I am said to be completely oblivious to the sentiments people have about Monarchic rule in the UK which is rather very naïve, I have been rather clear on several instances, that I think in terms of Governmental success, the Monarchy of the UK is doing such a good job that I can confidently ask those who think it should be replaced, to give us something better; they however will not stop doing it for the purpose of showing up to blab about how the Monarchy prevents people from dominating those that are weaker than they are, even when their Labour Party that gets you thinking they want to have a conversations when they mentioned such things is all but destroyed on the international front, due to the need to barge into people’s concerns and have an argument that they will win at any cost – leaving most people to think they do it so racists might finish the job at a later date – the whites becoming obsessed with ripping up my property and expecting some sort of rightful forgiveness due to their age, for the vandalism that was to set the stage that will let them dominate me as it was their right and the blacks following me around and making a mess which diminishes my social status and causes me to smell like my loo all the time before the other pests in suits start to issue their stupid threats because they believe themselves to have found a cold sad kid into whose right hand side they wish to move into. In the end for what the wasting of my time is worth we see they never answer the questions that lie before them chief of which is what in their stupid opinion would have added to a business of being a successful person at Government work, the way we see them fail woefully at it time and time and time again, becoming better and better at insulting people, hence their need to express some fed up sentiments about Monarchic rule in the UK.

They do say I talk but there is much less that I can do, as we all know they have set themselves a stage which means making a case of me as a kid whose right hand side people want to move into before they had become obsessed with issuing the threats right after the Politicians spent tax payer funds to wreck my finances and help them sort out their own – I am never going to do the same to them and ask them to fight over it when it gets serious enough for it as well. The story behind the matter naturally is that of these sorts of things being supported by Liberal America; which is an old case of when Liberal America has fantasies about hurting people they act it out, when you do, you keep it within because it is indecent; we are then left with the story of the last time people acted on their fantasies happening at Auschwitz, in their case it is about drawing a link between hurting people and getting rich, so now they only have to decide whom to insert into that circle of pain, usually those who dare to have what they have not used or tasted as prime targets – so I am currently a character they can hurt and want to hurt all the time because they know where my Books are and want to make a mess of it every day, goes without saying I suppose it will stop when I start taking my own fantasies about them seriously enough to act on as well.

Their story of hatred for me is one of whether they are a wasted generation as far as I am concerned and yes they are; it cannot do anything without threatening people and nothing it does not make money is as God intended; at government we rely heavily on the 16-65 year olds and the way it works is that we learn and we get into the work environment and we get increasingly innovative with the way we get things done- as God intended shall we all do in order to avoid problems, besides which when they do create those problems and people refuse to respond it should have been enough. For my part, the hatred is a matter of the fact that are they get closer and closer to being too old for their dreams, they hate me more and more and more as a society, however it is still the only way to ensure everybody wins as it is clear when they are stuck with me until they are past it, stuck with me until they are poor and destitute thus no longer able to chase dreams and riches, nobody ends up in prison, nobody gets hurt, especially when they were then stuck until they were too old for that too; as I mentioned before, the whites ripping up the academics to wait for me at street corners for homosexual sex, the Politicians helping them with financial problems and spending tax payer funds to groom me for homosexual rape, the younger ones blowing off their big mouth when they have not yet got a career or public image to wade the fury of an Arch Prince, the ethnic minorities following me around to diminish my social status and make me smell – it’s about 10% of what living in the UK is all about, the 10% that I hate and it seems I cannot function if I have to love it.  So government Office helps to recognise where people need support as such and to point out the fact that the reasons these goons have become more violent and abusive is because the business of choosing poverty and then wrecking the lives  of younger people over a supposed hate they nurse for their agemates that are more successful was a well calculated plan, now that we see them spend the life savings to invent in High street shops etc and need to have young people whose innovation is breaking up the market for them, hence having been one of those persons they love to keep an eye on for clients and employers while they buy shares at Companies, it seems I will never do well with my academic pursuits and any career that lets me gain some respect in Public places. So we have always relied on the 16 to 65 year olds and if they did it as God intended there would be no problems – for my part when I write my Books, they take up another 8 years of my time to build me a history of insolence and show me problems at the end which means that it all depends on me for the purpose of decadence, security and comforts they shall choose – the toxic and abusive nonsense that shows up to upstage me at Public work and destroy everything I do to pay the Bills around here, while they ride my tolerance and pretend I like to see people do so; another instance of the sort of nonsense they have time for if they are not claiming that the White Man was the problem.

The answer to these issues have always been as simple as ever; I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it – pick up a disposition of poverty and I do not expect people to tear up my public image and any means by which I pay the Bills either, I rather do so because it helps me get a task completed; I mean for instance the Politicians will say they want to hear me speak more of what we must do with 16 to 65 year olds but it was after the demise of Woolworths and Royal Mail that it was obvious the Industry people will go to any lengths to keep away the money and ask up all to play ball with them if we needed GDP based employment; I then decided I wanted to write Books for my part as well – hence clearly I was right as the goons who chose the wrong things to do, expected to target the young because they invested their lives savings in the Companies and expected to get rich from doing so, except it also means I cannot step out of my door without being made to smell like my loo because there is money riding on it while their foolish children issue threats over the smell and so on – they say they want my Public work and their Children say they want my Public image, so I guess it is set and match a sentiments about Monarchy which I underestimate. The blacks just love to stuff into my mind what I do not fancy, such as popular culture which makes me tense and even depressed because they are my Daddies and are making me a real black person while getting rich with my work and so on. So, it goes without saying if people are complaining they need to leave me alone.

I do get told I am not in control of these matters and Brexit is sliding away but it has always been an issue of certain black communities not really liking academic stuff even though they spend most of their time blaming others for not having it, since they come from Tourism economy backgrounds and believe the best way to success is via celebrity culture but following me around to wreck my academic work because they have come up with a purpose for my public image, while I never had a social or Political or even financial arrangement with them, whereby we hear them brag all the time about me but we can see how intense this nonsense has to be achieve the effect.

It’s an old case of the fact women have always had the finger of what have you thing and we all know women have always had it but the problem here is that these really silly Men want to be the ones that have it, so completely wrecking my property and everything I do with myself to create the kind of homosexuality that gives it to them is what this nonsense is about and the next time they follow me around at academic institutions I am definitely going to give them the trouble that they seek for it too – never mind all those times when I meet women on the streets and they are outside of home for a wrong reason: I am not afraid of them in anyway – it’s all a very abusive mechanical process that goes on and on about a one thing because they chose poverty and their mates became more successful so that was the fault of younger people who were talented on account they had some money to double at Industry buying shares from companies, so such young people will be subjected to the most distressing forms of media assaults meant to keep an eye on them for employers and clients – I mean there is no real reason that the business of threatening people to claim they can achieve what they want but will lose it to those who want to buy private security industry services anyway should make them money if people were really interested in preventing it to begin with and then upon looking like it is their task to give birth to and raise bad people to adult hood, build me a history of fear for them while I am busy with more important things until I am physically sick – now they are back complaining about me again because they have become a major issue in my concerns once more.

The Brexit issue will always be the matter of Germans leading the EU towards making the US deal and the main target was the special relationship between the US and the UK – it’s been some sort of business world and International promotional drive for them and has been damaging and destructive for the British, enough to make them do the Brexit routine. The question is usually one of how it is that the US is so fond of the UK but we simply have a more rudimentary form of US Democracy, it’s a Class Society and you do not get rid of poor people’s property or lifestyle in a Class Society, you find a better job if you needed one, lest they get off dealing with your enemies for you as well, among the many other ideas they will have. I am not afraid of them and they should be able to tell since I am not gay, has nothing to do with providing my own State provided security like they think I am wayward enough to do, whereby I want security from women who hand it to them. I have done this a very long time you see, especially the part where I could show others how to keep the gangs and criminals off the career and Public image since I was 17 bits – as they can all see, when they are stuck with me and destitute until they are past it, nobody gets killed and they do not end up in prison so everybody wins, otherwise it is easy for all precluding those who fancy these sorts of things for some opportunism, to see they are not mates of mine.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland