I am told that my actions add up to double standards, especially when I in light of Celebrities showing up on Media to express something of problem they have which they think I ought to get off my backside and solve to make them feel as if they were feminists, that they have come to believe adds up to how people make advertisement, I may have expressed something of a dislike for Celebrities and the fame freaks of Industrial narcissism that go with their existence. It really has nothing to do with double standards at all; what has happened is this thing people have done about 2 decades ago, where they were going to find a few other people like me who have affected their generation in a way that is as wide reaching and perhaps genuine as the way I have and then these will become Celebrities and there will be a finding to see what becomes of us in the future to present date so it becomes a matter of where people have gathered resources to do what it is they are doing; if at Industry in Europe its likely to turn into a matter of sexual abuses that people spend time perfecting that it becomes such a clever form of bullying that none may tell them off as it is pointless and then it will become the solution for every financial problems immediately followed by violence, deciding what happens with my renaissance and how I relate with Temperament mistresses in the process if about Asia, the UK and the US and all other Western Allies, it becomes a matter of such eventualities as when people gather the resources from the Middle East, with such consequences as the events of 9/11/2001 and the outcome that I am to be a character that people deployed to tidy up after the war, yet when I wrote a Book about it all hell broke loose (the nature of the thing).

They say I engage myself in violent activity and punishment processes and do not wish to allow people have the same experience and we all know its utter nonsense I should not respond to, but I am going to anyway. Contrary to what they have claimed, what really happens is that I am not at Liberty to make decision on such matters, the Head of State makes the decisions on what National state of affairs and peace will be but that said, I do support HM Government on matters for instance such as the fact racism is prohibited and gets punished but then still the actions of ethnic minorities require a special task force, same as that of Celebrities, when I am done with any applicable duties, I am trying to get some Book sold, such that any who shows up around it without a plan to read the Books is obviously looking for trouble.

I am now told that I am very good at whining and complaining which does not make any sense, as the real problem we have here is that people are now dealing with spurious descriptions of their own stupidities on my part each time they want to concentrate on their own concerns too and we can see how it tends to mean they were unable to develop careers for themselves, which speaks for itself. The details are that they show up all over my career to improve their career without a plan to read my Books which means they were improving my career at the expense of my career and will not stop this form of involvement with my concerns while the obvious outcome was that I now have to try and condition interested people into reading my Books whereby the outcome will be that I lose money but if I did nothing their media and Celebrity idiots will destroy everything I had, talking nonsense about ruling over me with a big mouth we know it can only progress from here to blabbing a walk before I can run story and I will teach it another lesson that it will never forget just like the fact its stupidities hates my Books currently. So it is advisable they kept their mouths shut if this was not their careers, as it is developing into something of a need to decide what people say if I must make a living and the only reason we have ended up there is so far a 6 year history of insults and abuse which I have not responded to hence something new their stupidities have gotten accustomed to yet again. It is never really unusual; they have done these before, they are simply doing it again because they are so stupid that they do not think that a reason to stop it does exist and we saw the same stupidities made manifest when they had started to speak up during the economic crisis and it was a matter of those who were working for recovery expecting others to give up money and by the time they were done, the market had been perverted into something Millionaires can put before Politicians in terms of telling the Government to make everybody get to work while they invested their Millions to build the recovery this idea they have about disciplining me all the time especially because their stupidities know where my Books are located and particularly for the Americans, is not heading towards a good ending and if they know me as well as I think they do, they will understand I will have begun to work towards controlling their lives if I wanted to avoid a process in which they blackmailed me by hurting others. They fancy themselves such a clever group of bullies that this whole gang behaviour thing will become Public policy, such that when I tell that I am not comfortable having my faith and public image peddled for money because they have problems, they take up a Public and Political issue because I appear to have decided I wanted to run their stupid lives, this adds to the fact every time they see my social media profile they show up all over it to get rich quick making my whole life toxic and then we find them hang around blabbing that I am afraid of them when we know I can easily save it until we meet if they are concerned about their activities being described to them while they are at work while this nonsense takes up over 60% of my time. nobody knows why it is that people cannot make comments about my Books when their stupidities had read it and why they have never answered the questions put to them as per whether they have not been giving up the money, showing up here to spend my own, which they claimed those who were working for recovery wanted them to give up, now that their stupidities means the Millionaires can make the government difficult deals over the economy which allows them make more millions to bring about recovery while none of the behaviour that caused the crisis in the first place had changed but I can say their insults and those abuses about disciplining me are adding up, especially for Americans. They do say there is little I can do about them which is utter nonsense as making sure time catches up with them while I ensured they did not take advantage of anything around here will have exactly the same effect and much as they say my actions make it difficult for me to find cash when I need it but which is precisely the point as I have never seen anything so stupid as the fact others decide what I sell and what I dont and more so in these ways; thinking about it means the same old case as usual the Democrats who have their own issues as per when you defend yourself from being abused by them, criminal feminists took advantage of you and when you defended yourself from criminal feminists they did are the same who set me up for the not on the side of Democrats or Republicans so when on the side of Republicans democrats have rights and when on the side of Democrats republicans have right routine now they appear to expect from me secrecy that helps them prod the insanity that they go to their dirty governments to practice all the time and what pays the price for this is my finances which now looks like the bottom was cut out the more incredible bits will be the part where the blacks blab of me being their ex and how everybody tends to get ahead in life via their ex except them, if the idiots are not saying I am their Bitch, while when the whites said I have written a Book that caused nostalgia and should not have been written, like their parents have only stomach for my income margins and not to read Books I have written, I thought it was a joke now its like an education on the fact all these nonsense as far as they are concerned, did not actually prove they were a bunch of very stupid people and as for the parents handling me all the time, its no wonder they have school shootings in their Country all the time.

The story must run endlessly, that if I will not allow Popularity for those who deserve to have it via my Public image, I could allow very young children to have it, garnished with tales of how I am finished and done for because they keep an eye on me all the time and practice sexually abusive nonsense that should serve to put them in control at my expense and finished off with nonsense about how they were fate incarnate, such that messing with them will be the end for me. It has always been a life they build up somewhere and show up at Media and Celebrity culture to push me into, which then excuses the vandalism and destruction they wrought around my career being fate incarnate, as stupidly as possible, the same way we know they leave the facts out of their story when they complain to the Politicians. It may push up the stress levels to think of how twisted and evil it really is but the truth of it is that it has been seen before i.e. when they cannot let Priests be on grounds that Priestly leadership is supposed to be used to cool their bums concerning the effects of getting a job while they ran off stories on Media about Paedophilia at Priestly Offices and how religion really was the problem of the world. In the end we know there will always be a Prince Harry who looks after the needs of his Father who wants to spend more time with the fantasies of Male Society trouble makers who think of what the UK could have been and how much equality they can accomplish with Women 24/7 and none can reason with the two personages brewing up alternative worlds where what I own does not belong to me because I had deployed it to serve the Incumbent.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland