There is talk now of endemic failure of leadership naturally which is utter nonsense there is no failure of leadership anywhere, itís the irony of the idea that those who have what has not been gratuitously left for them to keep even though they did not deserve it by idiots who are many times their size or given to them by tall scum getting dangerous with money in the City centre, do not have the right to enjoy the same decency or Human rights that other people are allowed to have by Law. Now they are famous and important too, some of them are Celebrities therefore had what others do not, that these things have been gained at my expense is completely irrelevant, the point is that I am abused because I am important and once the history had been built they were important too, same as the business of having what other people do not have. They do say I speak of these things but it does not make me better off which is what must change unless the Books I write actually belong to them and we can see itís the same way they spend time helping goons to the secrets behind how women protect themselves when faced with very violent and evil Men, so that these fools might be able to creep behind people a quarter of their size and help them to fame and fortune which lets them dart off the sugar baby insults that builds up the idea they are about to kill somebody and I am about to work for all I own and hand it over to weak women, that they tell me itís about the market I have built for my Books and not the Books itself, as stupidly as possible.

It feeds into this case of the crisis with China that I never mention but we know what happened was that China set itself out as a trading Block, I set out Hermitage Canopy Interests with them and Liberal USA took over, insults and abuses ensued and China became a better replacement for the Japanese economy while any issues that arose will be the fault of the British, in much the same way the Japanese Economy was used as the Pawn whenever their need for the insulting popularity gimmicks they enjoy so much was going to make me breathless and sick each time I had returned from any issues associated with goons trying to show me if I started a fight with them concerning the fact I did not go along with their needs and demands over my work, their money would never run out, always such a show and commotion set out for such nonsense and that big mouth blowing off all over the place to distract from the academic work and we soon have to get back to the root cause of the problem and find that it happens because nobody paid a great deal of attention to their ideas about women, so they want people to make public statements about criminal feminists Ė it will then ensure that when people try to protect the self from criminal feminists the Liberal American goons are better off at the expense of such persons while defending self from them means the criminal feminists take a turn, as for the sexual abuse issues they work so well at whenever they are involved with the Japanese, should I do a thing about that, they will rip up my whole life and update their public persona with my public work and public image to preserve their jobs and tell me my main problem is that I describe them as a bunch of fucking idiots. So fair to say I want them out of my business with China as it is clear nobody is in control of anything anymore these days while their stupidities generally perform these deeds to claim they run the world with a big mouth; the goons who would never do a thing concerning their need for destruction with Countries they really care about are out there now decimating Fish stocks and endangered Species, destroying wildlife Habitat at will and they had signed a deal with Iran that Ďbig bad Mr Trumpí now wants to break to pieces, while the World is now in desperate need of leadership that ensures the mindset of the general public is one that wants to work for what those who have possess, not envy it and call for civil rights.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland