So I hear I spend most of my time thinking about having a relationship with white women and I wouldnít know anyway, itís usually difficult enough having others decide what happens with you if you meet somebody, like them and want to know the persons family as they do yours, as people you have never met and do not know the both of you decide whom you ought to have anything to do with all together. This is one side, another difficult aspect is that you do not need their attention and the controversy and the abuse and everything loose that comes with it as well and itís all completely uncalled for, completely unasked for. The reasons it becomes an important point of conversation however is what catches my attention the most i.e. the Politicians Ė always have a need to find a black idiot who wants to speak of the bad deeds of those who have stood up to a white man even when they know the white man has more money and should only be confronted by means of civil rights, unless they are the ones doing it for everybody that is, to express how so far they were provoked into doing it thereof, at the end of which every stupid thing to do with somebody mentioning nonsense like me sitting somewhere to dream of a relationship with white women becomes the means by which they want to play up personality competition with me, that they actually win, with their eyes fixed on my public image and my literary empire and its royal estate income margins all together Ė as common as the House of Commons could possibly get.

So we hear their stupid popularity idiots living off my public image abusively and without my consent blabbing something about a laziness on my part like some great service they are providing for scum who rip up my finances to cash into my public image but itís an old story where I can never step out of my door or tune up my television without having to catch up on a build-up of statements people have made to direct violent and abusive and evil people that they get their stupid self-seeking insane selves involved with my way and we see it play out all the time where half of them think their share in this world is to see me naked all day and pull my penis and finger my bum and strike my head and tummy with their foolish expression of useless idiots, claiming it is how money is made as though I was naÔve of the way evil works never mind the fact that it makes them incredibly stupid too Ė while the other half are always making sure I am sore all over until I get involved in a fight that they can decide on how big it has to be in order to keep alive a hope of killing the person that does not wish to fight for his life in the neighbourhoods on account of their twisted celebrated stupid nature all together Ė so if it blows up a big mouth about laziness at me beyond this instance not only will I make a case out of their stupidities from the manner in which I will find myself employment, there will be trouble to follow it as well.

This sorts of nonsense can only come from Celebrities Ė no normal person encourages idiots in society to see others naked and abuse people endlessly unless they are famous and always get what they want but when they start to blow off their big mouths about my laziness they are bound to make enemies very quickly as it is some service they are providing that such statements need be made whenever I defend myself from corporate idiots using only my pocket money etc Ė it shall make sense the day the famous idiots are cashing into what is actually their own public image, talking from their own rights instead of mine. At the end of the day there is such great interest but they will neither stay off my Public image nor buy the Books I write as it were, so it is quite incredible the laziness stories they tell extracting an income from my margins talking nonsense in Public to live my life and spend my money instead of their own.

They do say it bothers me much but it doesnít, itís just fact that it must be some service they are providing that while they are making something of their stupid selves with my public image and causing my life to come to stop so they might live their own, I have to consider that if it is my property I can protect it with £10 as equally as I can with a Million pounds but each time I defend myself from corporate idiots, these fools will make very strange statements such as these and if it is one of these abusive ones again, I am going to make an example of their case too. I am not too troubled about it because I am keeping an eye on the matter and their industry will never be worth more than it was worth before they met me as long as these kinds of affairs continue lest they become quite convinced that it is a behaviour which has become a trend but I am quite tired of the insults too all together, they need to pay close attention to it, need to see I have had enough of them.

I understand that I am hated by many but itís nothing new about the two-way facts around any hate people channel my way i.e. itís their fault and the other being that they always blame me for it. The Politicians for example will tear up my academic work because they want to make use of my public image, the result being that they end up in some sort of Ďthis stuff must not be allowed to hit the veiní situation with society because the beating me up bit never happened. Same with society people who incessantly love to persecute me for my religion by hunting me down like an animal, to trap me where they live because they think their very existence makes me jittery but the problem is that they do not like me because according to them I am a cunt, what they end up with is a cunt that wants to be comfortable in their society while they are trying to run small businesses that involve having underground connections which facilitates crime management to leave the big ones for the Police and that means itís a daily struggle, while I simply need to be comfortable where I am and the beating up has never really happened. Same with the Celebrities who take up my public image and build it on media to claim it for themselves, then make money from it and make contact with me to dominate me as well and now they realise that saying they are famous has become impossible. Itís the level of disrespect they have for what I do that sits at the heart of it all Ė when they see my Books they become cynical about it to a stage where they make such a mess and such a racket that three main points emerge from their activities; one of those being the work I did to write the Books, the Books I have written and the market; so the market I am prevented from accessing with comments and insults and threats, then I am made to get stuck between the Books and the problems I resolved in order to write them, go round in circles and become a freak, leaving me wondering if it happens because they are celebrities but we now have a problem on account it is taking up my time. They do claim I am in a this stuff must not be allowed to hit the vein situation as well, which is utter rubbish; what happens is a black goon making statements about how I do not have the right to stand up to white people who actually have more money than my race does and then we all know that I can only respond to it and every other processes of insulting corruptions of involvement by which to stifle my Book sales and make a mess of the expensive Royal Publicity by shafting his American stupidities and all that follows it too, knowing it will get killed by racists on my behalf but the case with me specifically is that I have already made these series of statements that such things are rubbish, so with respect to me the idiot will get killed for nothing and then the very things that cause me to write my Books the way I do to prevent access from goons like him will cease to be the very reasons he makes my life a living hell claiming I am a threat to his stupid freedoms. Usually when they are a bit forthcoming they tell me that witchcraft is their religion and that serves as a way of expressing the stupidities they think I am ill-informed about as applies to the various aspects of their extreme wickedness Ė so in context, I do not see anything I said here which referred to their hopeless existence; itís a hypothesis they have got, it will never buy my Books if it can make me into a freak shield for its stupid problems instead, what everybody knows is fact is that I do not live in the US, so they have no way to prove that it happens as they say.

Now there is a suggestion that I have selective amnesia when it comes to facts about being attacked and abused which is not really the case Ė people just have a problem buying Books if they have alternative stories to tell over this business because they find themselves amusing on one hand and I will never save them from it by recovering my Public image from them completely too, while on the other itís really difficult to believe that a government has spent a decade and a half of tax payers time to trap me with a local community of ethnic minorities who do not think they are equals of their mates from wealthier communities, facilitating a rebuild of their self confidence in the process Ė so this is the bit that gets me thinking I find it impossible to tolerate stupid socialists and liberalist showing up at International communities to seek international development roles and their need to confront me when I refuse to back down and let them do what they like with my personality or they refuse to back down when entangled with my concerns on account their ego will be hurt is the two main reasons they complain about me every day, not least on the fact that confronting me will likely mean I see and experience that stupid culture and society and no occasion will ever end with a process where they continue to have it beyond such a point as well. It is the situation of perpetual personal turmoil associated with the nature and content of their endless and stupid demands which facilitates the conditions for people to have anal sex which creates the idea I have selected memory when it comes to how it affects me but what avoiding a process of getting involved with me only when interested in my Books causes people to overlook is the fact that even pornography can no longer save them these days and there is alot of anal sex involved in it too - thus the idea I am clearing up a fact by writing it here instead of the process of running a business is not set on a secure footing too.

I mean the fact that majority of interest in me is controlled by Media and popularity idiots who have no business with it save my reaction to their behaviour being amusing to them, thus is not about my Books but there are reasons for it which will resonate with the populous; I do not have selective amnesia - itís just another world out there where a paedophile or rapist says you need to step out of your personality because he needs it and things happen because you are famous and stupid and then playing with other peopleís livelihood does not look like such a massively profitable sport thereafter. I have mentioned it before; they tell lies all the time about paedophilia and rape which is really a case of a fight between an adult and a child in terms of the former but for a latter between a Woman and a Man and is always about being told to step out of your personality so the stronger and more powerful person can have it and when you resist and do not think that an alternative deal goes along with you, either because you cannot understand what he is communicating to you or that you can but believe it to be unacceptable, you get sexually attacked and have to keep the secret much the same way that clinging to an Arch Prince's Public image and showing up to demand abusive privileges of injustice over him with a stupid media job works - it is a world that shows they are stupid and famous, just as much as I am fed up tolerating their involvement with my products and processes of keeping an eye on this Estate income margins for me - needs to clear my space and keep off my Books: it goes beyond what I do with my Public image and the fact that not recovering it for them will continue to get them complaining about abuses - it really is at the end of the day a matter of dealing with personal finance complications because somebody else's ego will be hurt if you did not have to and leaves the question behind of how hard you hit and for how many times should you end up in a scuffle with them as well all together.

