Here the main question is about my mental health but there is nothing wrong with it as such. The problem is that in an Intellectual Property Administration business, people preferred to attack me with popularity and shower me with insults that help them converse the finer points of homosexuality instead of buy and read my Books and we can easily tell from whence the persuasion for such activities come.

What we find of the Industry part is that I would set out work stage where I broker equities with companies for a certain period, at the end of it, I want to deploy the Publicity towards my Books, what then happens is that a handful of wise gits set about building their own publicity to suggest that the period of property and equity broker was me indulging myself industrial popularity where I claimed to have familiarised with Industry big wigs and when it comes to selling my Books, the difficulties added up to a Candy taken from a Baby situation created by cracked up out of my league goons who find it very difficult to show enough respect for my career, as to buy a Book whenever they handle my Bookshop. Then the fall out of fellow popularity idiots on the streets who help them work market by inviting themselves into my personal space, to talk into me and get imagination up my bum, is that they were famous and had to make deals with people who kept an eye on those whose lives were wrecked to facilitate the fame, lest any of those had become violent but where my career gets into the picture was that my Books contained solutions to the bottom chasing issues associated with their personal decision to give people a hard time in all these. Then there is the question of whether we can live in a situation that avoided it all which we can more or less, as it is a matter of the way they made a mess of people’s lives to get rich, the way the victims responded and how the destruction of the careers of those who had ideas on how to improve the situation they had created for themselves by building a market place and putting up products on it, gets such persons to work for and serve them; the reason I need to get into a position that makes sense of a desire to put them on Hospital beds for some reason, so that with respect to every time Celebrities did this to me, I could administrate the problem or respond to it. The solution to all these being as simple as a process where they stopped making a mess of my career and Bookshop as the bills needs to be paid around here and of course stop running off abusive campaigns that ensure continuation of my concerns regardless of their activities, produced a result where it did not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it.

They do claim I am a useless person, but I am as such; women love useless people that can be kicked when down, want it with all the fibre in their being but do not want their equally stupid children to be one. Spends time handling people who are displeased about being handled, spends time with the male population that it does with itself and its fellow women, then it gets pregnant and builds a community that gets imagination up my bum, telling lies – yet it can be assumed that spending time with the Men should have educated them on Childbirth and pregnancy processes. They do claim that the outcome of these activities is that they had now completely wrecked my life and its utter nonsense – they had rather completely failed at doing so, thus their gimmicks had since turned towards the business of getting imagination up my bum and hanging about on Media to talk into me while clinging to my Office and my Books with public perception, it shifts my heart rate and causes my tummy to feel sore all day and that is mainly because they have suggested it was something important enough to make decisions on my career and finances. The others will be a handful of idiots who complain about it all the time once done making deals with it, the deals made people a product of wrecking people’s lives to get paid for being popular and making sure what they believed to be random members of the Public that can make their famous stupidities feel safe, were being forced to do the job because their careers will have been trashed to make it possible. So it is either that this is a group of fools that have spent the last 7 years of my time, ripping up my Public image and finances to build me a history they created for themselves and complained about all the time, talking more nonsense further from the idea when they were unhappy, they were so entitled that others were meant to make personal decisions with respect to career and finances on it, to develop into something more serious and when it comes to the serious bits, the idiots need make a decision bearing in mind how it starts from criminals getting in touch with my personal space because they asked for it, to this nonsense, reach a decision about whether it means I am saddled with a history they created for themselves and complained about or they have wrecked my life and decided what I did with it, as I have put up with quite enough of their abuses myself.

I. Uno I

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