There is this other case of the story of how valuable I am versus the North Sea Oil in Scotland; I have no idea why people would think such things are worth their time either but I do know I have Satellites trained on me 24/7 and hence have a Global Intellectual Property space to look after; it is no longer provided with the help of the Americans who are now just people getting a look in of course since working with the Europeans is better e.g. my position on ISIS for example is said to be one that can compromise me and I have no idea how a position to making it clear to Islamic terrorists as it may apply that some of these collateral damage they kill during their campaigns are simply people that do not know better than what we see them do compromises my position when another wants to spend his time in alliances in and out with old enemies and friends like the Americans want to do with Syria to remove ISIS anyway but in the case of Scottish Independence however it’s not just a matter of the fact North Sea oil is not my property and if it is to be seen as an asset that belongs to the entire people of Scotland then it should be noted that it is pointless making a political argument or statement about it as well – so it is never clear what they hope to accomplish either but the facts around all these things will always remain the same measured by such facts as the reality that if Scotland was a person it would say to the UK, this Union is not working for me and that is the only issue, I need to sort it out by getting out and the UK will say that's okay and they will shake hands and remain good friends and neighbours but why is it then that the case for the Union not working is a matter of the vandalism that the older folk wrought on the Country which if you vandalise their own as well only makes things worse because of their access to Government finances that they own like prized possessions for the purpose hence it is precisely the benefits of devolution which the Independence movement is trying to hijack that indicates the Union is not failing socially or Politically or even financially i.e. these handful of thieving lying scheming psychopaths have been making enough of their insulting public statements about owning me and have such a difficult time with the fact I own them too – so I have no idea what they are concerned about anyway since I own them too as it were and nobody controls me, they can dream it all the like if they wanted and with that stupid media too. There is nothing new about it whatsoever - it is clear that when they want the Iraqi Government to control ISIS they treat them so badly ISIS is encouraged to attack the Government and this is not how Europe operates either and I am quite happy with where I am at the Euro Family and have no need for change as such hence do not care where all these opinions and media bullying lead although their insults do matter and they need to back off.

Having been that the game of persecuting and abusing the Man with enough energy to fulfil all their stupid Political dreams and dreams of power leadership and dominance has since backfired while they were still in the process of getting a new Country from it in Scotland, matters have clearly now moved to a case of time revealing how ready the people of Scotland think they feel about being an independent Country which is a classic example of when they have to face up to the dangers of their own games and there are actually no scapegoat even ones they do favours of incorporated damage limitation that never really is worth a thing until they have what they want: just like we hear them speak of an egg that will not smash whereas we are rather all of us aware these idiots will have what they want at all cost and for that reason a Country does not know when extremism is wrecking and damaging its society and culture with them and their stupid fellow playboys all over Europe and American friends around doing nothing but ripping up other people’s Countries and talking nonsense about philosophy and their hatred of religion which does indicate clearly they cannot keep their get rich insolent secret societies out of other people’s lives or cease to export it to peoples countries and pretend they have somebody dealing with it at home with that stupid media and I am quite fed up with the fucking idiots stalking me for they do tend to think it is a lot of fun worth having with media as well. The Middle East is an example, the only day that their version of Industry leaves a Country due to instability is evacuation day which lots of innocent people cannot afford and after that it’s a case of continually getting on that media to stalk me and attack me endlessly to get rich - in my view they are nothing especially the blacks I feel like ambushing all the time for my part as well which will certainly answer that question in the end of whom exactly they own around here and of course Muslim extremists do not have to kill Playboys chasing money however which in my opinion these idiots they can kill any time - they need to stop stalking me and keep their insults where it might be better appreciated (at all cost). These matters are never complicated - a simple case of the Presence of God around me being the reasons people want to take the law into their hands in my direction is a perfect example and in like manner I own them not the other way around and they know where I am especially the blacks and can come round to get that stupid culture and society and get off the Media. The part where I handle the problem of feeling burgled every single day by making others feel like taking the law into their hands since it is not what I wish to do is something I have specifically reserved for black women - they are always a threat to the personal freedoms of good men until it is an unjust and unfair manly world: I suppose the answer thus to the question of whether I love my Country and by how much is also obvious.

