At this stage we had since arrived at a point where being an overworked Royal due to Celebrity harassment, had given way to decisions about society that takes an interest in abusing my privacy which I had placed a handle on, Celebrities who now think they are at war with me due to my opinion of what should occur when they made public appearances as well, due to the incessant and disobedient harassment doing so much damage here and the city gits who are always communicating with somebody that helped them make money they could not account for at my expense and enjoyed making sure I never smelled nice whilst they issued threats for it too, having a handle developed for them - it is to build up to a result that goes beyond making sure they shared each other’s criminal privacy in return for the abuse of mine for intended purposes, where I got to make their personal decisions for them, such that each time I had to tolerate insults due to their bad experiences in life, it would make a lot of sense.

The factual effects were clear to see, such as 2 decades of following me around to develop crime potential alongside my career, with the consequence that each time I stuffed the ageists with information about the career, to carry about like free publicity, they shared it for the purpose of trashing any academic pursuits and career because they had failed to have me beaten down for general societal wickedness in every way imaginable hence resorted to being very bad friends on Media. That said, which it seemed that their main interest was to share my personal space which they claimed was like a privilege for wealthy people that they also deserved, but their primary interest in it was to get close enough to say that when they worked the society violent orthodoxy, its effect would make me so disturbed that I could never control what my tummy does and then I would get attacked over claims I was dirty undisciplined and smelly, which wrecked their neighbourhoods, none have done it, so the interests of low lives that had nothing in the world to lose had been kindled and mentally ill gits hard wired. The fall out we now see involved the fact they were the only people who attended academic institutions to build violent lasciviousness behind others and engage their victims social life with crowd mentality through it, to highlight the importance of attacking people they have groomed into such a stupid social disposition, whilst their celebrities have progressed a lot since by trashing my career to make organised crime products more cost effective, buy such products from criminals over my social life and build a crowd that will help them acquire my personal life as something they deserved upon doing so much for society whilst being abused for it – my finances have now been affected by all that abusive sharing of my person and recovery is made difficult by a greed that involved spending my upbringing on themselves, their careers, even their cars and homes whilst I bore the brunt of the fact they were a bunch of expensively dressed hoodlums talking nonsense at me every day through my media equipment, so attention had been turned towards the manner in which I addressed them on the matter, which is rumoured not to have been the way that people should speak, as stupidly as possible.

I am said to be incredible active seeking problems I can solve but never stopped complaining when people gave me some problems to solve. I could never tell anyway, just unusual that such statements were peddled by the press whilst I am aware it is usually peddled by criminals because they need those who try to prevent their crimes to look like problem solvers who complained about existing problems, so that they may say that instances where their crimes were stopped were a product of abilities obtained from social conditions which were alien and that if the other more difficult causalities were brought to bear, there would be some sort of justice for them that the public could run with. The fact it is being peddled by the press and by celebrities is usually incredibly unusual but then again not entirely surprising as it is not something they did to suggest that I ought to get out of a social disposition in which I appeared to court problems so that I may solve them, it is meant to be abusive and insulting, such that this was the part where they got to decide my response to their abuses was uncomfortable enough to earn a decision to desist but we are seeing indications that I will need to take out some activities at some stage, which outcome would serve as feedback for their families with respect to the nonsense I had to put up with every day, as part of a process where they got to stop living in a world where they were entitled to pass insults at me and get accustomed to it. They do claim they did it because I am not an important person but it is difficult to ascertain what I had to do to write some books and disappear from their radar – in this I had to consider there was no need for them to be so stoned about the fact I was not impressed by their fame and any applicable wealth, considering it is the same activity that wrecked my academic pursuits being repeated by the well off neighbourhood gits and the society goons and everything else in between on the streets, so if by doing so they had wrecked my finances, should I make the decision to live like they did or become like they were, the problem would get worse. My premise then appears to be that they had to decide to end their unusual interest in my person, up to the point where we can construe this gimmick about looking like I needed to solve problems, into a statement that implies they would decide how I responded to their corruption, to which effect I am only to respond to the financial corruption where they possessed all the advantages and not the sexual and social corruption that precluded their abuses and insults. They do claim they made money from it and this was the sort of social disposition that got the authorities worried but then again, there were a cluster of goons in Washington who enjoyed bankrolling their stupidities, whilst they showed up here complaining that I spent resources on their problems so I can tell them what to do and push them around as well, being stoned over the fact that I am not star stuck by the healthy state of their bank balance even whilst I know that I had a similar capacity that they clung to for all the wrong reasons. Here it is said that there were public crisis on the matter but there really isn’t, the gimmicks have come to a point and the gits have ended up with a mental state – a mental state that suggests that they had to do whatever the American government wanted, no matter the cost, no matter what and so even when the absolute scumbags in US society were making the most of it, they could not say that it was wrong, the American government faced administrative difficulty because of them and loves them for it too, personally however, its unusual interest in my career and my client are showing no signs of abating, no signs that they are set to make a decision about moving their band waggon away from my affairs, so I need prepare to move them on regardless of what their needs and feelings were, especially with respect to the famous. It is nothing but a bunch of people who think that work is poison, the sort of things that we did not believe exist or underestimated its nature and context when told by other people, until we saw it ourselves, the way that it becomes a bully when it laid waste to other peoples time based personal and career arrangements, laid waste to schedule, on account it had come across some money, makes sense of the prognosis by which such mentality came into being. The choice I had to make existing between their well off neighbourhood abusive gimmicks taking up my career publicity and public image or my Books taking up my career publicity and public image which choices I never had to make – the excuses are that I had a choice about whether to fight for the country or not whilst they did not, their abuses suggest it was an entitlement to pass so much insult in my direction that I was flustered, then set about macro-economic matters within my career to get rich protected by a society that operated in secret and ordered peoples steps in public places like an obsession, whilst living in an exclusive neighbourhood, loves to boast about having wasted my finances to make the point about how difficult their lives had become when I had not decided it was apt to make a living running them down to ensure any person who gave me some money felt important like they were doing and I cannot have enough, so the stupidities needed to keep fighting some more communists.

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