It is now suggested that I needed a lot of encouragement to achieve my successes and it is utter nonsense the sole source of financial damage here is the need Celebrities had to pass off all the new things that have happened to add to what they already knew about me being handled illegally, as their own public image and something they had achieved; there is the incredibly annoying and sickening attitude of doing it while realising that if they did, I would not be able to pay my bills for do it anyway and set about showering me with insults for their problem. It had since become rather clear that we needed a two-part situation whereby either, Celebrities will bow out of my Public life or theirs will give way. Its not just the Celebrities, the bits about the popularity people is that their young people enjoy using my career unauthorised and they will use it to such abusive intents that criminals will then take pictures of themselves making a statement on my public image and that picture will become the defining social media image for the criminals I have therefore gone from building a social media profile that was safe from trolls, to the health racking stress of preventing the sources of income being proliferated.

Then there are more serious parts where some people would want to spend money on my work, but it seems that the actions these idiots have performed meant that due to the fact I have not yet controlled their activities, the job had not yet been done and will create a worse problem if my solutions were adopted. I dont think it is a crisis, I am simply developing a warning system lest they said that I never justified my actions: I mean the society gits want to fraternise with the Country at my expense because their stupidities were the ones fighting and winning the wars that were being fought at the Military the last we checked and the abusive men would not go to work in their view if I set about hurting their bottoms as well; so we can see its usually the blabbing endlessly until I act and then the complaint goes global. In the end if I spent every 24 hours improving one more thing that plays into the fact I hated them for the suffering inflicted on me, especially concerning the damage of my career with practical jokes, about which I showered them with insults, this problem would have gone away but I would look like I was so good at bullying I had gained qualifications for it, any slight push would leave me dropping down to obscurity and then I would blame others for it too. People have suggested that the moral disposition will be my downfall but it isnt at all they have since transformed their insults into something that happened as per me, them and the employers, which allows them to access areas of my career where I had done my best work or simply be entitled to everything I got up to annoyingly, while seeking out a 100% parasitic existence that was a product of burning my career to create their own, making their successes happen only when I was made to fail. The idea the matter can be resolved without revenge is not rooted in reality, if we can see that their friends and families do not even get a little statement about what they get to their Offices to do to me every day but we had to contend with this nonsense as if somebody was paying their stupidities to do it Had a big ego and it was all very convenient if I paid the price for it endlessly.

The interest in my diet is apparently meant to make this statement about their money and how they use it to travel to exotic locations where they ate food that nobody had and show up to abuse others because of it, which helped to control the women but it had much to do with me because I could handle myself in the Kitchen, which meant I am a woman and they had to rip up my University studies and spend another 12 year tearing into my career to stagnate everything here and make statements about the finer points of homosexuality by causing a smell. I have made my statement as well by letting them get out of hand, attacking the other stupid low lives who take a chance because they were abusing me is not what I did for a living and of course I will have to tolerate those stupid Industrial conferences - This is where it begins to stop, I guess. Its years of nauseating financial complications causing health problems because they wanted to play up practical jokes at my expense, I have no reached the stage where I wanted to put an end to it in terms of whether my career and financial wellbeing was really that vulnerable to those stupid ideas that I was weak and freedom was not necessarily a moral thing see what happens when I fulfil that stupid dream of theirs where I tried to make a living in a condition that I had to go up against the boys; what I have done is enough to run down a Bull Elephant but we know that they work in groups to strengthen themselves with Communities, hence my problem was clear as it were.

I. Uno I

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