They do speak of my sexual habits being the source of all my problems, which will always remain a mystery, considering it is a product of people inviting themselves into my concerns to eliminate what friends do to protect me and insert themselves into position to order my steps and show there were more real Men is Asia and the Muslim world, quickly picked up by black idiots who have always dreamed of it and their white friends and they will never be free of the mysterious sexual practices whereas none really knew if I liked anal sex or was homosexual as such. It is not really as much a s crisis as they have made it out to be in any case, it is all Middle Classes building up something unusual it had drawn up a link between my bedroom, my bum and wealthy neighbourhoods while it sought to surround itself with security guards and to cling to my career and earning margins every day, builds it up and builds it up to a stage where it gets to claim I have lost one thing after another and if I repaired my reputation it was never done save I fucked them over with it properly and it has not learned to resist the urge to threaten me yet, shooting off the big mouth on Media and putting up mentally ill people in the same space as me for it, each time I rented spaces from their two bit stupidities who clearly knew how to provide a service. They always claim they were acting against wealth and social inequality but so are we aware that their insults do not achieve such an aim all together we know people do it as per working the career and finances so if they had to engage with culture and society it was easy for them to do so, freedom then comes against the left hand side and right hand side gestures, these idiots will not do such a thing, they will invent unusual personal decisions and come up with things youths can do to avoid the consequences because it would be amusing and when the person that they loved to target with it got killed, it simply ended up as news on Media trawling through and none knows why they are always telling lies about society gits taking advantage of people due to desperation to create instances where a bunch of idiots not only had secret communities they are not paid or do not have legitimate power to build, showing up here to get imagination up my bum and run me down to move into my right hand all the time I mean it is a matter that eventually played out when I picked up private security Industry work, where what people said about me dabbling into things I am not qualified for, had become a subculture for abusive activities and something said which was so provocative they got their hands on my Bookshop and the big mouth said it was prepared to lay waste to it and secure thereof finances that will cater for the hurt that had been caused, yap, yap, yap I have since given them one more chance to spend making those stupid German influence gimmicks statements about the coward that I was, beyond which I will begin to explore the way that my body was more suited to the bottom chasing issues than their cracked up out of my league stupidities and they had better controlled the stupid community that gets imagination up my bum all the time and decided that I had done something wrong endlessly or I will be the one using it. if I said it was as simple a matter as a case of making statements with regards to people having fantasies about talents deployed for my career being used for criminal activities, they would suggest I am Royalty but before then we were equals, same would occur if I suggested it was about an inbuilt ability to get on with the culture and society gits without being affected by the practical jokes, however had to wish to sort out the problem the correct way of getting a job and a career, without pillaging my earnings to hang about somewhere making stupid statements about money I cannot recover, narcissism they enjoyed targeting me with and gimmick about their bank balance which puts people off getting involved at the Bookshop and crashes my finances. So, it has become clear if these fools were good at looking for trouble, need allow me put it down to sex life or I will end up teaching their stupidities a lesson they will never forget, secure an opportunity to explore how big they really were.

I. Uno I

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