There is fear of how I am meant to cope with my Office and other ceremony considering a history of being abused and taunted by society gits, truth is that it is all expected – I am getting out of a world where there is government backed adult education initiatives at the very lowest, then the vocational qualifications, thereafter the technical qualifications and after the professional qualifications and all the other things people did in between all of these, to get involved with something that wanted what everybody had but was completely detached from these processes by which it is attained, so it is expected to be as abusive and as base, my problem at this stage is the part where another group of fools that had no part in any of it, got to build them a media narcissism because the way I worked my Office was said to be cheap and exhilarating. Here it is said that I handled them rather very well which I do as a matter of taking up from a process where I was constantly uncomfortable because they had problems, giving way to the idea that when I am attacked people were better off in all sorts of ways, to ensure that I was putting their society through exactly the same process, such that their Politicians had to intervene to ensure I was not making money from it like they were from mine, then pay the price for it and talk nonsense at Parliament about ways by which I acted as if I ran the country whereas elected authorities did. Hence it is a matter of being uncomfortable due to civil rights abuses on account they had problems and wanting them to experience more problems, such that we had arrived at a point where their personal decisions were the biggest threat to their health and wellbeing, only for the idiots in question to build them a media presence whilst I was made to repeat what I did over and over in a twisted gimmick that suggested the way I handled it was cheap and exhilarating, they were in control, I had a small penis and they could not have enough with a big mouth. Some people have suggested I should not let them get away with it but they actually don’t; another activity that involved running me down by reading my astrological sign which suggests we Librans always had some form of addiction in our lives - I have had to devise a diet that will help me cope with the famous and each time I did, they found a way to steal it for obvious reasons but before they did, they ended up complaining about state provided security first of all, hence this was the part about the famous – more stress. The imagination in my panties is supposed to have expressed a statement that they got whatever they wanted no matter what I did naturally, when it builds up to the insults that wreck the writing profile and the finances giving way to a handling of the well off neighbourhoods on my part, then will then be a witness to what I will say and do to ensure I got my hands on their own including anything they had going with their famous idiots, no matter where they hid it.

I. Uno I

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