Itís not a big problem for me in anyway, big brother has not read my Books and for the bits he has seen, he has needs and wants to be best pal over my finances and earnings in the most abusive way he can and for all the wrong reasons but mostly for the rest of the Books he has not read, he has needs such as seeing me get killed like John Lennon did and his needs run like this endlessly all of the time, whereby we are where we are because he is dealing with my rejection sort of thing, the rest has to do with the audacity to finger my bum and complain about being dispossessed for it as well all together. Their excuse is usually that I am this Royal that needs other peopleís money to be important sticking out like a sore thumb for them but its utter nonsense; I need them to keep off the sales intentions of this Royal Estate Literary business and leave it as they found it from 2004 otherwise what they are complaining about is a speck in what I will do to their stupid Global market parasites selves who could always spend their time on better things instead of assuming people exist whose stupid civil rights looks like that, hose stupid rights is about sharing peoples big break in order to make the world poorer for it then show up at the other end to start wars and complain about it on Media, the way we see them give their evil one to the frugal and we hear the personality and public image grabbing idiots claim what I am concerned about is simply people complementing me by making me give up the part I do not need which they can make money from through experiencing a lot of convenience etc and the way it really plays out goes beyond telling me with that big mouth all the time after it has had a bath and showed up in public to look like a decent person for a change in its stupid life, telling me as it were, it goes beyond that and into the bits about twisting all my work into a condition where they make use of me like I am some meat or a thing without feelings in return for the services contained in my Books, like some usual twisted evil thing that they are supposed to do with the Arts Industry or something like that - so it has reached a point where not showing up here to play with me instead of buying a Book has become a very important disposition.


They do say I have no control of anything that happens around me but the Court system is female only about which I really want to see their stupid girls exhibit themselves all over it and claim it to be free for all as well never mind the stupid Labour Party MPs that run my life as far as they are concerned and went from the stupidities we are familiar with to attending the Office to tear up my Books every day, it is just a foretaste of what I can do when it is about being destructive, what I can do if I have to protect my career and that of my friends and allies from idiots like these, just a foretaste if the assumption is that they consider themselves to be terribly destructive and assume their wicked and evil nature just always has to be profitable. The Politicians who go to the Office to set an agenda for this vandalism that the Media ones pick up after understand that such financial destruction leaves people on unemployment benefits, where they speak to somebody at the government for financial support and it is all the access I need as well - they will govern this Country as it were, they will govern it in hell. It reaches that stage where one must decide that a Man does not get hurt by birth pains and that it is not a good thing to be, so they can go from blabbing about those times when I let it run its course and do what it likes being all about their power, to telling me that I get involved with women never the less, bringing to bear reality of dropping out of University because lesbians are chasing female lovers and I need to look like an icon of suffering for it on one hand while on the other somebody I really like is complaining about gender inequality in the work place, spending time with me in such ways, spending it with me like it was their own part of society. Itís never really a crisis as such; really just an old case of people getting tangled with my concerns because Politicians and Media idiots want them to be but the problem becomes one of if they backed off it, on account I am not a big person they should be scared of, their ego will be hurt - thus more serious things have happened around here beyond their stupidities and the big mouth that accompanies it (they always say I wouldn't last a day with them if push came to shove but itís an old case where people ask me why I am afraid of it when I think I can handle it; of which people should be afraid of idiots with strange and stupid cultural nonsense they can force on others and get Politicians involved with when people do not want their services and or protection - so when even those who tell you to keep your mouth shut and handle your Books because it should never have been written on account itís about things they do not believe in, are complaining as well, it appears that we have come full circle - the push comes to shove bits is their big mouth wagging again as usual - we are aware their Families are none the wiser that others have to deal with financial complications over what has nothing to do with them on account they show their faces on peopleís media equipment, simply because they have an insolent ego, they would not handle anything with that big mouth). I always use the position their Families are in because it is the easiest way to show that these activities have nothing to do with getting out of bed to follow a routine that lands you in an Office and a job that you are meant to pay attention to for the day but because their jobs involve media and these behaviour can be destructive if they made use of it, I have been set out as the one on whom the destruction produces the most desired effect and I want them to keep off my Books and the Public image and save their stupid Comments for the point at which their money is actually located, itís not too much to ask; they always say I have many enemies and they are satisfied with where I have ended up now but I wouldn't know anyway, I know itís other peopleís lives at my disposal, not enemies, since it is clear those who get along with etiquette in this Country are usually leaders and not followers but when I am persecuted because the Ladies First bits do not bother me, it is usually because they are superior, until they lose jobs and end up with a huge responsibility that is managing me all together, then they pretend they have an enemy as well. I understand it is said that my position traps people which has no basis on reality i.e. they have their own lives where they see Celebrities get around opulent parts of the Country and so decide they have their own pockets of space on their right hand side, where local people are meant to treat them as celebrities, then they start to chase peoples private parts in order to get around with Celebrities and run it right across the media - I do not stop them from doing that but am seriously considering it because I am facing financial difficulties year on year over the last 12 years running on account that their ego will be hurt if they stopped savaging my Books - I am going to if somebody does not show up here for a Book instead of playing with me.

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