are far superior to preach it and when I tell them I donít need to as they already know what the gospel says, what becomes of it is Church support for homosexuality and then a process where they ask me later Ė these people are very well aware their price of disobedience and value of insults nonsense will lead them to a bad end such as these, it beats my imagination they turn up on Media ever so regularly to secure privileges of injustice and that is not to say that even though they have never been to Church in their lives, when they see me attend mine, their opinions will not get scary, looking for more trouble and their Politicians telling me I have secrets which if I told people concerning what my thought of them really is, nobody would allow me keep a Royal Office and we all know it means nothing else but chasing my anus and penis and is a behaviour they are going to have to end very soon indeed too, so that I might have secretes as it were, the secretes which preserve their civil fucking rights in the first place; we see them do these things all the time, none of it should be amazing.  

Itís not the end of the world as it may seem; just a process where people feel investors have lost all investment systems and need new ones - we all know that in Asia for instance that will involve selling products to Asians while running charities to look after those that are really poor in that part of the world - so they can complain about losing it all and handle my Books again, then pretend Media and Political insults will suffice. I have spent everything on this Trust and need to maintain the assets that have been placed on customer will to buy the Books I write - I have given them the advice about running their business to benefit the fans of their trends in developing and under developed Countries if they want to rebuild the investment base because I know I can cut it up again for my part too. Show less. They do say I have preferred to do this rather than attack the real trouble makers but everybody knows you have to take each trouble maker so called according to their own merit; so that if it is the Industry power madness kind, I am at a loss as to how any person a magician can actually deal with them without going through what an idiot used his journalistic job for and what the goons at hand were told and it is something that happens so frequently that it becomes more and more amusing to these journalists for the number of times they get away with it.  

I have not in any way lost my perspective and attitude - they simply never listen; itís not the one I do for a living they will deploy to fix their personal problems and the media especially wants some of mine all together Ė it is a warning here and not a conversation.

Of course there is no shred of truth to that story that I have a go at people who do not know better and it needs to be settled as per I can become a threat to territorial peace; its utter nonsense as people should know that when they are curious they should be over a very clear set out reason Ė so it does not really pay to go about knowing things, especially when you an adult; when I build my Book sale business they simply become very fond of destroying it and I have had enough too; I mean itís not half as difficult an issue to deal with as its only a case of setting out which one is about making connections with Media and which ones are about making connections with Politicians and which ones are about making connections with Industry people and so on; however it takes so much virtue of mine when they think their activities constitute something amusing all together.

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