It has always been the big old case of stupid individuals having completed their high studies becoming rather convinced they should grab my GCSE and any talents associated and run off to the City to get rich regardless of the level of their own qualification all together in the first place and so we end up with those situation where unless they had taken the results of what we see their American friends do all the time, in terms of always being seen near an Office window passing about violent lasciviousness on how a younger person should be handled to make them financially comfortable, then show up here to issue threats at me as they work processes that mean I am set to get stuck constantly with fools that had set up structures for hurting people which they claimed added up to a business, to say I like to think of myself as a character that showed up to take back careers that were taken from me, while it was quite clear that I only could have taken back careers that were not taken from me with that big mouth they have got. Such that only when the money they have earned from this nonsense leaves the Country have I truly lost it and until then it needs to keep away from my Books and stop peppering the Public image with those stupid comments. They do like to brag that I will never get on since my Book is an affront to the Men and its utter nonsense as I definitely will – what happens here is that they have run off their insults to a stage where they are now affected by it and the insults started off stupidly enough with abuses associated with wealth inequality where I had to take their place while they took mine because they were entitled to it, we see the same play out at the Monarchy where they are everywhere trying to secure their contracts in Upper Class teaching institutions, it eventually grows into something of such intensive and systematic insults and abuses that my Book of Equities are now run off in an environment where it is being displayed as something born out of a Celebrity writing Novels which makes a complete idiot out of me and I will never stop inflicting suffering on them for it too – I mean we are talking about a three part equity development where one part is product and the other is service and the third is aesthetics, while my work is to put out the live market conditions in which I built it for the Client to invest or build a product by and a background where my personal diaries could no longer support me because the abuses were so intense I was repeating something that I had written on a previous date because it was being done again as it were, so the Books have been finished with a process of not painting them in favourable light and so the means of selling the Books have to be very harmful for them, while I got away with it on grounds that there was not concrete processes which showed that I criticised them or took advantage of them to make money – an example of how badly their abuses can end if it isn’t world war one or world war two. The younger ones think I am playing with what I cannot handle the way their parents have put it but so does it go without saying, enough had not yet died when I start to make a case of myself exploring the public place effects of what went on in their dormitories and Student living areas.

They do claim its all about me running away from a process where people think I have the talent for National security and should work there and it is a fair example of the way their stupidities affect people and why it is music to the ears when there is no end to the complaining thereafter. I mean my abilities are a matter of a Hermitage and knowing that if issues come along next to it, I must work out how to resolve the matter and the Crown expects this, unless I am unable to do the work associated with the Social Status – such that if I thought I had a good enough health to enrol in the military and understand I will not be a gift to the enemy, I would do it but I would be doing it to protect a handful of idiots who are currently responsible for the fact my health is not good enough to in the first place. So we see them all the time; walk down the Mall which is the route to The Queens Office and every one of them you meet will be able to do your stuff, regardless of my health issues which affects my tummy, what they say about that being a completely different issue all together – they do stuff like that endlessly right next to The Queens Office while The Queen control a process where it is decided what public enmity was and those who learned jobs at the Armed Services will then make decisions on how to neutralise it on one hand while on the other was a Parliament where civilians lived in the knowledge that security services were not at their beck and call and they had to find a way to conduct their concerns in relative safety and settle how they would go about it every single day – so for me it goes without saying if I introduced myself as an Arch Prince in the course of my Book work and they had a problem with it, it would be matched with a need to devise a plan that added up to the beginning of the end of their middle class gimmicks too; I mean we know mostly that this is all born of out living in a world of insults and sales men. Some people have said that the way my work affects men has to be tempered but it doesn’t; what these gits are fooling around with is a collection of goons that are not very big people, so it’s difficult to notice when they are being a menace and are not the smallest, so it is also difficult to prevent them from pushing them way into financial access and this is the reasons it is always in their interest more than any other group, that a Country degenerates into civil war – we know that despite what they have put me through, there is still prospects that at some stage in the future, they will turn out to say that unless people like them did what they had done to me, people like me never achieve our full potential and I am sure they can see what my Books look like, if they do it to me, I will burn their society as well – such that when they claim it’s the way the Military works too, we can see how confused they are, we can see the way that their personal choices for affected them and why it is important to ensure I had forced them into a position where they had to volunteer, for every process of destroying all that allows me carry on my concerns in safety, still wondering why any group of people would think such activities to be amusing.

Eventually we hear on the western front that I have reached a stage where nothing I did made anymore sense, if the business of not being able to tell the difference between privilege and stealing meant I was not cowed by ideas on the kind of respect that Millionaires deserved. People reach a stage where what they did made no sense in the West all the time, we know that happens as long as gits like these had access to Media and a corruption of involvement to fool around with – my history was one about Bush and Blair war, where they assumed any means to resolve it would mean I complained too much and once both leaders had dismissed my activities on a Media camera, it would have been the end. Its much the same as this other question of whether I am aware the thing I say about people chasing my around over what my personality should be used to accomplish when it came to popular culture and fame, is communist influence but I am aware that it is, so have I pointed out that if big brothers and big sisters along with their Daddy characters had not found a way to put a stop to the process of peeling off all that allows utter gits to buzz away at the background of my life instead of seeing a means to become a main part of it because it is possible to make me respond to them thereafter, they are soon to face a process of having to protect all that saves them from the smell issues from me too. what happens with this is that people love to get involved with British Interests because they like the effects and consequences of my Hermitage and so when the Community Government gets off on an angle its usually difficult to tell which will become future spies that got killed in the British Cities, which of course is a matter that cannot be discussed with the Communist administrations on account they are more interested in sharing influence with the US and already engage themselves in territory annexation. Some people have suggested I am coming round and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that the Communist Governments are usually unable to control the actions of the bourgeoisie when they are done stirring up visions of conquests and so we find these gits get off a corner, develop their own world of insults and sales Men, with sections and tiers which whole purpose is to play up personality politics that is used to make popular culture fame and fortune – so the first casualty is usually the Middle East where oil money Muslims cannot live without such things and we find that I had said something which critics the way they worked Islam at my expense and the business of feeling trapped in a religion they don’t want to be a part of while seeing Fatwa as a form of justice meant they were all over it.

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