There is the mystery behind show business, something of the way that people get involved and complained later which is not really the case. Getting involved and complaining later was a given, we are doing this because I did not complain in the usual way or get involved in the usual way because the manner in which I got involved was rather a matter of their need to pick up areas of my career that was important enough to make me pay attention to them and set about factorising my entire life with it for all the wrong reasons, so they took the extra step to do some physical damage to my finances. The real cause of it is that Producers picked up my Assets to make entertainment, they felt that those producers were babying Royalty that they should dominate with the show business money after they had been stalking me for some time, following me around to make greater mess the more important the people I got involved with, their civil disobedience deciding which careers I could have based on things I had to do to get into trouble with the Police they bought the shares and staged a coup to get rid of those producers, once they became producers, it really kicks off then and the Celebrities themselves last we checked were paid to run off gimmicks where criminals were nice and I am a bum trying to rub shoulders with them, so cutting them off from my person and public image created a crisis because they were entitled to it or I should have waited and given them time to adjust to the changes I too had made. It is a two part story where on one hand people have always done show business and enjoyed themselves without bothering me as my career and their own does not meet anywhere, I would stop them if I felt they were doing something wrong or if I felt my existence was a bad thing, this is the other side, a bunch of idiots who make my social life about their stupidities whenever I tried to engage with others, to show how powerful the male population was, it is not attacking people who sold services and products to free-lance journalists at work in the middle east and Asia any more these days, those were the days that I wished them away and people died in mysterious circumstances so their stupidities got to link it to my career and express what they thought about my displeasure, they have now focused their attention me and their stupidities is that which I now aim to stop painfully as well. It should have stopped some time ago considering the work I had put into getting rid of it but the idiots continue to pick up new assets to make new entertainment, as an expression of the thought that I was a lesser person and should have given them time to adjust to the changes I had made due to the effect of their famous persons insults, hence point made, in context that if it is evil, the famous will do it, such that the abusive methods of making money at my expense were devised later on. We are now told of rumours that women were afraid of getting involved with Royals as well, if I explained that it was clearly riskier to pick up my assets for get rich quick gimmicks than it was to get into a relationship, then we would hear I had a reputation for bothering women who are not interested in me, whilst we know their entire lives relied on the cultural problems that those who married divorcees at Royal Office were consigned to due to an existence of a third person in a public office marriage.

They claim the business of getting the Celebrities off my concerns was fantastical as I had no real power to, the idea there was an issue on the manner that they engaged with the public is all I have got they are always trying to decide my finances on the basis of their own personal possessions tucked away safely in their own homes, always wanting to be the mouth piece and hand piece of any more powerful who wanted to attack me while preaching civil rights and my Bookshop was always too noisy for my clients. It is not all I have but a very good start, considering recent alliance with abusive German influence gits who have set the stage for me to get them reading my mind, in case I had ideas about the instances that their own possessions, tucked away in their own homes, decided my finances again by making my Bookshop too noisy. The backdrop of this we should note is that I recognised the business of picking up my public image to make entertainment was the original problem, I cleared it out and they disrespectfully picked up new ones to make new entertainment, so it is supposed to set the stage for what was done about it. They go on to claim I am a do-gooder who does not want to get in on what the Meghan and Italian Family married to Princess Beatrice do on some serious thing they were doing to make money, but it has always been a matter of doing a job the way that it looks, to be safer than sorry. Besides, we know that they were simply going from claims that I am vulnerable to their gold digging gimmicks when they dredged up matters in the field at National security to place in public affairs, which gets me asking if they were really as much a bunch of narcissists as they claimed they were for my part, before I promise to serve them forever as well it seems that when they make this kind of mess, they were able to make money but then again they also had to lie and cheat as the probability was greater, that if some good put the feet up in a tourist destination to pass insults at them that a bird will carry around the world, until it affected the Government, they would have contributed at least 70% of the problem, which would show up to earn them applicable publicity during the Kings Birthday parade and there will be gun salutes as well, never mind that what is on your mind would be that you were a do-gooder, in an environment where a Police Office had to be above reproach to such an extent they could win the support of the communities at any time. Its the whole threat of communism and Terrorism issues, where they claim that I dredge up issues into public sphere as well which I dont simply encourage people who got involved with my concerns, to invest in the UK, again this is an example of a process where what I did was turned into a source of pain for me naturally, so if I mentioned the way my engagement with international business bore towards what I did with my diet and although they knew what I was doing with my diet went to the top end of Government, they became far more interested in making money by sharing it with the Celebrities, so this would be the part where I got to cause pain as well, talking about it in this manner and setting. They do claim I want my Books to be free of it but do not act the part which is utter rubbish; as they know my Books are a means to some philanthropic activity that will ensure when wealthy goons who spent money on their insanity, did, the money was gone for good and that we were able to recover well enough to avoid their personal possessions deciding what became of our financial wellbeing. The main problem is that it picks up my public image to make its entertainment business, so what it does from here is to build a crowd that abuses me in sexual context in order to completely stall my career and finances, as a method of deciding what became of my so-called spotlight and to ensure I did not either keep it all to myself or keep it to myself and it destroys much more than just a spotlight, while it thinks that the situation would improve on account it was so famous and so important than I needed to suspend my career and finances, allowing it time to adjust and get me out of its head.

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