The complain about every half an house over the last 7 years or so has continued to be that I am untidy and dirty, that it is a scandal and should cause me loss which I can understand but people need to stop putting their imagination up my bum as it causes the victim to be so tired all the time, they need to stop doing it, unless they want to do the tidying up. They do claim this disposition suggests the imagination up the bum is linked to tidying up which it isnt it is linked to what people will be made to run away from once they were done working for it, so that the goons who practice these abuses and violation may take whatever they liked but the immediate effect here is that I am untidy and they need keep their mouth shut unless they want to do my tidying up for me. What they have done is build up those communities of gits with ideas about what to do to me and hang around all over the place boasting of the calculative processes that will get me into difficulty and violent situations for their collective pleasure such that they have made it clear if I described them as a bunch of idiots it would have gotten me into a difficult situation for so doing which means that if I dont the difficult situation will happen later but if I did the difficult situation will happen right away, as stupidly as possible. Their side of the story is that I need them but because of the small inconveniences I set about saying such things, which is utter nonsense; I dont need them if I had any problems with Industry narcissists acting in a way that damaged National Unity, I would handle it my way, with my own resources and at my own pace but since they show up here all the time, I am happy for them to play a role for me, whereby Industry narcissists although will unlikely feel the bottom hurting abuses because they are already doing something bad need to have it done to them regularly as well it does not mean that the assumption I need them is based on reality. They have however claimed it is all my fault and that I get about stirring up all that anal sex business which of course I have as long as they want to play a game of classic case where somebody stocks something in their garage to sell to next door neighbour who does not pay right away and each time they know next door neighbour has the money they go in and create some problems to make people hang around market over matters of jobs done which have not been paid for, I will always ensure that whenever they see me, its all about anal sex as well; they always like to say they have their own problems I need get about solving too which I understand, save each time I gave them a slight opportunity, they will boast that they have money which makes them very important so important we end up with results such as a condition in which some people have no right to complete their academic work because somebody else was playing exhilarating practical jokes on them, which is going to be a real problem around here. I could never understand what the fun in it was anyway since the outcome was always that the financial complications made people feel nauseated and sick.

I. Uno I

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