They claim my diet is offensive because it puts professional chefs out of business but we all know itís the insults about the vulnerability to their communities which are built to discuss peoples tummy over wealth equality needs on account they do not wish to work for money that interests them the most Ė they have been warned enough times that everybody knows this is how they do it but getting imagination up my bum and threatening me has not stopped yet, not that I am ever likely to gratify it but so have they been informed of the prospects they might get a response they donít fancy.

They claim if these were the bad old days I would not have had a chance and we all know everybody else would likely have seen what I have said here as a warning; I am really keeping myself off picking it up again, the issue with their gits playing games of Me and my Wife abusing me until their children felt superior which consequences gets them off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff and I will put it alongside the gimmicks of their low lives playing around with my Public image and local social issues, so they might churn my tummy and threaten violence on account I smell and I am going to ensure it got to stop the way that their stupidities wanted it to. they do claim the point they make to be that all I do depends on others which does not make any sense as we know they are a classic case of the stories parents tell their children on behaviours such as these, that they hate it when anything depended on them but when they see a Royal Commission and the owner putting up equity structures that help people make money by helping me release money from it to pay off the invoices, they break it to pieces because they want to express what their envy looks like and the fact most people think power is a taboo but it is actually a real want that people pursue regularly Ė so another one has depended on them again like the response they sought. Obama did assure them the days of Police brutality when their stupidities walk up to people to make a mess on grounds that their lives will be over if they are not seen, was well and truly over at my expense as it were.

I am told the problem with me is that I back out of the issues and the reality is that while I tackle these ethnic minorities, I happen to avoid the white people whipping others all the time, while what happens is that those get enough publicity to bother the Politicians that donít mind wrecking the academic work and finances to give them access to the lives of chosen victims such as myself. They are now all tired and feminine and the usual public face of these behaviour are becoming more obvious without the financial or political benefits i.e. pick on somebody and if such a person pushes back, pick on another for it because it cannot all rely on you, you hate the way that it relies on you. Its white money idiots chasing my bum and blabbing nonsense on how I will rely on punishing myself to by when they are finished while clinging to my public image and their stupidities following me around at University has not yet stopped, cracked up out of my league talking nonsense and then the ethnic minorities making a mess of my public image to push me off the edge on grounds I did not allow them make popular culture with it, had soon started issuing threats because I smell, which people have told them to stop doing enough times so far as well; itís the cat people and dog people never get along gimmicks naturally and I am still wondering what the appeal is if their stupidities are complaining about it. The other theme tune goons claiming I would not dare mess with the Boris Administration are of course a group of gits as we donít know what this means anyway Ė we know they donít actually matter and that I will not tolerate being threatened by them like that as well; confusion apparently is that they are messing with Government and the facts of what is happening is that some people say that the Prime Ministers duty Speech resonates with everybody and another group say he is still a rich child who thinks he can get whatever he wants; both are therefore correct but itís a matter of where they are correct i.e. according to the way they have related with me on my social Media since the Prime Minister took Office, the Prime Minister might be correct if he says the future of the Economy depends on what rich people think but negotiations with the EU and arriving at an arrangement concerning things like the backstop relies wholly on what poor people think and we know the Prime Minister himself did say it was only common sense to prepare for a no deal Brexit. This is what we are working with, wouldnít dare mess with Boris Administration is very helpful the last time we checked. The ethnic minorities will claim this sort of position befits somebody that will betray his own roots like I have and its utter nonsense too Ė they said when these idiots had money they would be less of a problem, now we know they are bigger twats because they have it and I believe I have made my position clear, that racism is not a black peoples identity crisis problem. They do say that I think I can get whatever I want too and its utter nonsense - what happens is that I have been running peopleís lives since last I shut down any means by which they may peddle my faith and personal life and public image to sell things at the market place and have been facing eternal punishment for it every day that means they build communities that have imagination that gets up my bum and send out low lives to run me down every day like a State within a State, issuing those foolish threats and I am about to categorise it as the activities of a very disobedient Population Officially as well; their fear is that if Mr Boris' plans succeed, they will be worse off but itís like when Mr Trump spoke of shutting down US borders and the effect was those goons Obama had assured were in the clear to discuss the problems of their entire communities with respect to other peopleís entire existence moving a certain direction that will give the sources of their money some space.

