The alternative to Equity brokerage for these matters contrary to the notion they are complicated would have been setting out banners to make people keep their insulting cultures to themselves and then there would be no financial vandalism as a result of croons that look through my window and door and discover the kind of sex going on is heavenly which they then need all the time until their stupid children are rich and famous and belief they are also getting connected with royalty that will help them dominate me - the repercussions is that nobody knows what damage it would do to their culture and way of life and how total that damage would have been, they are rather convinced a blame culture would have gotten them out and so it seems they want to crystallise some of the things they provoke me into doing for me on account I will soon set out an endless campaign for them to indulge as well provided it continues and they need some means of equality. All talk and no action is said of me of course but there is nothing to worry about from a collection of thieves; it must be that they can use their own stuff to do anything and everything they do or they will be fed up as well. The other group on the left tend to add an extra to it with a seemingly endless campaign to open a window into the real me, whatever the point is when everybody knows Christians do not like homosexuals and smokers and drinkers and sex addicts etc but for them nobody knows if they practice those things on account they are saving the weak like they claim or they are on account it is power like they boast, all I do know is that it is terribly insulting and they need keep off my book sales to avoid even more trouble not pretend whether or not they own my literary empire all together and the property equities in it is a function of the products they attach to it and set off through advertisements on media which then gives them the station by which to keep it for themselves permanently. In the end of which it is up to them to answer the question of whether getting Politicians to gag me and make me tolerant of them while they do these things really settles the matter of if they should use products and media to extort from people after a recession and when the economy is doing well or during it, on realising that it will cause people nothing but suffering and will not make them any richer in the long run - I for my part need to answer from them over the incessant media games to lay claims of ownership to my Empire and its Emporium and Property Equities brokered by Industries and this company, all it does is cause me misery that they feel from me as well. Those claims I am some form of Royal rebel has no basis on reality or fact.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland