So I am now told I was warned about the matters I complain of which does not make any sense whatsoever, it is irrelevant what people think they have warned me about as the process of dealing with their own public place, Political and Social corruptions are clearly the most important thing to them, not talking to me and showing up here to seek conveniences at my expense disobediently claiming it adds up to freedom on account the process will make them money for my part the theory is that I have detached these corruptions from the Armed Forces and it will eat me alive basically but reality is that I am making it more difficult for those who express interest in my books by being cynical while they need it as it were, to buy and read copies of my Books, so they may have to make a clearer decision about the corruption. Usually it leads to an eventuality where I am trying to get some sleep and the society ones are chasing what is left of the stupidities that makes you think about never disciplining children by means of violence while you think of beating them up all the time but never actually do it to a whole new level while the other money madness ones are busy coming through on my personality and public image, such that if I mentioned it, the women ones will start off a claim they were able to confiscate my public image all together as well so it would be nice if they did keep their mouths firmly shut and let me breathe before they have need to deploy the purposes of some Private security Industry goon that will show up here for all sorts; it seems presently its not official they have started yet but I cannot step out of my door because they own businesses and are using my public image to make it rich as it were, wrecking everything around here, it rather seems they are fucking around for the time being, even when they know an Arch Prince will find the business of ejaculating on his personality annoying and provocative.

I am usually told what I say does not change the state of my finances but my finances are largely a matter of Americans playing stupid games so the main one is the case of following the lies that their friends tell all over the world when what I do is a process of sorting out my life while I hate the idea that society goons should be able to do so as well: what they mean being that they can never keep it shut when it comes to making stupid girls feel as though they can get addicted to wicked activities and have babies on my Public image thing, what they mean being that I belong on their left hand side and am a small man, therefore I somehow knew how to live the way they did, feel what they felt, for that reason, what they mean is that I should enjoy the business of stupid girls making me feel sore all the time only to end up with statements about how the way I run my whole life is something women should have and point out Men that will acquire it for them if I am not weak enough for them to handle all together. So it is still the old case of how their civil rights is about threatening people on account they needed money and having men that will beat up those who have what they do not for it, being that I am one of those individuals that simply cannot process it and they have not yet decided the best thing to happen to them will be a case where all excuses for getting involved with me stops and they kept their distance as it were. My personal favourite of course is that of American nobodies showing up here to pick up my Books and Public work, then set off on media to deplete and share my influences around the world; the one that gets the Politicians building these brotherhood they have in Congress, since what usually happens is that the Politicians make the decisions and then the Soldiers die over it before they were content, speaking of which the one we are all dealing with at this stage was never the destruction of the World Trade Centres.

They do speak of me as a threat that has not yet been resolved as such and I could never make sense of it for my part anyway; I mean its all very well starting the gimmicks while they know if I got off writing a piece on every convenience they have built from those insults and abuses, we will hear them complain about me on the global stage again a civil rights and none of that nonsense about having me in a difficult situation and talking nonsense on Media about the importance of their nepotism which was largely a matter of how I was about to show up from nowhere to do what the Daddies could not do, which earns them the yankee nick name thing and none of these behaviour or threats or abuses would have prevented me from selling the Books as well by the way. Same as the society bullies who chase my bum for homosexual sex when I step outside of my door and then start a case about how I want to deploy their own preparedness for the Public transport jobs where it happens the most to look like I did organise myself before I left home as well if I took out a 7 day process of curing everything that support the theory I am afraid of them as built up currently to make me one of the sweetest targets for bullying in the neighbourhoods, then sat around selling the culture and society, we can see there is little or nothing any person could have done about it; so this business of being kept out of my academic endeavours while they get up to all sorts was never really something they achieved because their violent abilities actually mattered, it is something that has happened because I have done nothing about them even after 11 years of constant daily abuse and all that stupid boasting that follows it too.

The Politicians and the Media always say that I do not tend to show a sense of understanding for what others have suffered but we can see that I am suffering on account I can help, and it is clear evidence that those they complain about had the same experience all together as it were. So its all corruption and whether or not people warned me these things might happen is completely irrelevant, they need to deal with the one that concerns them and try to stave off the insults bits where I have published Books others will pay hard earned money for to sell and they are building me a Public image that says I am not a writer so I broker equities with businesses but am never really clear to sell my Books to the staff on account that they existed, hence broke and this as they did mention I nearly showed up from nowhere to do what the daddies could not American nepotism appears to have become their greatest asset so far until I get rid of it too all together.

They do speak of US Power to control peoples finances and how it does good for the world but I do not see this good being done by chasing the finances of somebody who gets off some Royal Privilege to chase up matters of wealth inequality where it really is happening over a period of time, its a gimmick they want to perform with the powers they have and are making out I am not credible as a Royal personage while I am unable to tolerate their world of threatening people to use women as tools for collecting other peoples incomes and they have now ended up with a case of somebody on my back at all times, telling me to be nice to them because they simply will not give me my space they always say I can do very little about them but we are here in the first place because some of these matters are a product of the Tyrants that embezzle government funds and travel to the US to make a life for themselves never the less, so if it a problem they will not solve but rather spend their time torturing me instead, the fact their Government Houses have shut down for the first time ever in the History of the Country is testament to what could go wrong. They do claim I am a tyrant myself, but it shows what their definition of tyranny is all together and since we are a Constitutional Monarchy whereby some Monarchs are Tyrants and their children are not or some Monarchs are not Tyrants like their parents, we can tell what tyranny really all is about. In the end they will say when the Prince of Wales is King I will face grave difficulty, the reality of which is rather that when Prince of Wales succeeds his Mum it will become a Mans world properly if they provoke me; I mean HRH is at the moment playing around with the world of Men thing, where they hate my guts because of what I have done on account they corrupted my state provided security claiming it was not deserving of respect on account it was worked by Women and some of the matters about which One gets a benefit of doubt such as the fact there are two Boys whose Mum has passed away who are both Heirs to the throne to look after could have been completely avoided by keeping to the Traditions of Monarchy. Reality has always been that women do not fancy people dealing with their problems for obvious reasons and when these goons show up to claim they were famous, it was never due to the fact somebody had taught them a lesson at some stage all together as it were but the behaviour continues where my bottom hurts on account that Men have found out the processes of Childbirth and what it entails and wish to use it as a bullying too for general social behaviour and these fools are the women who win it for them being famous i.e. I do not have to prove myself to the Americans, besides which I do think it would not last for long, putting up a face with nice clothes and impressive behaviour anyway. They do say that my biggest problem was that others have got money while I have not but it is not my biggest problem is this way at all; I agree that it is based on the fact others have got money while I have not but the way it works is that I build an Empire and am working on it on the basis of equity broker to sell Books and the purpose of their money is a reason, an excuse, a tool that means getting involved with me is simply irresistible, having a piece of my market to avoid working for their own money is what they cannot live without; an example is that BP is Following my Social Media profile and they got in touch with me on matters of Environment Four Years ago - we have been working Together on that basis since but their money has meant I am not clear to sell Books to BP staff yet, I am cash strapped and working with and for one of the Wealthiest Companies in the world because of their money.

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