The question has now therefore turned to that of who is right or correct, to be chosen between me and the Media as it were; they do ask it all of the time but at this stage I have just had enough of it for my part as well. The issue is as simple as when I am spelling it out if I said the most important matter between us is that they keep their mouths firmly shut over my Books as it is rather important that those who want to talk about it spend money on me to help me keep my dignity before they get to – I could go round the other more confusing method of talking about the 6 years they have had since I published it but have completely failed to convince the world it should not have existed. However if they are more interested in the dynamics of how other people’s lives revolve around their media stupidities and how important they actually are, about which racists will get me and if not idiots who steal peoples public lives and personalities will get me instead, then what is happening is that I want all these goons to turn up around their lives and their finances and their families to do their bidding and I always get what I want most of the time, not least because I am better at it than they are. They need to keep their mouths shut, so anybody who wants to have an opinion about my Books can pay for the contents first and leave me funds to pay my Bills before they get to as I do need the money and desperately at this stage and then there will be no trouble. It’s not a matter of providing a spectacle by handling them like they want to make this issue into in anyway, it’s a matter of seeing that Politicians launch campaigns of entrapment that target you so that socialists can get involved and play with me to improve their self-confidence and image and wreck my life so they can be more important and grab it all and in that I am reduced to an item, a trinket that people want to handle with a personal life people want to gorge themselves on and absorb every morsel which feeling they rob in my face etc, so that I get to show as a result what I can do when it comes to trapping socialists as well – I mean even the idea of having children and getting pregnant is supposed to be played out on my feelings and I can understand I am so good at trapping them that I can allow them express themselves so that I would not be the one to tell people they are perverted all of the time and hence they have a special place in their hearts just for me as such but why on earth would such things become the preoccupation of a normal human being in the first place anyway? It has never really been a problem, just the reality that they need to have me in a corner wrecked which then creates them a perspective on which to build their futures and prospects from what they have copied and when asked about their behaviour make annoying and very evil flimsy excuses such as a need to live in a world where everybody is equal which had always existed as long as I had my personal and public life to myself of which nobody knows how people extricate processes of stealing such things in the first place anyway – so it is not as if I am unable to administrate my own government Office for the most part either as it were, it seems that for them normalcy needs to be established all the time with a big mouth; all that trapping me and making me a mess and grabbing prospects actually does not make any sense but the level of flirting with torture we see from them is the reason people have their minds bent into such a condition, I just find it does not work on me for my part, so I simply happen to lose my temper every single time I realise they have persisted in the last 24 hours; so they have reasons to complain about me and those reasons are all sound as it were.  There is this need they seem to have to set out means by which the story of administration of justice can be discussed over my possession while their need to sexually violate me which distracts me from what I do and puts to a stop to anything I may want to do to recover my property from them continues. The reality however of which is that as Government Operative, as a Minister of Parliament, as a Legal practitioner, the ethics of your activities get developed around the prognosis of keeping people away from the law since the amount they know of it is not necessarily an indication they are likely to obey it and therefore stay out of trouble and the amount you tell them for whatever reason will set an indication of whether or not they can avoid doing so to carry on with their lives as normal – so you have to ensure people do not break the law and get into trouble and you have to ensure they know as little about it as possible. These idiots however know as much as they do about the Law from a perverted direction that concerns how much time they have spent in prisons and how many times they have been arrested by the Police and they do nothing else with their time save working harder and ever harder to ensure as many people as possible are destroyed by what they know about the law because of the advantage their physical endowments give them and it is hard to see how that means that the idea of categorising themselves as the unprotected is what truth, reality, fact or the way things work really is. Apparently it is a matter of their desires and needs and the greatest of them all is to share the feeling of another person’s public life or get to deploy peoples Government Provided security to their own ends and everything else that follows their need to have money and power which they are so stupid their physical endowments causes perversion and fails to let them have all together. So I gather when I say such things I have been bent to their will but it is an example of the reasons people assume an Arch Prince who has made his money in the cleanest way known to man will be unable to defend himself from billionaire idiots and their lower class fans, to great costs that mean we see them turn up on Media and Government to secure privileges of injustice, advertisement of abuse and popular culture of robbery every single day. I do not believe it a complicated matter as Traders should trade and not think they have gone from traders to Idiots who exist in the same class as other people’s Royal Princes who make their money in the cleanest way known to Man and Journalists should read the news and leave others alone, while lower class idiots know they always want things and that is not news to anybody; I have given them 7 days right up to this point and am about to find out whether or not the sexually abusing me story will lead to an outcome in which I sell the Books right through them which is what their excuse of how it is competition but a new one is invented to squander my property every day will end up – I had given them enough warning, its time; if lower classes do no damage my life, I will not damage their own, noting socialists really hate my guts at this stage on account I do rather enjoy entrapping them as well for example – this is what it is all about not their own explanations of the purpose of their stupidities on my possessions. I mean how does any normal human being come up with how to get out of bed to go out there and deploy any reason from insults that are embarrassing in public to those who don’t even know them, to the fact they are pregnant and have hormones, for the purpose of making use of my life to feel confident and better themselves right up to their sexual activities and then damaging it to ensure I don’t have it anymore and then protect their own from me like these fools do anyway but I have given them enough time with their stupid Media to stay off my Book sales and that time has now run out as well; they do say it is freedom but we all know the question of the unprotected measuring how justice is administered is an example of how they like to think they are really clever which gives them incentives to ensure their violently perverse people’s lives whereas they are stupid beyond normal peoples imagination which is what their case is all about. I have given them enough time before this point – heaven knows that as it were. It was the same during the economic crisis; the Kings of the unspeakable who make wives and kids treat them like Monarch at Home had found somebody they will ensure crisis hits hardest with a big mouth and their prime directive was to ensure structural unemployment is at its worst because it was the chance to take advantage of the beautiful kids of new generation ripping up everything here and assuming there is a place in this world they will get away with doing so if they could make political excuses and they do like to say it’s all my cowardice talking when I could always do something about it and I understand except whenever I do it’s time to get the Politicians for them as it were – hinges on whether or not they have money and I don’t and is a worthy use of my time and resources thereof and when people write and publish economic texts, their duty is to go off and read it so I might have a problem as a result and Heaven knows I have given them time to keep off this Firm especially the none whites and their stupid women who already hate my cultural guts as it stands thereof. It was right up to the point of the threats and sexual abuses and financial vandalism, just a matter of how I need to be watched and all I do and say passes onto others and is never safe thereof, not because it is not but because this is how the fact others are more stupid than I am gets to lead to an outcome in which they are rich and I am Poor, the threats and sexual insults changed everything, it means I cannot even get a job or develop tenacity to keep one when I do and is a measure of how desperate they are to make me a worthless person as it is largely the only way they can feel important by making use of the Christian they are certain will never hurt them back as well and time has now run out for it all together too - my Cowardice they say and I hope the Politicians are not alerted to this as well so we can find out.

So, I hear of this talk of how people would be happy to help me out of a problem I have dug myself so deep into I cannot get out of, if my attitude were different. I couldn’t make it out since what the so called problem really is, is that of Politicians helping them wreck my finances and keep it damaged over a period that will allow them assume superiority by which they might have a problem with keeping their hands to themselves and not assuming the right to teach other people’s lessons. The reality has always been that Politicians need this kind of support to ensure they make trouble until they get into so much of it themselves that the Politicians have to bail them out and that will ensure they keep their Politics and a need for a new country of evil and wickedness where the Politics is supposed to be but it is the way the put it to me and the abuses and insults which society idiots then pick up to play a game of the poor gay who thinks he is royalty in order to climb social ladder which causes me to handle them as well – it manages that stupid sense that I am some meat and they are the dogs. It is baffling enough that this guys have an existence outside of a process of keeping my finances damages in order for superior insults that guide towards having a new Country that will be a republic, which is fundamentally developed around being an enemy of my finances wellbeing and has now led to the results where they follow me about as a community to ensure when I get jobs they turn up to take over the state of affairs at my work place and make me deals and much the same with when I have a business too but the main game being to rip up my finances and have this need not to keep off my Books and my Customers all together. So the irregular heart beat TV and all their insults and sons of disobedience freedoms that are designed to make me give up my faith as if this is their own lives is built on this and if it stops then they can live in a world where they had stopped complaining about it too but if it does not, they can be rest assured each time they let me see it, they will be losing it as well. The game plan is usually largely that rich people have money to pay for the problems they create for others, these fools want to be able to create this problems without money and that is why they are always looking for somebody they can harm without consequences; I know I have pushed them to a point where they are struggling financially and that is why they love to chase peoples private parts but there is also the other appearance they keep on which peddling my personal and public life with facilitate popular culture and fame based riches which makes me frustrated with a sense I am not doing enough to them as the fun of damaging my finances and passing insults at me by assuming rights within my own personal life and Royal privileges will not stop unless the problem of them existing haters of my financial wellbeing is under control. So I wonder which is the right hand side and left hand side story we have to put up with all the time and actually have no meaning whatsoever but they think they have built an existence on the best parts of my life and will make it their own telling me on Media it is about teaching me a lesson by exchanging places – this is has to be the problem I have dug myself into I guess and they can make me too if they are not having enough freedom and civil rights, knowing that keeping their sons of disobedience freedoms and civil rights outside of my property is where their own freedoms are most of the time in the first place. It’s a simple case of doing what I do and making sure actions I take to look after myself are protected from opportunists but they do play up a routine where they set out to nail me specifically in the entire world as a concept and this is usually the point where the sense is that if the men are not saving their salaries to help stupid girls get on popular culture to rip up my business empire exhibiting themselves while they get to behave as though they were gentlemen all along teaching me lessons, things will never ever improve, especially if the aim of making them struggle financially has not been achieved. I do not think it is a problem, it’s just a disposition that sexists and Men must be made to fill otherwise I will not be able to breathe; they like to yap that I dropped out of university but they are doing nothing to control the very process where the existence of Music school means their girls can learn popular culture fame and fortune and have it facilitated by their Father’s salaries on my income – so the mistakes by which I did are not going to happen for a second time. I mean the easier way is that they need to stay off my Books and keep their popular culture out of my sight so as to stop abuses concerned with a perspective on the left which is not clear while that stupid popular culture blocks mine and takes up my time all day long, usually before they complain the Books are about them and needn’t be in the first place which leads back down to the original provocation on moving into my right hand etc which is still continuing. At the Moment the big idea is that I have been hunted and trapped like an Animal; the Parents are out to live out an existence which is a threat to my Financial wellbeing and the Children rip up my Products to play up civil rights power but of course it is not a new story, they are feeling as though they are really clandestine again.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland