Itís never true I live my existence with a sense of obliviousness, I understand it is said I particularly enjoy putting people in a difficult situation. The reality however is that the Women spend all their time and if they cannot spend mine gratify themselves with insults that are actually very dangerous for my health and wellbeing and brag about it all the time too instead - this also therefore means that they love to make out I am not a nice person but will eventually bully others into accepting me when I want to do business and do on, the result of this coming from people who enjoy ripping up my business to provoke me is that there is a residue feeling of having products and ending up coveting every aspects of their lives which are good, whenever it does show in public and their vicious and abusive attacks when they notice me struggling with this is usually beyond imagination too - hence not a good disposition from which to wish an idiot does not run off to Media and Stock Markets only to return and integrate into peopleís lives when it is too much for him and get about raping them on account they have some money to give up. The Men are the true face of the popularity madness all together, so I have to be brief i.e. my Book was Published in 2009 and has showed up on Media at their discretion since, for the purpose of mocking and laughing at the Book of Equities which when gotten rid of will open up a whole new world they can steal from its owner to make fame and fortune for the comforts of Wife and Kids and Mistresses and the discomforts of all those they will to insult and abuse with - this then changed around 2012 to a case of performing a public service for the politicians and Monarchy which involves them appointing themselves to become my minders, simply by asking dignitaries demagogue questions - hence when it does get to a point of complaining about their difficult positions like so, all I am remember to do is reiterate the question: having been they have had numerous opportunities for a number of years to participate but all of them have failed to pick up a copy of the Book, why are they always showing up on my Premises? As I have mentioned before, revenge on an Intellectual Property Administrator which show he cannot protect even his own property and products is a little too optimistic even more gits like these - their whole lives must be a joke.

They love this case of making their conversation about me in ways that are insulting and brew blame culture that facilitates processes of being able to make money by getting respect from me and it is especially worked around matters concerning the EU where they are then able to claim that I got out of it because I do not fancy other people becoming more important than I am for a change whereas what really happened was that the same idea was responsible for the referendum which others that could win things more took from them and won as usual. The Europeans of which we are talking about very insulting business and industry scum; where take fashion for instance, what you end up with most of the time is idiots claiming I am not Royalty so that they can keep an eye on my earning margins for me, knowing they are screwed, need me and need my leadership and need my Books but will not be caught dead buying any to maintain an image and itís incredibly stupid people that become so difficult to consign to history so that I can trade with somebody else, such that even if I did, the risk I face is one where a poorer person would buy the Books thus gain knowledge of what rich people like them do to make their lives worth its salt Ė rich by being so stupid of course, spends most of its time making sure itís fashion empire and the girls and the money is used to hit me hard and my Royal Estate Office and Public image becomes what everybody is complaining about as per it is unfair and needs to be gotten rid of as a leverage I use on people with abandon, especially people who want nothing to do with me, taking job roles out of this Estate all the time and even when I set up a social media profile to ensure since it loves to do that, it can follow me the way I follow him, so I might consummate a job and move on to other things, it is following the social media profile that becomes the most difficult thing but it wishes to improve the process of taking job roles out of this Estate into a process of getting respect from me like an addiction. So it loves to start its conversations with others and tell me what to do at the end of it of course and I am about to start a story about its stupidities to cure it of the addiction all together as it were Ė so far I am getting only complains I get off looking for trouble by calling people stupid but the effects of weening them off my case has not yet come into so far. Itís much the same as the media as well; I would not want them making advertisement on my public image with stupid women doing what they like with services at the estate so their business empires can keep an eye on the income margins of my Estate all the time but this will become its main preoccupation until I drop out of University which is more like ending up at death door in such a situation, until that is I have been seen pushing them into a corner where they have no choice but do my bidding and I can then use them to make publicity for myself where I actually need it and they can get rich by being so stupid from there.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland