I am told my main problem is refusing to comply with peoples wealth equality needs and it is utter nonsense; what has happened is that I have tolerated the destruction of my Books by Celebrities and Media for 6 years and the destruction of my academic work by the same for 12 years so far and they have become so accustomed to it that they are convinced if they kept it up for the rest of my life, they would have somebody with some Royal Authority whom they were able to oppress. The reality of it goes beyond the fact that I am ended up writing a Book of equities that I now have to sell by watching my back because of the comments that these idiots make over it every day – it goes beyond the business of their involvement with wealth inequality systems I built for my Hermitage where those who use it carry out a sense they hated my guts because it is too time consuming to clear up the Class issues whenever people want to make controversy over it, to sell their celebrity and Media stupidities and deploy the money making a mess of everything else they find around here – it has now become a matter of how complicated resolving the matter will be, which has always been a simple as a condition whereby they did mind their business for 24 hours without supplying a certain local leadership that compliments the abusive advertisement they make at my expense all day long, on account they had become quite confident there was nothing I was going to do about it, if they tried it, their idiocy would have seen that it worked and allowed them keep to their contract and not make a mess of other people’s careers every time their Media and Celebrity stupidities came across a big payment; it does need to stop threatening me as there is really nothing that they can do and yes when they say they have money and I ought to be wary of their powers it goes back to what I mentioned before, I have now got a lot of work to do, clearing out all sorts of stupidities that mean I am to sell a Book of equities by watching my back, simply because they had seen I was able to fight when I did a security guard job and are entitled to that security that they saw among other abusive nonsense that will make them better off at my expense – a substitute for the parents that can no longer keep up with their deviant needs as it were. They do claim my main problem is that I am unable to keep what I know to myself once done with running off all sorts of nonsense about my problems being a matter of people getting punished when we know these were idiots that picked up National security jobs to do it in a way that serves the needs of Celebrities and yet we know if you were being nice to the idea of such nonsense, you would travel to a Country and spend your time talking to Celebrities, leaving the Officials to magically work out why you travelled there. Their money is not a threat to me in anyway whatsoever; they never stop tackling me when they put money up to dazzle poor people into parting with any money their limited ability to make money had given them and the companies that run this nonsense for them will take a cut and leave the rest so they appear to have made profit and we all know their stupidities will not be thinking straight should it lead to an outcome in which they owned all the money in the world and then had to give it all away. What I think personally for my part is that there will be a massive fight with Media and Celebrities before their money had stopped affecting other people’s earnings and careers abusively in this Country, having trouble keeping things to myself. I had thought that getting over the fact that they flaunt the money they make in such ways for the purpose of telling whole crowds, that I was selected to be experimented upon as a character that would be kept Poor through media abuses and publicity for a bad reputation that ensured I could not get a job, in order to achieve an outcome in which it was possible for Media to oppress people, would make it all go away, as the primary premise of not getting over it meant that I had to save it until I met them in person – this is not the contract they signed and they have done it again for the day I have written this piece; the abusive advertisement and the insulting comments that suggest my Books are not really for sale.

They do claim it is the bottom chasing thing at the end of the day and yes it is quite so but we know the Politicians will stop me from doing mine until I drop out of school and that they are the ones complaining the most about it now, so we had come full circle. The reality however is that because I had written a Book from a Royal commission and put myself out there for my Book, it turns out that I must be stuck the way they get stuck in their sales goons world between communities and the relatives of those communities who control the high streets, smelling of what they ate to decide they will not be going down by themselves but having said so, they target me when they are not following my social media profile and have not got copies of my Books, only practical jokes. Then we hear it’s a matter of the fact Monarchy is about fighting but we know if I were set out for fighting I would be doing fighting for getting involved, we know the main case with these fools is that I have refused to serve them the sensibility of being a Man that does work while women got conveniences and they will punish me by making me tired and weak, then find me a fight that is too much for me with a big mouth but then at this stage I think I have issued enough warnings for the part I have played in it too, I am going to ensure they kept from my concerns at their own terms this time. They claim I behave as if I am in charge while there are numerous people who have more power than I do in the Country and we know 16 months of relaxation because of such claims and accusations have only meant another 6 year history of insults built for me on account I wrote a Book and put myself out in Public for it, while they were doing that, their opinion of me was too deeply felt they needed to stifle my finances until it was complete with a big mouth blabbing all over media on its confidence I will do nothing about it – this feeds into that other case where it is said that the US is responsible and there is nothing I can do but we know the US supports such rubbish all the time and that they have taken tax payer funds while shutting down Government in the course of doing so and it’s not the only one they support, as there are others; such as when people say that I showed up in the USA to make money while they had lived there for years without getting rich and once Mr Trump said he wanted to shut down the borders, the outcome was that their whole lives were developed around taking money from Americans and so they had to show some respect to that effect as well, meaning they moved a certain direction, this annoys them so much once they get the money they start another fight on the reasons I have access to the world while they had nothing and it continues to go round in circles, much the same as we hear them claim it’s about protests and freedoms; we know their protest and freedom is so abrasive and insulting that it cuts right into the market systems built for a Bookshop I have opened to the public on the Internet and while at it, they do nothing about the criminals that have joined their protest movement and have never stopped insultingly suggesting that it was my responsibility as well; the many things Class A drugs popping Democrat Politicians tend to support as it were, so it has the same effect as racism in the sense people are unable to hear what they are saying to each other. The same behaviour was produced at University while I studied and soon, I had dropped out to live with daily practical jokes that were so opportunistic, abusive and relied on me so often that I felt the age of 50 was a luxury.

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