The case of not knowing when to stop is not an emotive one; it’s generally a case of talking to people about showing up over your livelihood when they have no business with it, preventing others from getting involved and not getting involved themselves or getting involved for the wrong reasons, about which they claim I wouldn’t say it where it mattered a boys in the club building up atmosphere until it gets violent to talk nonsense at me and tell me what to do as though all that talk of me not knowing when to stop has grown from a process where I get them to hurt themselves and talk about my body type all the time over their stupid bullying to a point where I chase their bottom until I make money and chase it until I get married into the Royal Family and chase it until I get what I want and chasing it is an integral aspect of how I live out my existence – their big mouth sets to suggest I cannot do this; a scout student union president character organising young people to blab about which part I perform to support systems of oppression by getting involved with the British Monarchy telling me what to do while we know the only time their stupidities ever take a turn for the better according to history I do not want repeating it’s silly self around here is when we are all tied up at the lawn of parliament by some rouge military operatives who have taken over the government and waiting for our fate to be decided. In the end I do not think that it is a complicated matter, it’s the Politicians that have the strangest of ideas all the time; otherwise we all know that power at the basest is crime and so this is all a process of responding to criminal activity which requires me to clean up in order to return to academic work I have dropped out of for more than five years and counting – like they really want to see what will come of this processes where I have no choice but to sit about responding to the stupidities of their cultures and societies because it is where my mind is being detached from academic endeavour which rules most of the things I have already accomplished. It’s much the same as the terrorists where half the time it is their personal choice to do terrorist activity while the other half the time the inescapable fact is that their parents have raised them that way – they have always known since childhood that they were out of control for Mum and Dad and that Mum and Dad have always blamed the outside world for it; so the ones that make the bombs which kill chase my bottom because they are superior and the ones that get involved with security systems to do something about the problem chase my bottom because they are superior as well, so I do get asked why I make these comments whenever there is a terrorist attack if I have not explained that it is what they are doing as well: - September 2017 Terror attacks they said had raised the threat level in the UK and I am left thinking the issue is that Daesh is not providing any mainstream leadership and is superior enough with its terrorist convenience to raise threat levels as a result of it, thus likely to continue until they get their wish, otherwise mostly I am caught up with the need to say something important and provide systems that will control the activities of insulting millionaire playboy. So there is talk of this infidel stuff we do that is not accommodating of Muslims which is utter nonsense; we are all adults and if you care about people long enough they will feel you doing so increasing the probability of struggles with sexual aspects of feelings, what happens when you struggle is that you fall and get up not fall and get killed. The talk of how I claim I am not afraid of people but actually am is an old one but I am not afraid of them as such, afraid of what they are capable of more like – I was there when they were just persons and then when they were afraid of me and then when they started to get rid of everything to do with being afraid of me and then when they started to pile on abuses that will make me afraid of them instituted by media and political fools and now I am facing threats from them all the time, never mind the bit where I was afraid of what I am capable of as well; so they are so fond of assuming it is okay to pretend other people’s time should be used for such nonsense considering they spend their time on it and then there is my party piece when its stupidities means it reverts to disobedience on which everything depends and continues to pass around insults about how I expect to say certain things and carry on with my life and career while its stupidities cling to my finances and public image to make money as though I am their parent or they have for the stupidities Americans support for a profitable lazy greed to make a mess of people’s lives, ever listened to what anybody has told them before. They do say that I foster and promote and facilitate bullying but of course it’s impossible to locate whether or not they have been studying in a condition where their finances are put down by idiots in government Office who want to be them in order to facilitate community croons building some brothel neighbourhoods nonsense on the part of their personality which concerns their thought pattern, I do not know if they have been running their careers in such a condition or it is a part of their lives because they show up around here way too often for their own stupid bottom chasing, upper lower class, shop manager, money madness, insolent millionaire playboy, sis nonsense – it is rather possible we are having the conversation because they think that the existence of bullies that are bigger than them justifies their evil nature. Even so we see it when we are not talking about bullying where I have a half priests office that means I regularly pick up my lamp and go in search for facts and truths and faith, meaning Celebrities get involved and it becomes a real job to do so and we see them go about making their own films and music and celebrity on it too, then show up to complain alongside their incredibly stupid and lazy American ones talking nonsense about the most powerful Country in the world, never mind insults about how nobody knows who the hell I am helping them make money with those foolish contraptions they claim to be a business but exist only to hurt people, giving way to them laying claims of ownership to my Estate Creative Assets canopy, recovery it of which is an incredible amount of work while they hope for some profitable stupidities when their evil punishes me by doing up my stomach all the way with that big mouth. They say my Books cause mental illness and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that they show up around my concerns with an involvement that says they are more important than I am, having been I have this selective memory thing going on while theirs sticks like glue everything they come across, I am not the one complaining about the outcomes. We hear all the time that whilst I show I understand people only have to stop making comments abusive in my direction to stop showing such disrespect for what I do for a livelihood, I do not make it easy myself – easy of which will be to tell them to stop keeping an eye on my Estate income margins while securing support from Politicians and media in order to access it like doing so was the way to make a living, the criminal and criminals that are also victims of crime characters; it would be the one where I told then I had a business empire to look after as well and whenever I handle them, they will find that the problem they are dealing with comes from the top of the business they love to try and mess up all the time;  it would be the one where I told them it is not their Books and it is not their lives to make money from no matter how much my activities stall their sales processes and depletes their bank accounts bearing in mind they were warned 11 years before that there is nothing done here that is done under the canopies of their business empires but got ambitious about what they could take from a baby with that big mouth issuing threats all the time there days. It might seem like fun but it isn’t; reality is that every time my bottom hurts because they are really stupid individuals with ideas and tricks and abuses, what flashes through my mind is that I will be the means by which they had lost it all. So I do get told what is really happening is that I am caught up at the wrong side of Media which I am aware of naturally; the reason they are always complaining when the workings of a Television personality’s career is to tear up my Public image and something I said or wrote was the antithesis of his whole professional life as well, so he might do less of it too: it’s the things like lose like Royal endorsement with traders, which I could never recover each time they make those comments and the result where they will never purchase my Books and are claiming I force it on people while it causes mental illness as well, showing up to pretend people buy media equipment so they can have those who have others taking care of the risks to secure their salaries, show up there to pass around insults all day long.  They do love to lean on me painfully and make use of my personality to get through their lives of course but at the same time are completely obsessed with making me feel sick, so while they are, when I am sick, they are sick too and then the involvement that is followed up by threats and abuses ensue, except they cannot beat up anything in their dreams. They speak of this other case where I do not stand a chance, which is an old story of how the fact somebody has a job on National media means that another person has to prove they do not stand a chance and so when I take up the challenge the amount of damage done to get to the National television disposition to prove I do stand a chance equals the same amount of damage done to me to show that I do not stand a chance because somebody has a job on National television and does not have a particular reason behind this ideas about what I stand a chance for etc. It as such become obvious when they start to speak of the super-rich whose while lives depend on making people feel tired all the time by taking on things that are close to people’s hearts to have leverage on them while speaking to Politicians and Media goons about what they see and wish to own; so obviously I do stand a chance as it were and we can all see these guys do not tell the wives and kids that this is what they kiss people good bye and get off to government Office or National television to do all day, acting as though other people are meat and they are dogs and at no stage of their abuses will the question ever matter, question of whether or not they give thought to how people pay their way in the world while this such fun becomes a trend for them – so what happens is that the onset was when these industry goons decided I was running a business on the platform that has existed because of the effects that their businesses have had on the world i.e. if they were building washing machines and I built a vacuum cleaner, since it would make me rich when it is a good one, then my whole life and world should be pillaged by ideas that I am running the vacuum cleaner business because of how their washing machine business has prepared the world for such things; the result is utter carnage that does not support the theory that Politicians care about jobs like they would want us all to think they do and while I am penniless, they have ended up stuck at Industry with no future, so they want my market and the media ones who have always loved playing a game of pushing people down who cannot push back because they are stronger due to their financial well-being has joined in while the Politicians are helping them get it in bits, looking for trouble the whole time. so eventually they say I have set out this stage where I am always confronted by unexpected eventualities as though they want from me a piece of advice; which is that they need to move on unless I am writing their Books or this was their own lives to live all together. I do get this question asked of where it all began, simple old case being that of the relationship men have with Chiquita – so the Princess of York couldn’t protect me from anything if it came to it and now she thinks anything I do is likely to see somebody steal the fame, I am always getting attacked because of what people do on my behalf at the Monarchy, never mind what I get up to myself – same old case where they were sales army millionaires and have no way of accounting for any of it but cannot let others be, while the Politicians and Media can only get after those who have nothing since when your dad owns shares in a company you have spent millions in school fees to improve your chances of getting a job in, whether or not Politicians and Media have spent the same amount on their children is completely irrelevant; they will never have the same opportunities – so what we have for it is student Union character telling me what to do all the time perhaps hoping for a time when we will be tied up and left outside the lawn of Parliament waiting for our fates to be decided by the rogue military faction that wants to rule the Country before it is obvious they are fucking idiots. Eventually we can hear the bragging that I am stuck and unable to go anywhere barely clinging on whereas reality is that if I want to control their lives I will but what I have done instead is get them involved with the economy recovery processes not start off gimmicks that whole populations can gravitate to, so to speak, leaving us in the middle with a public problem – such as when the economy crisis exposed facts of how the rich and powerful, and the great and good live, so that things might be done about it; I mean the risk of every economy in crisis is the degradation of people since the business will not be willing to lose money, so it is the same people who would feel nothing for working an extra hour or an extra hour or two to facilitate economy recovery that come up with these ideas of deviance hence a really serious cause for concern. They do say it was never up to me but that said, so are we aware they regularly express the fact pragmatically, they do not think Church people are entitled to the careers and jobs and finances they already own – hence when the economy crisis had become trendy and I had enough, took it up and ran it for them and now they can say they will not secure the jobs and pay their fair share of taxes all they want, only until somebody is getting the jobs that they should have and we see the same with the money mad playboys as well grabbing my work and running off to China for instance as though they were communists or I was a communist all together and when done we find them spend it at tourism economies and Islands where they pass abusive insults my direction that will run around the world causing distress – it’s a myth of course that I am barely able to live and survive, especially when seen from the point of the conversation about my Books causing mental illness, bearing in mind I live in a world where a tummy is not just for Christmas and could hardly have adopted a disposition where I can write Books that cause mental disturbance but then again happy still that they are affected in such ways by approaching it the way we see them do all the time. In the end they claim I have an explanation for everybody but it does not really do the job, of which it actually does i.e. they are still unable to see that the day I relent because of the issues I have brewed here about money matters, that will be the day they would think they can do anything they wanted and such a day does not exist. They say they have all the power and I am still caught up in the game which is utter nonsense - its confidence built from a process where people assume I think it is the forces of social and cultural change that makes them read my Book previews to cling to my business and make their own money telling me where the problems I want to solve for myself is located but the rest of the times it’s just Celebrities seeing the really helpful Books I have written and then grooming me as a tool that will look after their children because of it; this perception of my work has persisted to a stage where they are complaining it causes mental illness because they started the financial vandalism based blame culture over their egos whenever they were working of their various Celebrity projects and I took steps that catered for the problem of not being able to move them on or make a statement that will consign their activities to my history and let me engage with others - so it’s all now come to madness and they say my Books are causing most of it; hardly where you end up where you are stuck in the game while others have all the power: so I am now going around resolving the same problems I settled in order to write my Books because there is a certain behaviour that celebrities think when exhibited might be amusing and it is therefore not amusing anymore, while they really need the Books they do not wish to be seen buying and I wish to put an end to their involvement with my concerns as well. It’s never true I am sitting somewhere thinking that if I restrain my actions the pounding my Haemorrhoids all day handling me and telling ageist and sexist lies, all be it on the basis of fitting in so to as to make money, the result will not be a world where they think they can do whatever they liked: where they complain my Books are compulsory for others to read as far as I am concerned but when people do they end up with mental imbalance but nobody really can tell if the comments along with a need to pretend to be me all the time is linked to their job descriptions making it so difficult to stop even when they are complaining all over the world and we are not talking about that really irritating nonsense that is followed up by a process where their Politicians are always making up excuses to tackle my income, which involves the quick spending of everything I do by famous and popular people for self-seeking exhibitionism of the stupidities they consider to be overwhelmingly important - it just leads to a process where they claim I want people to stop such behaviour where all I do is take up and gone just like that every time I make a move but am not making it easier by standing up for myself, causing what is actually a process of leaning on Polished personality religious people to feel good about their existence but then having some groups that are determined to show me how stupid religions by not being nice about it, giving it to be in the tummy all the time, whenever I am resigned to the fact it is the world I live in, to become confusing (yap, yap, yap).

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