I do not expect the case of the feelings men have towards me being expressed to diminish any time soon, there is rather such a financial incentive to it all together but should I make the reasons for it clearer to the rest of the world, it would be a case where I mentioned that I face the same challenges as they do and nothing there is that suggests they are more deserving of a career than I am but we all know when I say that they will tell me I am being help down and used by more powerful people which will make me respond telling them more serious things have happened and the insults need to move on and out, so they can tell me I will be doing nothing as they are poised to make more popular culture and more movies and more money, money, money which is possible only with that big mouth they have. Never was a serious matter since it started when I dropped out of University and it largely happened due to the laziness of the Private security Industry goons, whose activities play out into a world where people snoop around the concerns of wealthy people to make money without doing a dayís work and try to use my life as a tool for it because such means is not available to them by it even though there are possibilities that it could have been otherwise Ė so the result is that I am not doing that stupid popularity myself and taking it over to recover my fees and set up my career and return to my studies and they are making sure it takes the rest of my life to do so, besides blowing off that big mouth like that whereby I will do nothing and they will make more popularity and more movies and more money, money, money.

I do not think the matter is a crisis either, itís like when they say I mess with peoples livelihoods while the fact remains that if you made excuses for everything they did, the account Books with dispute all your excuses as false and prove exactly what they are doing at the bottom line. So I do not mess with peoples livelihoods, there is simply a type of fashion and a type of media and a type of Politics and a Type of Industry that is developed around making sure my Books never get sold and itís the same idiots getting involved with me to ensure I am used as a tool that builds up more glory for those whose lives facilitate a process where they make money without working for it, that churns my tummy and rips up the health so that even if I had a job to earn my income with I do not have the health with which to do it. So they need to let the Books get told or I will take over all those things and take it away from them; at the moment my main one is the media, where they say they can save themselves from my intensely painful rejection processes but it is now being used as a tool to fight me too. We are here because my Books are failing not because of my incompetence or lack of Public interest but because they handle it and we should not be in this position, it should not happen because nobody should handle other peopleís property and public life and image in that way; I mean I can overlook it provided they do not handle my Book sales as well - I do not mess with peoples livelihoods, not everybody behaves the way they do, they allow my Books get sold, they avoid trouble and that is how it had to work before they ceased their violent senselessness and every evil associated with it. The way they do it is my means of media led and very violent forms of these senselessness one over the other built up as a history that develops a certain violent atmosphere around you that others can exploit and they can deploy to make you make money for them so they do not have to work for it because doing so would make them inferior and when I say the lazy private security Industry goons, itís the wives in the neighbourhoods that are the main problem as a whole. No normal human being spends time thinking about the things other people have done over the years with respect to what they think is a threat to their existence and the bits that reward them financially in order to find some fun that can be had in undercutting them at the basic of their instincts, no normal human being does it when we know somebody can get very angry and drive his car at twice this speed limit, hit something and break his back and you have to live in a neighbourhood where he has disappeared and will never return. They are the only ones that do it with their foolish Media and Politics and Popular culture and mad Fashion and social media insults - and they need to allow my Books or they will see my one too; this is what is happening, not me interfering with peoples livelihoods. They speak of the extremism bits that let them behave in such ways but everybody knows they are not the Police who have the right to decide which one is carrying out activities that results in owning those pieces of papers with the Bank of England Governorís signature on, which allows him to go to the shops to secure value to run his life with in ways that put the Public at risk or seize the items if necessary Ė we all know they get involved to make a mess and start off an environment which people who behave like that can do it via living double lives if they wanted because it makes news and then they claim do it as well even when I am not the Police but everybody knows what I do is inform such people of how it will turn out when they get around making money in such ways and clinging to my Public image because media apparently is making their decision for them i.e. usually starts with claims their family is at risk of breakup because their wives fancy me and I fancy their wives too.

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