I am told that I am never clear about the male female dynamics of which there is really none – 3 minutes to assist somebody and feminists will wreck your whole life with it, if they left anything behind a bunch of idiots who put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing off will wreck what is left – it gets personal when the person in question was a colleague, I mean it could be said I was behaving intrusively if the person was another person’s colleague as such. I am not really the one to answer this question for people but I do enjoy causing them so much suffering they had to run their whole lives on the male female dynamics, for the damage they do to my career; people simply need to decide if they want to stop bothering those who assist women or live in a community where criminal’s wife drives around in a limousine while their school teacher was homeless. They claim there existed no empirical evidence that attacking people who assisted women led to communities that were run by criminals but we know there is evidence that when crime happens, people decide to live separately from it and the leadership provides direction for the way that it will happen, so seeking more evidence, we knew there will be people in middle who have decided to bother the criminals who bother them and so those who never stopped attacking the women had to choose. It really has nothing to do with me as such, this place needs to be quiet enough for people to read Books and it currently is not on account of the way that they engaged with the public: so I may have done a few things to try and settle down with somebody, they will show up to decide I am meant to on the basis of my financial wellbeing, I will be pushed to an extent where the need to pick up areas of my career and get me chasing them around, meant that I gave their idea a try and end up with nothing while they made good off my income margins, happened so often and for so long that all about my career was going well save the financial aspects which make me sick to the stomach and gives them tools to claim I am weak and unable to maintain my social position. So, I believe that since 2017 when I had stated I desired the elimination of celebrity involvement with my concerns, entertainment made by picking up my assets and public image will have by now built a stage for a new fight and I think the process of deciding how they organised their career to engage with the public was a good start. They do speak of my perspective and there was none – we know there are professional leadership which goes up and up and up, then it arrives at the top of specific organisations and moves on to the bodies that decide how people behaved in a profession and those bodies had leadership as well but public figures were more important still, it continues to make a mess of my concerns by insisting its media orientated stupidities where it built crowds to abuse people in sexual context and ensure that those who owned limelight did not keep it for themselves, made them important and that they were sometimes public figures, just completely tired of paying the price for it at this stage but the male and female dynamics is utter nonsense, something I punish them with.

I am working Intellectual Property Administration from a Royal Trust, I am never going to organise the finances outside of wedlock but I require my Bookshop to help pay the Bills, the risk being avoided was one in which I spent too much time with some characters in suits who had girlfriends running people down, whom it is said were chasing careers that were meant for people who were bigger in size or better looking - this aspect of my social life has now been turned into the biggest source of bullying that affects me due to famous idiots making it their new gold digging buff, some aspects had since ended badly but I now need to do something concrete, particularly for their need to stall my Bookshop and run my life with the social activities of criminals, to ensure I co-operated with their needs.

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