Now it is said that my main problem is that I am not actually what I think I am and its utter nonsense – I could never make sense of it, when I have spent the last decade and a half having everything I have learned at school examined by a handful of idiots who want to develop some nepotism that may be applicable to it in the sense that it will make them rich and superior with as little work as possible, while the ethnic minorities that keep following me around with the stupidities that wreck the academic work and finances do not consider themselves the primary threat because the bigger problem was the racists. That said, at this stage the idiots do like to say they are more successful and more important than I am, while their show business is built on publicity that suggest my wealth equity systems are their primary sales tool, which is so because it does not belong to them, they have no responsibility to look to the problems associated with making organised crime products cost ineffective at the market, so that young people have a reason to get on my public life which has then made them very attractive talents for Industry property owners, it is their sales tool because everything they sell on it as stupidly as possible goes like hot cakes irrespective for the destruction it causes, likewise my career being a candy from a baby gimmicks point that every Man who wants to feel like a real man can exploit but it is all good as long as it is not their career and like the former issue, their stupidities will never understand, same as the need to violate me sexually because it puts their stupidities in charge, which then adds up to a provisionally developed abusive behaviour that any who seeks decadence and corruption may be a part of, playing into the gimmicks associated with Industry trouble makers giving them money to ensure they appeared to have accomplished a lot of power and oppression by these behaviour and the Media insults but it is the threat that kicks me off for my part because whilst they are incredibly distracting the only reasons that big mouth gets on my nerves as well after all these nonsense is due to the fact that not only do they not think the business of 15 years wasted so they might develop some nepotism for everything I had studied at school in order to feel superior, which has now left me as well as their stupid media selves in emotional and physical pain, rather than an outcome where they told me everything I am and have is actually white culture blabbing like that all the time, is too much to ask. The same applied when I found myself in the fight of my life because any female colleagues that got along with me had to choose between doing so and keeping the job, while they knew the women were just as stubborn – I mean this is the sort of thing where you expect them to become responsible idiots who sit down with the families of these women, children, Husband and Parents alike, to talk about the arrangements that will decide whom the women got along with on account that an Office space was shared, which never actually happens. This nonsense where they have bought into the stupidities of society gits and started threatening me because their bottom hurts, sent out their low lives to ensure I smell like what I ate all the time is the last straw, I will not tolerate any more stupidities from Celebrities and Media beyond it as it were; it’s now left me inundated with gangs and criminals, hangs around my Bookshop making a mess while the Bookshop does not belong to their stupid selves and I have never written their Books, talking nonsense about wanting to go home 2 hours into a day job because of me, while the foolish insults and sexual violation that puts their stupidities in charge persists. The Television personality fools are usually a bit more forth coming about putting up plans for a show business and ending up with a scenario where I had changed my condition in some way being provocative and like these fools we find they always end up making those stupid statements about beating up a kid with a big mouth. The blabbing is usually that there is nothing I can do about it – reality is that I am soon going to build up matters around my concerns where they screw with my life and ensure that I got to decide what music they played during their radio jobs and what comments they made during the television ones, looking like fools who expect to talk through to me each time I had purchased home entertainment; I have warned there is no option left but a tit for tart career security situation in the matter but the idiots are still enjoying their misogyny and its practical jokes so far. They even say they wanted to make me more proactive; wondering if what they want me to be proactive about is their involvement with the work place meaning such levels of media, political and popularity corruption that I am so sickly being beaten down all day, the age of 50 appears to be a luxury while they blab of how I think of justice while all I will get is more corruption – perhaps they want me to be proactive about their involvement being said to facilitate the parties that people have and the products they buy for it while we know that the employer would not have been running a business if people were not buying the products in the first place, set to ensure I am on medication every day each time their stupidities were done with Entertainment – perhaps they want me to be proactive about ageists with sexual violation that puts them in charge driving around insulting saloon cars with not a panel on it that was built the last 2 years, blabbing about baby who will protect them or face homelessness as their silly children get the imagination up my bum – but then again it seems when I am proactive writing the Books, a war is declared. These matters are entirely normal it should be noted; some neighbourhoods have more than others but it’s always present in every community; that these fame gits have wrecked everything around here and run such a viciously abusive campaign on me to ensure it’s all over me, is the last of their abuse that I will tolerate.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland