So my arrogance about Royal Business is a regular feature of what should be known about me in public; the reality of this is rather different i.e. I fail to get the point since I have no plans to either become a famous or popular figure. However in terms of other matters such as appearing to push aside the Business of The Prince of Wales, the facts about that are simply that he is between 50 and 70 years old, he has had his Royal Allies for that length of time so they are not young people like myself either, so it is a world of minor Royals who want to get about in places like the US selling Jewellery for example, picking up equities with me and maybe making some connections too, it is not a world I can simply get involved because it will be brought to me and that I dont have to update my etiquette and I dont have to update my abilities at court such as dancing and so on, so these are things that cannot be done without money and his people are really keen on making sure I have none of those, thinking they are making me controllable by him but simply means I cannot get involved with his concerns. I can with that of the Duke of Cambridge because it is my age generation and I can with that of HM because she made me and with respect to HM Court and where my business fits in, people love to assume that it will be inhabited by 20 year olds or even 30 or 40 or 50 which has nothing whatsoever to do with reality and so I understand my relationship with cultural violence extremely well and so do I the status of the village old guy that gets to influences states of affairs and some Political activities if he has to due to his Royal Estate, its a simple reality that when some do not care if I have the money to prepare and get around certain circles concerning them, they do not get to complain that I am not doing so or set out to blame me for it a lot of the times the evidence that comes through when they do is the misfortunes they bring on themselves because they think their opportunities lie on a blatant refusal to accept me and my leadership which is their problem and their problem only. As for the matter of Tories playing games and hosting girl summits there is nothing new about the nasty party of failures who do something about being failures and not about not being failures and are constantly on the lookout for the successes of their female siblings to latch onto, while thinking everybody else is collateral damage because most of them are the eldest in their families; so when they start to shoot off something new they will let us know and as for the black women they are in league with who have copies of my books for them to mess about with, those can always do it for 24/7 without rest or respite as it were and it is a story we will hear something else about too very soon enough. They do say I know what it is all about but am just being uncooperative with government Policy but I actually dont care what Policy it is rather interested in the procedure: they turn up to stifle my finances and sit on Government chairs in the House of Commons and Lords to make laws spending my possessions over plans to squander it and have money to deploy government to get rich with; so its a case of Monday take and Tuesday take and Wednesday take and Thursday take and by Friday that chair they sit on has begun to annoy me intensely since my resources are not limitless and the way they sit on it has begun to take my biscuit I have to mention that it is quite interesting to note that it is at this stage that they start to think those kinds of activities are amusing. I mean they are all the same thing in the end; black women who come to the UK to take advantage of gentlemen, it goes on and on 24/7 none stop and so it reaches the stage where you dont have sex with people but they extract the feelings anyway and continue to pass around insults over your dissent and you have ideas about why they should be at it none stop as well, which is how the media fools have reached a point where equities at my Company seem to be impossible to broker, which of course is their version as well 24/7 none stop and as it the Politicians and how my position jeopardises their culture when it was a simple case of a media based work Court that regularly campaigns to get money off people and help poor and victims of war around the world because they are involved with the news in the end but has taken a turn for the whims and games of idiots talking nonsense about preventing foreigners from turning up to do their stuff for them 24/7 none stop.

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