I am said to be oblivious to the way that the issues around my Office and authority get worse the more I worked on them but they really don’t – what has happened is the stupidities of media and celebrities who build a profile that made statements about where my Books were located, as a matter of my wealth equity public image that was created to help younger people show up at the Office to get on despite public problems pursuing them and they have finished off the plan by converting into a public profile for me, that sets me out as a character people bullied to reach agreement during big business deals and to befriend wealthy people. It is the way that this activity draws public attention from my Books every day, thereby crashing my finances, that is the source of all problems as it was the only way that they got my attention for their wicked deeds. They do boast that they achieved something here which is utter rubbish – the characters they have befriended at my expense was never my responsibility, their women are a good explanation as to the reasons state provided security chases their bums as well i.e., the stupid need to insolently follow me around, make a mess of my career and sell sex on careers I started which I did not finish, to buy expensive items they can build publicity that will churn my tummy by, the gold diggers had since showed up with their dress well insolent self-exhibitionist narcissism to collect my assets as a deal sweetening gimmick for those who buy products from them, while little prick who wants to build me a reputation for being a puff, picked up my public work to help Celebrities make even more money. The state provided security is now a separate entity from my person and they were handling both comfortably – the decisions to perform all these activities were their own and its not clear what right they had to involve themselves with my finances and shoot off the big mouth on Media. The part the Media plays in this which stands out above all else; had a need to introduce itself as an important person, as insultingly as it could but every day it was doing something to damage peoples careers and finances by getting in league, not with ageist goons with Industry on their minds having found out that there were things they could do to prevent their finances bottoming out, since last they saw me get near an academic institution 19 years ago to 2022, wrecked University studies and is now after my Bookshop with labels being put on me to call me names with a big mouth – not even the society idiots with a need to build communities that finger peoples bottoms and liked to think themselves real men to any who listened to their gimmicks and fail to see its purpose was to funnel peoples wealth into their lives, they are in league with the criminals who push and push on how to make use of my personal space and personal life, when I push the criminals back, their victims took advantage of me which had no effect until the media built a profile for it, then it gets worse as each time it had not happened the media will incite it, if I hurt a journalist, I would have been said to have become a character that attacked idiots who did honourable jobs for a living as such – so everything here just stops including my personal life and if they believed that staying with the facts when making comments about my concerns and career was free PR, need keep their mouths shut or I too will find out how they made their money and hopefully trash it completely before they knew what I was up to on account I did not wish to deal with more time wasting resistance on their part.

I. Uno I

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