I am then told all these matters are my fault and my responsibility but we know the reality of it was the business of interference with my academic pursuits over a 9 year period while people build up abusive stupidities that ensure their bread winner insults which their children who also copy on seeing them bread win for me the last time we checked, might become a very effective activity that backs up the need for finances to exist for their Celebrity and Popular culture. So the reality of it is that its nobody else business if I ran off my career while making spare time to engage in some academic pursuit and itís nobodyís business if I engaged in academic pursuit in order to help me run off a career in the first place Ė so the only explanation for the business of being forced to explain this to frequently is that these gits are individuals who are very good at looking for trouble, thus the Celebrities were the version that used way too much makeup not the prettiest people in the world and continue to underestimate the fact that their inability to keep away from my concerns will lead to outcomes in which I had damaged or completely destroyed it for them.

They do boast that as long as I said nothing about Politicians which I cannot on account I am afraid, my problems will never go away but it has always been fact that the twats in Parliament live in a world where a condition in which I discussed their case separately from the Government Office they have assumed was a rather dangerous thing to do, I understand that it is but they fail to grasp all the time and think the responsibility is mine. Soon after we hear that I am some riff raff that has assumed Royal Office and needs to justify it while we know that as long as they are able to attend those society meetings that make them feel as if they wear frocks and control the city exhibiting their narcissism at me without my consent in a consent society, which their Celebrity fools copy as if they have got the power to back it up as well, inventing plans for my personality that makes a mess around here and I have never written a letter to them detailing this nonsense and how I want their stupidities to stop blabbing publicly about the link between my personality and being able to feel comfortable after making decisions that affect the lives of criminals, we will continue to see this sort of rubbish all the time in Parliament. So they have always suggested that I am the next best thing to the risk that foolish Parliament has taken in the past to sodomise Children and that this other eventuality in which their idiots can build an imagination that gets up my bum is a deal I have made for them to have what they want without necessarily suffering very much for it with that big mouth they have got, making a mess of everything around here Ė when it started, it was the only thing that beat my imagination among their many exhibited Political stupidities and still is, I did not know that the Parliament had a long history of sodomising Children. It leads to this case where it is said that I have played a part in the cover up when I behave as if I am doing the wrong thing but I have not; the main problem is still this business of wrecking my academic work and finances and showing up to play out a gimmick of war in which he who gathered the most resources had the best opportunity of winning, meaning I am grappling with all sorts of nonsense associated with a gimmick to pulverise National finances Ė so itís still on because the Political twats are not in pain yet generally means that my problems will never go away. Their complain concerning the way I handle my matters have been that I have picked up State Power at my finger tips and am busy doing what I like with it which is utter rubbish as bothering me is not in their contract and so there will be convention in this country about disrespect for others the last time we checked, it shall ensure I got myself a behaviour of self-exhibitionism to make their stupidities feel comfortable with the way their personal decisions have affected them; the entire time they have become accustomed to claiming I think I can handle the Politicians but cannot, while reality is that there is nothing stopping me from pulverising the lives of goons who hang around at their constituency rubbing shoulders with Market people and local traders which forms the basis on which they build hell for me every day Ė when they do say that hanging around with traders was part of the job, is usually leaves me wondering how they got off forgetting all about such a fact completely in the first place, showing up here to make a mess for me and blabbing about my powerlessness over what is still on all the time; itís still the same case I mentioned before i.e. discussing their case as separate from the Government Office is dangerous but the mess they make of my whole life and career everyday suggests they do not understand that yet. I have been clear about issuing these warnings over a period of time and then especially if I think I do not have enough time to build myself a good pension will we see me plan my life on their savings and then watch me get away with it, which I mention because I am hoping it would serve a deterrence that I did and ensured people stopped pushing my boundaries. What usually happens with these goons is that the only time they feel comfortable in their own skin after a lifetime spent seeking to make Celebrity and Popular culture that will afford them wealth trying to use my Public image and personality as disobediently as possible to achieve it, is that they had completely wrecked my whole life to a point where they realised they were happy to be on the left because they had their own society people to get around with and that will never happen here as it were. As for the claim I hate Politicians, I donít; we have not seem them make a single Policy in 9 years which suggests if a single mother told somebody who bugs her at work all the time, that he does not run the Country and then got sacked for it, there would be no problems Ė what we see is that they are caught up with these gits, itís all over them and are blabbing nonsense at my in Parliament when all they need to do is slow down. They do say that they want to take a closer look at what I am doing which is completely beside the point; the point that was that the business of showing up to bully me all the time in order to express something of how they are in possession of authority to rule over the people of the land would never work, as it does not get any easier to do what they say when the Academic work has been completely destroyed like mine is - what happens instead being that they end up facing revelations on how they get to rule over people they actually cannot handle in the Country. So there is usually a spearhead of American Media and Celebrity leadership on such realities wanting to settle up if I am making British Politicians a deal and it does not annoy me much except during times like this one where the interference is happening at Government Concerns and I want to ensure they understood their gimmicks over the size of their Military which makes a mess of British Government, overseas reputation and diplomatic relations does not necessarily go hand in hand with the idea they have defeated some Russians who are their real enemies the last time we checked,. so, it is approaching the time out and last warning for their insults part, bearing in mind it continues to run off over the assumption if they got handled their government will come through for them which will not necessarily have been the case. It will then have been said that I think the Russian issue an American problem and it is every part of it - what happens is that they remind us they helped liberate Europe from Nazi Germany but the Russians are their only enemy - these goons need to stop interfering, to tell me how I am supposed to behave towards Politicians because they think it fun and on account they know where my Books are located; the same stupidities we see Russians exhibit is the same that they do, the crucial difference is that the Russians put up Warehouses and show up to play very violent Diplomatic Politics that will make them rich through those Warehouses, while they put up money leverage with which they rip up peoples finances, academic work and career to build popularity practical jokes that will help them become rich layabouts, one of these two is the only currently seen as a real threat while the other thinks it can do whatever it likes so far, while I came up with ideas to explain away the manner in which their stupidities have affected them and since they claim itís what my writing career does, the finances are bottomed out. They are not half the threat they think they are, as what happens is that I set about following up rumours I am building a Literary Empire under the shadow of large Companies and although it would not have been a bad thing to run my business in a way whereby I did anyway and gave credit where it is due, like some people do, it was not how I planned my structures and needed to ensure these large companies were not picking it up with a sense of paranoia that builds hassle for me that I contend with unexpectedly, once returned from it I got stuck with the idiots that facilitate all the Celebrity money they have blabbing how a fight with them would have existed in a condition whereby their money would never run out - since then they had ended up being fat cats with fat arses, hated my guts and the entire time I could always have planned a business to ensure they dealt with immense suffering and repression for every penny I made but did not - so the Celebrities and Hollywood idiots playing unscrupulous money games with absolutely everybody that is their mate, need realise blabbing how I am to behave towards Politicians is so annoying I will get over it very easily; as for the abusive women - those were meant cunts and tarts and I could easily hold my hand up and start digging their toxic stupidities as well, especially the part where City Centre workers don't like them at all because it is thought that they are a nuisance, while they think they were famous, fancied themselves bullies and like to imagine themselves a handful of influencers, blowing off the big mouth at me.

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