We hear that in Scotland when people apply themselves to searching questions they will realise that a yes vote during independence referendum is the right thing to do but we also know they expect people to punish the Tories by breaking up the UK or they will never win but I have no idea which part of Thatcher to John Major, the characters of Male and Female Tories are exactly alien to this Country such that people cannot live with it anyway - we live in this Country in knowledge that racism for example is an activity engaged in by people that are cursed but these fools want to discuss it all the time and doing so is linked with their civil rights so that when they bother a Tory and get kicked for it seriously they can never get over that and want to deal with the fact they are loser by having privileges of injustice at my expense as well and it is the same with the American ones who have a president that wants to discuss slavery and slave trade and is nowhere near beginning his campaign against the oppressors of black people yet in 6 years at the Oval Office as we speak, yet the vandalism on a global scale is unprecedented as expected - these fools at the Scottish National party and the likes of it will do anything to help those that have been hurt by the Tories and it is the same with The Labour Party but the big question is what if the Tories did not hurt people then, would we not have seen they are a greater evil than the Tories could ever imagine and practice? It has always been a simple matter of setting out an individual they can mess up in order to become complicit with a lucrative evil that will target them all the time - after which we put up with even more insults (insults due to how whatever such persons achieve will always mean respect to be a difficult and impossible feat) with their Popular culture on an I got there first media, talking nonsense about their need to enjoy life, so I am aware as well due in no small part to my actions, that if they will Scottish Independence referendum, it will be because of the complicity of others and not some stupid competition with me, inventing them of which is not hurting badly enough yet as it were.


There is talk of course of a war on women – there is no such war here even though I am at the forefront of it by some strange Media Industry game; what happens is that they realise I see the world according to what I see and what I smell and what I hear, so they get into my space to  bask in it for pleasure and personal power vandalism all day long and in order to do so, start their own campaign that my personality contrary to being the way it is because I am an Arch Prince with duties to the Church, it is because I sleep with peoples wives, so as it stands they have come to the conclusion the lies they tell of how they do not know what it is exactly about them which provokes me, tends to make sense. Then again the reality is what it is because this has developed into a condition where they have the need to be comfortable using my life and that has now led to a hatred of religious persons like me and a need to see me suffer in all ways ending in painful suffering but that has now gone on for long enough to facilitate anger and frustration on the part of the Men they were meant to have used to accomplish it and this now means that these men are spending a lot of time beating them up and controlling them – nothing of their behaviour therefore has improved considering the question of everybody having a tendency to have a problem with their temper at any time and its twin question of what respect is for, what has become the change to their behaviour is the need to get on public places and rouse crowds that will turn up at Peoples doors over a War on Women. So in my case we hear them speak of a culture I handled and if I see it again, it will be cut to pieces again as it were – after all I do not see that there is anything they can do if I were a direct threat to them anyway. Either way, the reality is still the same i.e. it is impossible to communicate to a collection of idiots who indicate regularly that they wouldn’t mind killing you to get comfortable with your existence, that you need to pay your way in the world – so the Politicians and Media an Industry fools that push me over so they can wee on me needed to feel my wrath. The Politicians and Media and Industry people that just seem to come across things that are free and also belong to them considering it is free and they paid for it at the same time and then they get to use it thereof as it well. They do speak of how I want to set out a test concerning people only deserving things if it belongs to them and of course it is an old story playing out again, except this time I am not going to hold back because it will mess with my Trust system whereby I am supposed to have been able to campaign for and build equities worth millions that I can ask companies to bid for, so I can earn my way and fund a Royal Business and will likely cut up their contraptions in a very short period of time for it too. It’s like the other story of the need they have to change what the reality of who they are is in public, involving those versions of events where five idiots from a village will travel out with their children and locate me as the thing they intend to make a mess of and abuse every single moment of their stupid lives and have it made sense of academically on Media, so that they might appear to have done well in life - and it’s a case of walking into Public transport and 6 will share the same car and it will be the end of the world, except at the next stop 3 younger ones walk in as well. I do not think that the matter is a complicated issue - just the reality that half of them kill people because of their envy and the other half seldom pay for anything they use because their entire existence is about conveniences of stealing other persons livelihoods but my case will never improve as they have now devised a violent way of existing with me rather than improve their behaviour if they want people to listen to their complains about mine.

They do say my reaction does not match what people have done to me wrong but I fail to see how that is the case, since they have become so used to seeking privileges of injustice from Politicians regarding a process of seeing me dominated first before I finish any academic work; so what happens is that they interfere with what I see and smell and hear and the outcome is that they can manipulate me with insults and send me on errands which is what they have turned out of recent to tell the world my Books are about, looking for more trouble and then feign ignorance of the reasons I cannot stand any of it as well. The females on the other hand are rather becoming more useful people; the first time was when they had to find a way to dominate me financially in order to ensure when they rebuild that stupid culture I am no longer able to attack it, the next will be the result of when I set out all things that get to their head and also facilitate a means of getting involved with me and cut them all to pieces as well.

Now they say Top Politicians are beginning to dislike me intensely but I could never have worked out what they have been waiting for all this time anyway; what happens is that these their goons do love to show off and celebrate the violent sides of their insanity and mess up people’s lives with it all the time, so the threats I have continued to warn, will always open up a whole new Kettle of Fish for them and on this occasion the Kettle of fish has to do with the fact they need to be informed that I am fed up filthy society following me around everywhere I go, to turn my tummy upside down and screw up my thought pattern because it is what Politicians, Celebrated idiots and Media fools want them to. I mean there is much to be desired about their violence in their view but we all know it has always been a story of turning out in Public places to preserve some provocation and make some stupid rule that does not make sense but is divided from mainstream living which will allow them to become the bullies they crave to be so much but which will also mean that they can gang up on those who feel the suffering and what to bully them as well, all day long and when done we see them set out to skewer as in my case, some Christian they have described as a respectful kid, attacking whom will lead to cries of suffering that will develop a process where their problems get solved and dreams get fulfilled and when finished with that, we find that they know they are ugly but want to be famous – understanding very clearly that no person except their popularity idiots that are cooked up by industry scumbags, ever sets out to be famous with anything they do but knowing they are ugly people, want to show much deluded we are when we see all that society and Politics and start to think what interests them is jobs and career and not popularity and fame, talking nonsense about fame like it was a viable career all of the time: so that the main issue becomes the suffering they cause others on account they know they are ugly but have no wish to deal with their financial matters by academic means and those who do the academics want to ruin my finances and turn out to become gangs and criminals, while those who do not want to raise their stupid children on me and rip up my health all day long, after which they band together to extricate both the profitability of their stupid violence on one hand and on the other the survival of the small people by which they can become rebels and insurgents and terrorists but feeling all the time as though I need their opinions around my affairs since their violence was not primarily meant to be disobedient beyond imagination. So they do ask why as it were and they can ask me if they want, all I know is that I will cut up that stupid culture and society if I see it again as it were; otherwise the easier way is that they will leave me alone and we have seen prognosis to suggest that given the right tools and means they actually can do so as it were. I wouldn’t know for my part why people have come to love bringing up that story with them about morality and legality anyway; there has always only been an original provocation that usually starts with people wanting to share another Person’s property without asking because asking or thanking the owners will make them inferior, which gets preserved over a series of events and abuse that is to lead to insanity for others and a state of affairs for them, by which we see them appear in public places talking nonsense all the time because they have no wish to explore Legality and morality from within their own bloody rights, which is yet again another one of the very excellent reasons it makes sense to cut up that stupid society and become very intolerant of it, the further it continues to bother me as it were – explore legality and morality from their own rights, so we can see their own as well and see them hurt as well; otherwise a commoner can always take advantage of these things to make money and people do not have to be legal Practitioners before they do what the law says they should nor does anybody expect the average sales operative to get out of bed and worry about what the law says but again the problem these days is what it means whenever they make money; that they have become Royal Princes as well? I hear it is said I am responsible for encouraging this whole exploration of Legality and Morality; which naturally is not actually true – I mean technically it may be but what happens is that they turn up here all the time to want a new Country where they can be installed A Judge, Jury and Prosecutor and want it like that all day long and all of time, only to assume at the end, that it has become more important to me than my Church activities are. So it is said that my record at the Monarchy pleases HM but that there is always that controversial point as to which one is the scandal and which is the achievement but there is no scandal; these people are always seen trying to be famous rather than chasing their financial problems by academic means, despite the fact that right up until University level Education in Free in the UK; it is US Leadership and not my problem, especially where British influence is limited and so will they say that if I had said so years before all would have been well and I can understand in like manner of which if they bought my Books before getting involved with me, irrespective of what they know of its contents by my very doing, all would be well too. So those who do academics become drugs and gangs overlords and those who do not raise their children on me - it’s not that I had an opinion for having finances wrecked by Politicians so I might grow into something they want to target all day long, it’s just that I dared to have an opinion and that will mean by life gets cut up and flushed down the Toilet to teach me never to. So they do say I do not handle these matters comprehensively whereas I do i.e. they can keep grooming me as a tool whose Public life will facilitate the filthy popularity culture that will bring about fame for ugly people and a Country they can actually control, it will end very well too (There is always a great demand being made of Me, not a condition where I do not handle the matters comprehensively - if it is not a need for a new Country, then it is fame they want to have and if it is not the former two broadly speaking, then they have invented an idea and appointed themselves to a tune story that I was meant to have been a breach between Common People and Monarchy; they hate my guts but are still doing it. The Power they have over my concerns is a claim which is not based on reality, what happens instead is that they love to lie and gossip and because I see the world with my ears the way most of them do, all I hear all day is the insults of their community croons and all they hear is my religious faith and both never ever go to sleep; it was only normal that the Media gets to play it up; after all what you do not wish to see the Media do with your possessions always becomes a bone contention for offering prerogatives to an American Politician in order to return to Public places with a high power and continue thereof). The Politicians are rather fond of claiming that there are good bits but there are no such things from my position, nor am I making concessions to the Americans; I mean at what stage do people get off and make an entire community into an enemy of another Community that is currently non-existent but needs to be brought in from overseas over the unwillingness of one of their kinds to share fame on seeing they arrived in the UK first before he did like they have done me? I mean I used to think the violent integration into White Communities was the worst they can do but we now see that they have ruined their own Communities with it and it can be restored if enough of them are famous with my Public life - there is no such thing as good bits of them from where I am as it were. I do not think that it is a problem. I never said I was the innocent one; I mean if I got off to say this or that was the White murderer goon and next we will be dealing with his Counterpart that never ever pays for anything he uses, that would have meant black idiots have been dying at the hands of racists on my behalf and fighting for my civil rights before I was born - what has replaced that prospect at this stage before I got off to say such things is a social condition where they are not dealing with some proper racism we have not seen for decades and I can only repeat they need clear my space and keep off my Books, not make it their preoccupation to rip up my Business Empire doing popular culture with my Public image because they are hungry and needy for it especially when I have expressly made it clear that it distresses me when they do. So the big idea has always been that if they trapped me in their part of society I would no longer be able to rule them, that has now proven to be false and it is not them ripping up my Finances now, it’s Industry idiots especially the Americans, sending out the Celebrities and Fashionista and Socialites to do it and I am going to cut that to pieces should I continue along this route too. I have been offering a clear and straight support to the Americans - they would see it if they had stopped ripping up my Book sales; besides which I have a Court which is based on National Media from whence my Bed chamber is being looked after and I know that if I can just get the Book sales running to fund a process where I spend most of my time at Diplomatic Communities, all their insane questions would be answered too. So the Americans say what has annoyed them the most is the way The British have declared their servitude by Celebrating the arrival of  new King; but it is an old story where those who are responsible for winding me up the most are likely to be the ones that change their behaviour the earliest, if they do notice I am uncomfortable and I can handle it the way I want depending on whether what matters to be is War and so on - so when they do advice those that are better than them to either get their own King or secure what a King needs and lives on before the acquired One, I am at a loss as to how that then became a problem; it seems that "I am better than you" bubbles have been burst.

So the bottom line is that they always organise themselves into criminal communities and American secret services always want somebody’s business empire to pillage in order to Police, laying down underground network of Image and antiquity crimes on my Royal Estate backyard (thus there is not a single Glossy Magazine that has been made in the last 12 years which does not involve reference to me and of stretching my own for me and now they have reached that stage where they are saving it too, saving it for sale when it becomes collectible and that does not happen unless they built up some viral publicity around it and it is the process of doing so that will ensure I see it as well, which is usually the beginning of the end for it too) and Britain is only isolated if I do not put them in a Box so we can access them each time we need to deal with an image of discrimination; except that I had finished the job and people do not wish to buy the Books if they can make it into a play thing for foolish people instead and because they show indication of trust and that they still need the services, I have not phased it out at this point so I can move on and get another job. Some do ask if I say such things because I am in need of attention but we all know I spent my Heir looms doing this and have not been given the opportunity to draw breath and recover my health and there is no real reason other people’s interests and concerns should spur me on into continuing.

It is not in any way the worst I can do, I still have the capacity to get around the City showing I have a problem with older Men getting jobs and contracts to be financially well off with knowing such outcomes will cause me a hurting bottom and ensure I never feel good even further. They do say that I love to account for other people’s finances because it is what I do not have, which is not true; the truth is that I paint an accurate picture of what they think is beyond my comprehension when it is not i.e. you are Heiress to some 4 Billion pounds and you can go from lounging around in your parents mansion to getting off to have your pictures taken by a group of idiots on somebody else's Public image, so they might sell it on when it becomes collectible, on account you feel he should be serving you and it is a mystery until their lives are understood i.e. they can simply pick up money and travel off to Fashion destinations, set out some people whose lives they wish to tear to shreds to make their fashion dreams come true because such persons should be serving them and it is utterly useless, while they claim I make use of it whereas no such thing occurs - I find a middle ground when I need to recover my work or property, which they can claim means that I am prone to being used by others to detrimental consequences where it actually matters. The reasons have always been simple i.e. do not get about fucking things the US Government is paying for in Aid - but am I or what happens is that I am Gay when I am flustered?

It does appear to be a cluster of activities which were not just responsible for my botched academic pursuit but can also be seen engaged in by those who ran the out-gone Obama Administration in the US White House where they did nothing but spend their time giving word to people to prevent my Book sales from occurring as per what they intended to make use of at a later stage of their insulting and stupid careers which Obama himself approved of and became the biggest contributor to - a cluster of activities that are not exactly racist as such but are carried through to help them keep their options open as per what they believe they can grab from other people’s daily concerns to keep up an image that suggests they have more money and are superior.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland