They claim what has happened to me is a sad shame which is utter nonsense, all that has happened is the practical jokes wrecking University degree and allowing them to see me on a bad day, thereafter it decided to watch me and fester with its strange sexual habits, arriving at this stage where it was able to work the distant violence on me and make me feel sore all over, which effect was then passed off as my social condition, as stupidly as possible. It has now arrived at a stage where I was so old pursuing my career and finances in a condition where nobody was likely to support me if people attacked me it has been pursuing me like this for decades, up to the stage where very bad things have happened, like somebody killing hundreds of socialist gits in Norway because he was racist, then there was the celebrity insults and now after a strange interest in my finances, the hoodlums in my neighbourhood and my Bookshop, it has got me, a daily fiasco has now ensued, to which effect my whole career and finances have simply stopped. It needs to move on now or its gimmicks about the way I am not a racist and it had nothing to fear from me will prove to have been very badly misplaced, I mean people really love to end up in such a situation where there was difficulty telling that racists were bad people whilst your career, finances, social and personal life had stopped, with the big mouth wagging all over the Media, especially when it wants to make the most of the way I took action over their need to blow the cover of secret service operatives at my expense and they claimed that when they die fighting my wars I cried for ever and have not stopped running off their stupidities on the claim itself every day. Their point is that if they invited racists into their concerns it would be like world war two all over again and whilst they have not, they were entitled to handle me and do as they liked with my person, which is also about to grow into a case where every gesture, every expression concerning my concerns came with heavy consequences, so it got to express its famous stupidities somewhere else. I am now informed that Americans thought they were having me and it is the same problem associated with the mess they make here to such an extent the public issues at their Governmental Offices got to affect my career and distract me from it, the problem I now face being that I found a way around the problem and they got a bunch of idiots to take charge of my career, whose parents were not getting a feedback from me as well yet but there is enough complaining about access to my schedule and a prospect of me stopping it badly, to make sense of the fact that they should have at this stage. So it continued showing up here with gimmicks associated with looking the part of big boy in the hood, that none here finds entertaining, showering me with insults and lies, while its British friends were my perverted relationship with the broadcasting community, who helped out with a sense that no part of my work was protected by law.

The idea that the cause of all my issues were the way I never stopped fooling around with women, is utter nonsense the real face of the problem is that this was all hard on the women as when they turn up to decide I can only have my career when I got into a fight with people, there was little that I did about it and or converted matters of personal and social life into activities that caused me harm, they virtually got away with it, the powers of immoral society. They showed up here to intrude and take over, make a proper mess but have continually failed to solve a problem that affects them more, the lesbianism was so important it would fight and attack whole governments to keep it but it is also important enough for media appearances to berate abuse and insult me endlessly as the mean cunts that they were, talking nonsense about the way I never stopped chasing women that were beyond me. They do claim I am trying to revive a part of my life they hated which does not make any sense to me as my social life was built on the welfare of the people who established an arrangement with me, as a matter of attending University, getting caught up in the social activities of people in Government Offices and meeting some female journalists, right up to the stage where some women claimed they spent spare time having anal sex with me I was happy to keep my trust issues that they showed up here to breach talking so much nonsense endlessly thereafter and will not stop handling me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland