They say I am now in a condition which means I will never really be truly recognised in my Office and it is utter nonsense same old insulting tale of Men like me being provoked into saying things which add up to the kind of life we were forced to live and eventually becomes a mortal threat, that they deploy when they need my earnings in a condition where the religion I practice was done in their own personal lives as far as their stupidities were concerned; it develops into this case where they get to tell me that if I attended a Book signing event in which I showed myself up to be an Arch Prince I would be dealt with and its another one of those cases where the goons forget their place all the time and it means one more occasion in which I have to consider looking after my person in terms of the fact stepping out of my door should not mean I picked up their security problems.

It feeds into the story of American idiots and their friends picking up controversial aspects of my Books to feed to bad people around the world, sit down on media exasperating me into getting involved with Islamic violence and then choosing self-improvement when I dont, all because a group of goons love to claim Christians are infidels but have no wish to have a conversation about it such that what has happened is another business of making out I walk about on the streets expecting them to affirm I am a real man feeding into insults about being an infidel, meaning I wrote a part of my Book where I said that Christ died and resurrected on the third day which we celebrate as Easter, so technically he is still alive and responsible for my actions while Mohammed is gone and they can do whatever they liked; there was nothing in it which suggested I am unaware the idiots are not real Muslims keeping an eye on me with an imagination that goes up my Bum, backed up by local community scum who do violent things for them while they chase money, about which when I chase my own money, I do it in terms of the fact everything that gets involved with me faces threats that are due to my morals and so I put people up to the business of hating my guts to facilitate our Mobility, yet I am the infidel and the bloody idiots have no wish to stop it, to put it to conversation, or stop talking nonsense at me about my Books that is actually really never going to happen save I allowed it and we all know if I kept talking like this, the fact they are not real Muslims will become a threat to them all together as well and it will be the saddest way imaginable to end their insults and practical jokes. They have always professed that the violent members of their religion will simply decide that since I think mocking their Prophet was a good idea I need to get around the problem, about which I have no idea, goons who have no sense of what evil really looks like showing up here all the time to tell me I need to start responding to possessed people doing whatever evil that Politics and Media allows them, with a plan to ensure they will not be going to damnation by themselves, like to turn up here to pretend there will be no consequences for screwing around in these ways, never mind the wars they end up fighting with some very free Americans.

I dont have an issue with it as such, especially when it is said that Celebrity culture goons get in on it, when I say they forget themselves as mentioned above, its an old story of them being stuck between abusive community croons and City centre goons who want to control the shops and then finding out they dont want to smell like what they last ate and if they did, do not want to smell on their own, then invent some prejudice against me and my personality and set about making sure I am the one smelling for everybody instead, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about and yet this business of an Arch Prince they got to approve was yet one more decision that they have made which will in future make it easy for them to feel comfortable living in the one and only society that they have got in the first place as usual. The main problem with these idiots is still that each time I work with companies, they get fools at Industry buying them venues and equipment that allow them sell music CDs on my Public image which facilitates money that they buy shares with those companies in order to access and dominate me by, which adds to their foolish women showing up on Media to pass insults at me about what I should be doing to make them comfortable and their stupid youth blowing off foolish insults at me that suggest I am a child and that most of their abuses were justified on that basis, while their Public transportation gits got around all day pointing fingers at me when they pick up strangers, as the guy that is looking for trouble so in order to stop this, I will start to develop a relationship with people that serves as an intermediary between me and all these kinds of activities, especially the ones that buy shares with companies to access me or claims my Business solves their stupid problems so well that I work for them and then all that nonsense about my response to their stupidities meaning I never make progress with myself will come to an end the way that they want it to, especially when the outcome is a person issue with the big brothers and big sisters in order to ensure all these things are consolidated in a way which makes it clear that any punishment I set out for the destruction of my property via these activities was not meant to be something they recovered easily from. It will be then a way to sell my Books that their foolishness will be very comfortable with.

So we see this same behaviour with respect to claims its the abusive things we do that makes them behave the way they do while reality was that they really love to make a mess of the jobs of those that work the services, especially the Armed Services so their disrespect is to be put in context in terms of the fact that is a service person were to have a job preventing enemy Aircraft from harming his Territory, it would mean disabling it because that was the best result that gave him intelligence and allowed him to monitor what was happening around the Aircraft itself, he would only blow it up if somebody was trying to attack him with it and will only blow it up if somebody got into it and tried to attack him with it hence had to be stopped, so the question becomes whether these gits were clever enough to disable an Aircraft in their Country let alone an Aircraft in another Country that is made by an enemy Military cleverness within a deadline to get a job done. So they tackle me because they must make me pay in the millions for the fact Military people chase their bums but the idiots are off doing exactly the same things that cause this to happen, added to the fact that they have civil rights movements that profess to be movement of peace, which means I am left with a reputation that says irrespective of what they got up to, war will happen when it needs to, blowing off the big mouth at me for it all of the time. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter what happens when they are done getting Armed Forces people who operate from the beginning to the end in an Academy where there is a lot of whipping to put people right and the General is prone to it as much as the Cadet, whereby a lot of the leaders earn more than their Politicians, they show up to screw with my academic work and finances so I get to shut down the Celebrity culture and leave them looking like two faced Tarts. Then we find them follow on with stories about how important they were as Celebrities while everybody knows their need to show up here and make a mess of my finances can only mean an Arch Prince wants to resolve financial desperation by raiding their Celebrity neighbourhoods, which they will clearly survive always its the big mouth talking about their size while if I got into the studios to rough them up and get beaten up for it they will lose and if I put a bucket over their heads around a street corner and beat them up I would have achieved the same effect but the important realities are still that their insults suggest I am a child, so Picking up my portfolio to get into the City and seek some work based activity is to be messed with, was something that children copied and did too like child adults and the pricks that they are. Hence there is the part about what comes from Royalty which is a matter of the fact that when young people are uncontrollable, it will always lead to outcomes in which somebody that is tougher takes a position at the Family to ensure they had no right to an identity; hence Royals dont fancy their Children being undisciplined and if you screw with them it may be twice as bad for you too only natural if you have authority to provide National level family based leadership and yes in my case it has become a matter of handling the big brothers and big sisters including the ones that grab my work to make Celebrities happy with and then get off fighting some Russians to be betrayed by the Celebrities, show up here to do more damage securing revenge against the Celebrities and rip up my academic work and career to get back into position as the brilliant mind behind the Celebrity operations it is their position that will help me deploy everything that means people hate my guts in this Country and overseas into a consolidated form of a clearly set out job that ensures they understood the punishment I dished out for the damage they do here was not meant to be one that allowed them recover to get on with their stupid lives so easily and when I am ready with all the contingencies that will ensure I got to oversee when their Celebrities made money on my public image, failed to mind their business so they might get to dominate me, I will be selling the Books the way that they have always wanted too. They do boast about running my life but we can see the point at which Politicians helped them out with money problems was not the stage where they needed money and self confidence that would have prevented feelings of superiority that they claim exists on my part and feeling of prejudice which has now existed on their part.

They claim to have won on LGBT which is utter nonsense we all know what happens is that they go from abusive nonsense that involves keeping an eye on my body for all sorts of twisted reasons that can help them determine which jobs and opportunities I gave up to them to a process where a Personal life I cultivate at a Hermitage was marked out as the means by which they cool down when they have gone on to have their homosexual sex which is usually abusive and painful essentially, what it means is that they have various ways of playing the security services to ensure they are a threat to the Public while the jobs of the security services was not a threat to them, this way they abuse and attack people to make themselves rich layabouts so the claim that they have won battles on LGBT when they believe my personality should be used to cool down their arse once they have had it fucked, takes it to a whole new level. We all know I have not been responding to these matters which adds to insults about me being a child and that they continue not because I have no responded in the past by shutting down access to everything that helps them cool down with other peoples House when they have the arse fucked but because they are so stupid they do not see a reason they ought to stop or listen to what other people are saying to them for a change and for those other characters who love to issue the threats looking like characters that ferment the violence that happens during the late Hours of Carnival, I am about to take from them the Celebrity and Fashion connections to see what it is exactly they can do about me as well. They claim we British are unprofessional which is utter nonsense; they are Fatherland goons knowing well that Women form the Majority of the population that make up Household workers in the first place but it is usually better to say they are just rude, as the smaller facts tend to be taken out to context to create the idea one is being prejudiced. Its like they say I spend a lot of time with bad Company which I dont; I give them support that they chase me for and allow them build Publicity for the support and the Americans start up stories about being in charge which they are not hence I really need to stop every practical joke associated with spending money to draw on facilitates and venues that will allow them extract money from my Public image. They say its a confused state I am in I like them, then again I hate them, I hate them, then again I want their money but there is no such thing, although it has now formed a reason for them to stalk my financial wellbeing at Industry, which when also placed in context of LGBT victories around here is incredibly annoying nonsense they are villains you and they will now likely begin a tale of good guys and bad guys and once that story had developed into one of good guys and bad guys doing whatever they want, such that they sometimes fight the same enemies, they will begin a campaign of pillaging concerning this Office, start a case about its irrelevance and come up with a reason to attack it: so what I do is make it clear I dont like them much but if they are spending money its all okay it leaves me feeling I am the best there is, until I peel the surface of their stupidities to find how important taking a money issues stand was.

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