It is endlessly suggested by them a problem associated with States that are not accountable to the people is a very difficult matter to tackle when in actual fact there is really no such difficult matter; if these fools want human rights and civil liberties, it is always easy for them to leave alone other people’s own first and keep their insults with them especially in consideration of the fact nobody deserves to have their stupid problems taken out anywhere and that there is nothing that has happened to them in their foolish lives that is really not their fault. For me it’s the same old list; they keep their stupid insulting Labour party hands off me and off my books and finances and academic work especially and I do not want to see them anywhere near my Mother ever again – like getting in touch with my parents to make me behave how they want and if they must anus bang me and penis bang me and tummy bang me and head bang me and chest bang me, then that is something they need to do 24/7 none stop and stop talking nonsense about human rights and civil liberties.

The whole purpose of human rights laws have always been to enforce by law a process of protecting people from having their personality explored but now the biggest threat to it is those who explore the personalities of those they believe should be doing something about bad people; so I have no wish to tolerate any of that culture and I have no wish to tolerate anything associated with it and if I see it anywhere near me will sell it on as were. These goons apparently have not yet worked out that the main reason for all these problems is largely a case of building up a picture of the future of my legal career based on how I talk and how I carry myself and how I think, which they will wreck my career and pass their exams in order to make into their own – hence this whole matter of the Law student against whom they have never won a fight talking nonsense all over the media about cowards they used to be scared of that they are not scared of anymore. That they are the ones that need human rights beats the imagination all the time and I believe I am clear about their insults and that stupid media with which they shoot it off all the time – as I plan to build a public life based on selling my books which do not do them any favours by the way but can also build a public life based on persecuting the media as well as that is just as easy. If it is going to be a matter of stubbornness and abuses, then they can see why I think they need to do that 24/7 none stop without rest or respite.

The story of how I am not professional enough for their liking it just as well – I am a student Royal and not a barrister Royal, as I mentioned before the biggest source of their problem being the build-up of my career and wrecking my academic work and finances to claim it for themselves which again they have decided is the purpose of the education system and that it is perfectly all right to stalk me like that too.

I don’t want to see any of it – the decadence on the left unless they have made it expressly clear to the public they are using their own stupid lives, that stupid culture that I will sell on each time I set my eyes on and so on. The part where I am the coward they were scared of but are not anymore and my fear of them makes them feel good about themselves the more the provoke me is just the big Church programme i.e. they need to be good to the effect of the gospel enforced by me otherwise they will always be a threat to my health and safety and wellbeing – the alternative is following every nonsense they say and taking advantage thereof of their incredible stupidities and violence and the predictability of their nature surrounding it and we all know what that means. It is the only way the Christian does not have to be made to commit sins before he can carry on with his daily concerns, the only way the Christian whim can keep his finances and so on and this is the basis on which I will not allow the normal life they usually have to exist and will not allow that culture to be seen anywhere around my affairs – I want to rule them and make sure important things in my life are no longer damaged, hence the other side of the story besides the Law student against whom they have ever won a fight but we can all hear them claim that it is evidence of my fear of them already as it stands.

I hear they say it’s a matter of what those who have the best jobs in the world do to keep it but they do need to keep their money where their mouth is as a student Royal does not have the best job in the world as it were. Nobody knows exactly what kind of wealth distribution they are doing around here anyway but I am perfectly certain they do not need any human rights. They do say their hate for me intensifies with every passing day of course and yes they know a lot of about hate and gossips and insults and all kinds of violation as it were – it still leads back to the two sides of the case we have mentioned i.e. they are trying to recover their youth, I my quality of life away from them as well as the sanctity of my faith and I do not care if I am too inferior in their view to have those things, whenever they say so they can put their money where their mouth is and stop complaining. I mean I do not think they are a fundamental problem anyway - the reality is still much the same a collection of money bullies women are very well aware of in their careers and speak of all the time especially concerning how nobody is responsible for their problems etc but they have since been doing the women and kids routine careers and I have no idea whom their women and kids were supposed to have been in the first place anyway and their black friends and very treacherous black women have also got one of their own in the White House too and so the Insults and abuses that I tend to have a very high level of intolerance for just keeps getting greater and greater.

It’s all nothing but a massive project of Counterfeiting everything I have got and do, they even boast it is a matter of teaching those who might get away with doing so that nobody can handle them or their culture and society without serious life altering consequences, at the same time of which their insults mean they own me and want to live in my right hand side hence the story is far from over by a long mile - now we know their insults and advertisement and politics is all about getting rich quick on the basis I threaten Royalty, while Barrack Obama of America is helped to do these things well - after all men can always acquire habits while there are evil things people do not know about women and they have societies and cultures and cannot leave people alone and my books must be prevented from being sold to those who want it while at the same time they are making use of it, thus it goes without saying. Of course there is no shred of truth whatsoever attached to the suggestion that I blame others for any problems I face - I simply do not expect a few Americans who live in the town outskirts and suburbs in the Country who take a liking to my books to turn out in public and make statements, we already have enough of that coming from idiots who want to draw lines all over the Countries of the world and put people in boxes then make up their version of diversity and continue to make it up as they go along for the foreseeable future like the Scottish Independence people - in the end my work is the serve the Church and serve the state and I want nothing to do with celebrities who think the money they have and publicity they enjoy means they can have opinions of me that pays off all the time - so that it is always derogatory, always a matter of something really difficult without meaning that I can do which they cannot do which I must be seen doing all of the time which will create a measure of their decadence and ability to afford it and for this I will create community around their behaviour as well to break their lawyers to bits and break them as well after that - warnings as ever being the same i.e. when they had deployed other people’s possessions and more so as in this case right down to the basic earning margins offered by the patents on the works themselves to make money, they need to leave the owners their exist route and I will never stop making sure their world works abnormally all the time as well, so that it might be violent too - they should never have tried bending the Royal Prince the other way of his direction of heading so as to create those violence they speak of which if measured with what they can afford creates lifestyles, he is predisposed to do the same to them as well and nobody is interested in what they want to recognise around here - so of course it is here we start to hear them talk like themselves i.e. good to bend over normal people princes even better as they will create more lifestyle - all common sense and celebrity business; always before they want a  new Country.

We hear now that I engage myself in penetration and destruction of peoples values but of course if that were to be discussed in its entirety what still stands out is that their salaries are safe and my Books are the trendiest plaything they have got which makes my earnings something they as a concept and a thing really have no respect for whatsoever. In the end there is the popular culture problem and the level of abuse and vandalism it is used for in my direction on account they hate moral people and want to do the coward me a service of changing my mind set rather than murdering me, is so intense that it is the last thing on my mind when I go to bed and the first thing on it when I get out of bed and that is continuing even after I had done their culture and society as well because of the insanity that this behaviour causes when people refused to recognise what they have recently decided to dub their rights – I did their culture and society first of all because I need a holiday from their stupidity and then also because what we hear all the time considering they have no wish to keep these stupidities off my Books no matter how intense the addiction to what they attack it for might be the way I would want them to, is that I penetrate and destroy their values and not that they have culturally powerful means by which they can either chose to make people poor or rich, which therefore means that the Devil is powerful.

So they say I have no justification for the way I behave towards the Men but all they have to say that with is nothing if it is not turning out on TV to have conversations with those who are about their age and will understand their vanities on my account, which conversation works always in the direction of what they can do to get some more thousands into their pockets by ripping up my Business Empire and making excuses about why they do it having much to do with the fact they would have liked it if the Country was run differently and everybody knows I have warned them enough times about it as well. I hear of the part where there are consequences if things happen to me but I don’t mind that being a topic for conversation either, it hinges on their insults concerning which they are older than me and not much else and tell lies all the time as though the air they breathe depends on it. Then there is the big show that comes from a condition where I  have done nothing about those left hand side and right hand side gestures by which they follow me around to make me deals on everything I do, which has to do with handling matters concerned with the challenges they face as a adults too otherwise they will never understand, giving rise to ripping up my academic work and finances to talk about how little a respect I have for the history they have come through to be where they are, when in actual fact they are losers and their mates had taken all the high flying jobs, while they now want to create sensations of convenience associated with what they have seen their mates enjoy on the right hand side and cause me enough distress to make it reality – all they know really is working out if a religious or moral person has the right to a job and a career and an academic qualification and nothing else and because they are educated as well as they are stupid it becomes such a difficult matter to resolve with heir disobedience. They do say most people do not have this view of them but of course we all know my Mother is a Labour Party Member and so that means that because they want to make use of me to get things done I have no choice about what I must do with myself, so this has to be the question i.e. why does she do it? What they show to others most of the time is the bit where they are all mixed up, doing academic work and jobs and family in the same place, meaning that when people see them the idea is that they are useful members of society and most of their behaviour is just a behaviour, it is not the part that they show to me - well if it is not the anus and penis insults of the powers of their disobedience climbing social ladders.

The story that emerges from it being of course that of a case where I want to get my finances which they damaged back on track and it is not a problem for me to do so, but they have discovered that if they start a fight with me as Men the Women will spend it and if they do as Politicians the civil rights idiots will spend it and if they do as society their silly children will spend it and then they will all get together and follow me around according to their hunger talking nonsense about how I underestimated the level of power they actually wield; so that when nothing is really happening they get bored and start a conversation with somebody else about their age concerning how respectful a Christian I am but do not respect everybody or how I am unable to justify my attitude towards the Male population – so they are educated as well as they are stupid and that is why it is such a difficult task to reason with them. So it turns out the main point most of the peoples are making to me is that I worked for it before and I am only required to do it again for the Money but decided to chicken out and then take steps to prevent others from doing it if I have refused to - whereas they need to give me the Curtsey that these individuals behave the way they do because they are disobedient and I need to have it before I work for their Money and their big mouth alongside. It is much the same as the claim I bring it on myself by pioneering my own life, so that they have given me the curtsey as well and wish to see me work for their money, whereby the premise of this disobedience is largely a matter of how idiots like these are fond of turning in prisons because the system does not like them, therefore when they have Media or government Office everybody must endure prison existence too, so I might work for the money that will belong to another group of lying insolent anus and penis insults idiots especially at International aid; it’s like each time I make a resolve that the matter of my behaviour towards the male population has become a conversation, meaning they are having too much fun ripping up my Books and earnings on Media and that hitting back will be a function of every time I experience that stupid prison life in any form, this is what happens i.e. they have stopped lying and need to see me work for their Money as well like I promised - so it is very provocative stuff contrary to the claims they make too.

So they say I am the one making it worse by failing to behave like Royalty which I am really not but of course that will rather have been very well explained by the behaviour of Politicians who get on Public places to implore crowds to spend, vandalise, handle and steal my property all day long and it is getting worse they say as though I am as stupid as they have assumed I am as well all together; they did bring it up after all – that I cannot justify my behaviour towards the Male population, yet which not much has actually changed thereof as such - in the 1980s and 1990s it was a behaviour which was more in keeping with those that were likely to use money to make more money and hence had a huge tendency to create social unrest and Terrorism by which they can boast about vanities which facilitated the control of monarchy; here it has gone from these goons making out that asking before having other people’s property makes them inferior to them claiming if they had a Country where everybody was a thief then there would have been none in the first place and yet nothing still has changed about the behaviour of the Politicians, of which it is my fault for failing to bear it like Royalty that I am actually not . An example has already occurred of this being the best time somebody wants to talk about his problem with women i.e. humanity consists of Me, Him and Women and I can write Books and Women can make people laugh in any condition, while he is just miserable bastard that is completely useless and steals peoples public lives to ruin peoples academic work and finances in order to make himself financially comfortable at popular culture, who is so negative he sucks the life out of every atmosphere he walks into - where Boys made this and Girls made fun but he makes trouble says he has a problem with Women and he has no brains whatsoever to see that his fun with such things would have ended where I was talking about culture and society idiots that are stupid as well as educated which makes it difficult to reason with them. The One I mentioned lately was the Politicians of course; those must ensure 20 thieves end up on your backyard and it will be your fault as you had refused to bear it like Royalty that you are not. They say I am messing around with Germanic life and it is utter nonsense as it’s a game they do really love to play, which means economy and jobs market becomes the place where gang behaviour and taking pocket money and lunch from kids works the best; I do not think it is a crisis, its prison life and the only thing that puts me in a place where I have to endure it, is people messing with my Books and this is led by American freedom mongering scumbags who think they are so well hidden from sight they have become invincible all together but are actually not, even so their African friends. I am simply not the kind of thing that they get to kill, so their talk of me starting a war and finding all kinds of ways to back out does not make any sense except if I respond with the reality I can do it for them many times over so they can do the only one they know which is killing as it were, concerning which I can only die once too as it were. I am simply not the kind of things they get to kill during their gang fights, and so will I take out anything that tries to change this reality – no idea why they cannot leave people alone, no idea why they are so destructive.

I do not have a problem with socialists as such, it is the behaviour that they put up; such as their leaders around the world sharing another Country’s National interest which is very perverted, while the Politicians we have here in the UK express the same behaviour by showing me they think asking to share what I have will make them inferior so they need to open me up and ensure they can take whatever they want when they wish and hence need to be able to control my finances and make me poor to that effect because if I am not they will not be able to, while I suffer so thereof of which it makes perfect sense while they a cowards who do not fight for others themselves all together. So, we hear them speak about wealth inequality when I am a typical example of how it works i.e. when you work for it, you still have it after others may have stolen all the Money. That said, the reality of what our relationship is like at Royal Office is very different i.e. they are pure evil and their wickedness and evil is such that it hurts and attacks me to shut down some light they say gets in their eyes while they have chosen and have the freedom to choose to grope around in darkness doing strange things and invents new excuses for it to a point where they find those excuses have become prerogatives they can trade with corrupt idiots who have money to spend on them – this therefore means that they do not want me to have any money even if it means that they spend so much time on doing that they have none themselves because the outcome will be that everybody thinks I am the one that can work for and earn it and then it will make sense if an authority forces me to for everybody. So, this is the one that forms the basis on which I write my Books and I do not think the Books express too much of it either, hence should be moderate enough a product for the open market. Hence I most of the time with reference to it speak about the facts around the matter that everybody finds acceptable to consume as such – they had a long time however for their part come up with a new one about how if I do not run the Royal Office in that way all find acceptable these will be trouble, concerning which I think they are bluffing as well – it’s similar to burglars, when you beat them it becomes a fun habit, when you don’t they will ruin everything – so I really have no idea why they would think that if we had a leader like Margret Thatcher none superior race persons such as myself would not get along, of which I think is entirely a collection of yapping for their part too. Modernism does have its uses of course - the one where people care less if I were a Christian as much as people care less if they are the Devils Sons but when you consistently have to deal with their Politicians getting on Government Office to decide what your Moral existence should become  and make it into a public problem, you have got a problem that you have to address, which is what has brought us to this point in the first place: Human beings have the right to say 'no' - the right not to share if they had the world and the right to share without being persecuted if they had nothing.

I. Uno I

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