So I am told they are a threat I should pay attention to but I donít consider them to be Ė they are simply things that followed the Prime Minister to Downing Street and I have got mine too; the one where I speak of freedom for people at the Monarchy and they believe I am talking about their needs, so I had to tell them the one that works for them, so when they mention it at the Monarchy they got into trouble Ė it is my responsibility to ensure involvement of society and culture goons at the Monarchy is under control and so I had to ensure I was in complete control of my reputation and what follows me around too; we have seen their acts of rebellion develop into something of copying the way I talk and behave for any jobs they pick up at the Monarchy to do my stuff and how that feeds into their love for Celebrities giving impetus to the goons that chase peoples private parts on the streets and want to be seen on peopleís public image, wish to ensure Police donít do Police work anymore, so they might become rich and famous having money they never worked for etc and then I get told I am deserving of the abuses for behaving as if I am a great conqueror. The effects are what we have been talking about all along Ė it has a community with an imagination that gets up my bum and shows up to fool around with my public image playing games with 50 year old school truants that bear down on people sexually all the time, churns my tummy and issues threats for the smell, which happens so often I feel that it would be okay to start taking it up too; we know what will happen is that I will spend the comforts and privileges of their culture and society that exists to peddle my faith and personal life and public image on myself if I did not get off beating up some low life that shows up here to look like they were mad enough on account they think they have put the fear into me when they have not before then, after which every twerp that brings up the idea I am homosexual due to how beautiful I had become will kick it off over and over and over again. We all know they do these things, wreck the academic work and finances and career, even when they know that my disposition with them is such that any violence will stick to their minds and leave them with a need to join gangs - so I am still wondering what the appeal was as we speak. The rest of the gimmicks are all part of people getting me to respond to this nonsense as a matter of their dream to see me spend my life living their dreams and it never stops when I had warned them about a mess of my work and property leaving me hurtling down a hole to end up somewhere hoodlums and paparazzi are doing my stuff with lawless twerps that spend my best made plans on themselves thinking they are Celebrities yet so far, even while I have given this extent of detail itís still more interested in its reputation on sheer narcissism but have not yet stopped complaining to Politicians about my attitude, as insultingly as possible while at it.

I am told I never handle these matters in a sustainable fashion and itís not the case Ė the problem is that it appeared half the working population had a result of the recession decided something of the lives of rich people had been exposed to them, so they were going to join popularity cause at my expense rather than get a job and itís the one that will want to spend money investing a product and creating work for families who will find his cost had gone through the roof, that will end up paying the price, so I cannot believe these twerps therefore continue to think of themselves as famous, so I needed to ensure that talk of peddling Royal person and property as approved by their Politicians instead of getting a job was what they were going to get somewhere in lawless money game hell. So it has always been a matter of using that insulting energy of theirs to work the economic recovery, instead of letting them create me separatism and I am happy with them wanting to punish me for every job they got, just not happy with damage to my property. So they say they are a big deal and I have an opinion of them that does not suggest or acknowledge this which is utter nonsense; what happens really is the same as got me dropping out of University i.e. it wants to deploy my person and public image to access fame industry, get adulation from strangers, have its photo taken by paparazzi blowing kisses at criminals on my public image and being together enough to attend parties held by rich entertainment industry moguls comfortably Ė itís not really facts that tell me they are famous and I never do a thing about it until I feel as if my time is being taken up because the Industry twerps need to spend money on them, help them find equipment and venues by which to screw with me in terms of their version of how they engage with the Public, I do assume this was the contribution the rich were making to society but when they do say they were planning to get the money back from somewhere or someone, it does conjure an image of a group of people that never stop bluffing. It is the one thing that never allowed me a moments peace at University every day I attended it and in the end we find this story that overshadows everything, that my people are being constantly attacked and yes I am aware of that, so if I said they were criminals I would dig myself into a hole and itís always safer to say they have an adage and need to get a job Ė it does not mean I am wrong when I say they are criminals either, they breach my patents every day to such an extent I cannot simply get into an Office and work; first racism allows them claim we are so close to each other that we were relatives and then they got enough familiarity from that once the racism had subsided, to adopt all that nonsense on Media which suggest they can always dominate me and squander everything Ė itís a trap they walked into very well, since we know they like to deploy peopleís business image to sell conveniences and do some pile high sell cheap routines to get rich quick, so now itís becoming a matter of getting them stuck with me to such an extent they will soon be getting forced to buy and read intellectual property administration Books. I do get told I am not making progress with myself and of course I am aware of such things but then again, the Books are ready and have been for five years with the only impediment being the support politicians give to them and the conveniences politicians select at my expense whenever I sort out the problems associated with it and if I think I donít have enough time to raise the pension I need for this Royal Estate, I am going to plan it on their savings and retirement as well and their stupidities will get serious from then on. So this is what I really think of them and much the same as I have been trying to get them moving on too Ė really had enough of it at this point but the part where they have grown too old for the fame and fortune popular culture should feel just the same as when I drop out of University to hang around their communities responding to their stupidities because of their needs. So itís much the same story; the criminals are now the ones making popular music on the regrets of those that engage in Monarchy and oppression which exists in the heads of criminals because it is what Politicians want and people do not feel safe on the streets anymore Ė nice replacement for the business of supporting women who wanted to make music on the regrets of those that engaged themselves in crime which I started it out with as it were, so it is garnished with a sense of those that were not caught by the Police deploying their crime money for other purposes including elections and separatism and I need to ensure the Politicians suffered because of this to the latter as well, helps to figure out what their problem is. They do claim I am done and finished and it is utter rubbish too Ė needs keep away from my Books and stop following me around unless the Books were written by their stupid self or I donít have any feelings, otherwise we can see that their dreams being based on ripping up my Books to ensure their immoral stupidities had squandered the property of a half priest and left them immeasurable social power of idiots to play around with, will not suffice if they are complaining. They speak of Americans that want to teach me a lesson and its utter rubbish too Ė these are sociopaths who are different from psychopaths in the sense that they familiarise with their victims and the violence although deadly is always opportunistic, I have put up with their stupidities telling lies at my expense that I have to tidy up my facing hoodlums at Industry and Paparazzi doing my stuff with lawless idiots who want to spend my best made plans on themselves, turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their stupid lives on my wallet, I have endured their stupidities acting as if they catch me out all the time and muttering obscenities that suggest I am their bitch endlessly, they forget they are so stupid people find it difficult to keep the hands away from them to begin with and are clear to start if they wanted all together as it were, or keep their mouth shut and stop being seen showing all over my public image for self-improvement that will justify future abusive activities with that big mouth they have got Ė they are not going to anything; I am not like the Politicians who think about helping them and complaining, relying on others like the spawn of the devil, they are dealing with somebody that wants their lives to be a cycle of work, school run for the kids and shopping for the economy, only way they will do their civic duties and stop bothering me for having my hands full as it were. we see the crux of their stupidities are developed around squandering all I have and telling strange lies at my expense that ensure I try some violent deed I will never be successful at while their entire community sends their stupidities out to decide how my public image is to be shared with everybody.

Here in the UK the Politicians are the main point of squander as it were Ė the Labour Party being chief of the thieves so to speak; we find it says my relatives support Labour but I am always against my own people, all about what they wanted but the sort of damage I have done to their party as well should match the process of dropping out of University to hang around responding to it; that said my Books do not paint my mum who is the architect of all that nonsense in favourable light and their stupidities have not yet improved when I have not gotten them off my Public image to spend time with their own 50 year old school truant mums who donít mess about with the attention they deserve as well all together, so it will not give me a break Ė I have made it quite clear to their Politicians that a fight with them is usually the answer for all things, since itís obvious that I will still be the civil rights victim regardless of the outcome. All these said, we know they claim I never talk properly but cannot yet tell me what I am meant to do if their stupidities leave me in a place that means media idiots can carve avenues out of my concerns and run it off for controversy that will carry on until my quality time is taken up in the business of responding to it, dropping out of school in the process, whether there is an idiot on this planet who has a media job contract which looks like that. In the end we know these fools have run off their bits concerning their gospel of evil and how religion is the problem of the world, now they think I have no direction to turn and playing around with my earnings is well deserved but I donít see how the theory I cannot get worse will hold if I still think the name of their Party is Labour and since everybody wants a job they have lots of back breaking work to do around here and screwing with me means that winning elections will become more difficult and not easier, irrespective of whether they were too stupid to invent a moral democracy that will counter the immoral democracy goons they have invited to follow them around at Parliament and their local idiots were faced with somebody that wanted them spending time with their Mums while he ran off an intellectual property administration book writing Business Ė mostly it is as simple as these twerps keeping their hands to themselves and making sure the money they make allows them to mind their business and keep their stupidities out of my life for it.

I am told my position serves as a tool for controlling migrants and it does not Ė what is really happening here is the good old case of not showing up to complain about what you got because you enlisted soldiers to do the job that you were supposed to do at State Office, if it is better to secure peace by taking a tougher stand on your National interest, then it is what you are supposed to do and to discard the Military option doing so. We find that every Federated fool we come across wants to invent an idea that allowed them peddle the life of Royalty that has everything leaving them with nothing and in my case specifically they complain all the time but itís impossible to tell what the Me and my Wife insulting and abusive you until you smell like what you ate is about in the first place anyway Ė same as the other twerps fooling around with your reputation and public image, will soon be off making a mess with 50 year old school truants in the neighbourhood, believes in its manipulative abilities absolutely and because you have no responded to its stupidities by getting involved with violent activity since last it brought it under the roof, it churns your tummy and its imagination is constantly where your bum is, while is issues threats for the smell it had caused Ė they have not said what the appeal for this nonsense actually is but as the Prime Minister stated, it is only common sense to prepare for a no deal Brexit. We respect their Fatherland when we go there but when they get to the UK act as though we want to talk to their penis and I get told I mentioned the dog people and cat people not getting along and its abrasive which it isnít to me; Cat people like myself get through tough times by keeping tidy, dog people will make a mess of everything and be the first to start trouble when everywhere is messed up, just like the idiots think they can make a mess of public image and fool around a social issues with 50 year old school truants, bring it under the roof and issue foolish threats at me because the fact their living space was not enough is irritating me and making me smell of what I ate, then find it cannot keep its mouth shut because it thinks it has put the fear into me. Itís much the same as the story of Prince Harry wanting to handle me all the time which does not bother me in anyway; HRH has always been said to be such a character as needed to have his whole life ordered lest his tendency to build systematic controversy around his person means criminals and society trouble makers turn up at the Monarchy to do again what they had done before and we know itís exactly what it happening, save I get the blame whenever it happens; that said, I am a Hermit, separated from the world and from the Church to serve God on my own but I am a Royal Hermit and set to support the Monarch on State matters, whenever people turn up here to make a mess for me, they had already decided it was time for me to become Arch Prince of everything and leave them feeling inadequate enough to kill themselves. I mean they say what I complain about is a very small part of Royal challenges and it is utter nonsense too; nobody knows why they do it Ė why I could suddenly have the academic work completely destroyed, so that I might appear to be a character that can be hated because he rose so quickly that others lost their inheritance, the way I have become one because Prince Harry fears he will not be Duke of York in the future and Princess Beatrice fears she will not be Queen when the Prince of Wales Abdicates Ė nobody knows why they get off to spend time with Celebrities and then when the mess had really gotten completely out of hand, decide they know of somebody who is in the service of the Crown to handle and sacrifice for their lovers like we see them do to express the fact they think they are out of my league and are very entitled Ė the male ones on the other hand mostly want to get off fighting for the Public while what is required of them is to look after their Offices and die for it if need be, which is why they have personal guards Ė none can tell why they do it and they would say it is an example I have set out when I get involved with Celebrities while it had become rather clear I am very well aware Celebrities have no sense of direction; that it is not to say they donít make money from your public image engaging with people in a way that batters you to bits over wealth inequality issues while you were repeating yourself in your personal diaries due to the bullying conducted by twerps who did not want to get jobs when they should have, the last time it became a major public issue, spend the money to buy big Houses with large backyards that allow them make sense of fraternity of Nation and hence educate them on why they should not be bothering Royalty that is simply getting on with State Business, itís just their nature that they did all that was unacceptable, like Celebrities. They do say I have become a pathetic character which I am not; except if we were to say the culture and society is legitimate as disposition where my abilities and potential goes to disappear and none else gets to deploy it for a good purpose as well; they said I had better not trifled with them, needed to get off a Royal Office and respect their disposition in fear of what they are capable of doing, until they found out the prospect of hurting me for wanting to sell their culture and society for money was very small and if they succeeded in doing so the business of doing it would be counterproductive, before then it was supposed to have been the laws they made and enforced, never stops until somebody bashes another personís head and we end up at the Law Court, then that will be the laws of the land Ė needs to stop getting on my nerves. They do boast that I am afraid of African culture which is utter nonsense; needs to put some Ostridge feather in its Hat and Chicken feather in its lips and tell people it has juju power that can make people poor or rich, see how long it will take for a racist to give up on restraint, stop bothering me; it still goes back to the destruction of my academic work, about which they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around like we see their new preoccupation is a bad neighbourhood I have taken residence in to help me write my Books Ė it has become the means by which they are practicing some secret juju power on me and I can only deal with the consequences of their practical jokes on my life and career by doing something to look like I am a symbol of suffering and then campaigning to end perceptions about it which allow me move on, with a big mouth. As it stands, we know the criminals hate my guts because of some security work I did which they cannot forget.

They do say I am friend and enemy of the Royals and none knows where I stand which is utter nonsense Ė we know some Royals claim that its important they shred my academic work and get in league with Estate Agents and Salesmen to make me gay, something which is reserved for badly behaved people and not Hermits, to ensure others who are more privileged at the Monarchy got ahead of them too but as we can see, because I have done nothing wrong, they are in league with Estate Agents, Rebels and Salesmen to make it happen too and so as long as they donít shred my academic work again, the prospects are that if people show up to make a mess for me and tell lies and I found myself at the backyard of Industry facing hoodlums and paparazzi, it will not be a problem for everyone as well Ė it does need to give me my space for it, enough is enough; I am over 35 and too broke to get a girlfriend, therefore still single, my Books were published over 6 years ago, my academic work ripped up over 13 years ago, with daily tests and stupidities keeping me distracted enough to ensure I did not finish it Ė it has come to a head, needs give me my space. They do claim I am disrespectful but I am not Ė I have not responded this way until 2016; between 2002 and that time, I got a factory job, so Radio waves arranged music in a way that spends all my Public image, during that time I enrolled and just failed to attend college 3 times after paying early fee instalments, then I got to University full time in 2004, all hell broke loose while I was there and the dropout happened three years later, soon after I wrote a book and the sales were stifled while it got me 6 year history of insults for the Media to run with and then I got a security guard job which beat the University drop out bits as their greatest achievement with me and then after a Royal had married an American and they will be doing my stuff; so if my academic work is completed and people show up here to tell lies which leave me somewhere at industry backyards where Hoodlums and paparazzi are doing mine instead of their own, then it will not be a Public crisis but if not, then each time I ended up there, whenever I had the work done, only for culture and society trouble makers to slip in more from the backdoor, they will be fixing the problem. It is said I can get it done a different way which is not the case at all, itís a two lifestyle thing to deal with paparazzi and hoodlums doing my career at Industry alongside lawless Celebrity goons while my academic work was incomplete Ė they need to look like characters that encourage the violence that happens during Carnival somewhere else. We know what happens is that each time people are aided to move on from tribalism, we soon have Celebrities or Fashion goons take photos of themselves all over the Public image of Royalty, blow kisses at criminals and speak of those who have authority to control bad persons who get imagination up my bums Ė for my part I am engaged with damage limitation for the time being, picking up the pictures and pairing it up with applicable areas where they have made a mess and they can tell me to spend my money building publicity if they wanted it as it were. I am told these matters have to be controlled and yes they have to be; itís the same story as ever Ė the incentive is that you have a public image and the media builds up enough controversy to detach you from it and then you become the threat to anybody who wants to deploy it and your life is in danger, set about then to ensure that this business of being detached from your public image was quelled and you end up at the other end being a threat to them because of the many abusive things they have said and planned which means they must live up to the process of attacking you while at the same time you have all the advantage and can adopt the moral high ground at your peril. I do get told I have gotten involved with Celebrities as such but I have not really; I am at a Hermitage, the culture and society trouble makers are people I can have a go at for making a mess and the Celebrities are on the other side; the Celebrities that cross this line to be friendly are taking a risk which I have to look after since they are my responsibility, I am not getting it for nothing as such bearing in mind if they had families they would advocate the importance of family and those who had no families would advocate the importance of having one, however if they set about peddling what they find then it would be a case of people patenting my life to their name and one of those cases where if they are not taking class A drugs people have little options left, just like their obsession with my Books and the Bookshop market mechanisms have shown.

I. Uno I

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