They say I erase peoples identity which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that when I look for work, I am labelled Ďthe Jobieí this means that ageist goons show up to seek themselves as violently and abusively with the aim of telling me how to exist, in order to put myself between the rest of society and neighbourhood gangs and itís not the only one too, there is also the need people have to cause me so much distress and financial trouble that I am expected to find a way to work civil rights and locate how to try and make money by it, so somebody else might have been there before I was and therefore become more entitled; having got a plan all worked out. So, therefore I destroy these things for them as well, it will not stop messing with mine and issuing threats at me for it too, threats that cause my grades to be poorly if I am engaged in anything academic but does not seem to make them listen when the results come through. They complain about my Book all the time but it is just a Book, the problem they have really is that they find themselves going up against the writer of the Book who is obviously vulnerable to them and their bullying; the bottom line being that they are people whose behaviour means somebody else is always able to take careers and jobs and academic work from them all the time, whose involvement with me caused me to drop out of University so they can stop being themselves which they do not fancy and become me which they fancy and this University drop out effect is not yet serious to them, so I am determined to change this too. Itís like we see their Politicians tinker with the education system these days, they say they are being competitive but people should rather be warned about doing the Politicians jobs; having the A grades from a University you spent your time in, which was just 20 minute Bus ride from Canary Warf is not necessarily a guarantee of success since all the other students did too, it is not to say the A grades are not an advantage or important but the Government is putting peoples in boxes and the whole business of one person having a high qualification than another is now being operated in a condition where people are not prepared for an eventuality whereby they have not met somebody who is less qualified than they are, not prepared for an eventuality where such a person does not exist Ė the government has removed itself from this, put people in Boxes and allow them to work it out at the open markets by themselves; what they are saying being that it is the way things were in the past which was a good things and tended to work, which is utter nonsense; since what happened in the past was that there werenít a lot of educated people, what we have today of course is radically different i.e. lots of educated people to a point where uneducated people have met so many educated people that they have become educated in a way, jobs have therefore percolated in these areas where uneducated people have met educated people to a stage where they are themselves educated to a degree. They point out something about the way I have evolved which is utter nonsense: what happened with me is that I am a very lucky person who just happened to not have to deal with the issues concerning a process of locating a community to belong so he can avoid bad crowds when running his career and business and academics, since the good crowds and good communities had selected me all together, radically different situation from the mess that they are making of everything to I suppose exasperate people and find out secrets that they can top their privileges of stupidities at Government Office by as it looks. I do get tempted a lot of times to make some space for an activity that allows me chase the financial prospects and well-being of these fools as much as they love the filthy acts of bullying but time and again I get caught up in this other story about my Intellectual property administration business causing instability and uncertainty Ė which of course it doesnít; what really happens is that of the many people who show up around the business concerns of people in the Euro Family for instance, there will be a certain group that show up there to play with the business, which is not to say they do not intend to pay for the products but I for instance am an example of that, having spent time getting caught up in stories about having the body type that can deal with filthy bullying that prevents people from getting famous and then progressing to solving peopleís problems and talking about their lives instead of mine and my Books on account they have civil rights, the result is that the Politicians had formed a certain opinion about what I do for a living and that is causing me to struggle Ė not that it is so much of a challenge for me since I can borrow their own as well and keep it from growing until the Books are sold before they get it back, itís just worth noting that it does not pay to show up at a business to play with it all the time, since what happens is that government agents show up when they do and gather information and then return to the Government by which serious decisions like monetary Policies are made and these are information and decisions that are made in terms of agents show up unexpectedly in January and Monetary Policy gets made unexpectedly in September which will decide what happens over the entire decade and you can always change it when you realise a white paper has been created a week before MPs debated in the chamber as it were, supposing you were insane. Itís much the same as European Migration, which mess you can blame on the government since they are the ones who are unable to manage the influx of foreign cultures if they wish to keep local ones that support small businesses and tourism but you cannot really say so, since it is obvious the Germans especially are using it as a tool to suppress Anglo-Saxon economy and ideology, so it was when we had Brexit that people got the opportunity to make a decision on what they thought about it in terms of the streets Ė point being that they show up here at all because they are fans but apart from deciding that they get serious and stop playing with businesses if they show up around it and its products, since important government decisions can be made on it, striking a balance between having them and making them get serious which what I say does but such purpose always gets perverted by Industry fools and their media friends for quick money they have never worked for running around the world making trouble, the reality on the ground is still that somebody may show up at a business to see you do that thing you do to run a business all the time, it happens because he is a fan of your business but then again, at what stage does his incessant need to see you do those things amounts to making you a freak? We hear this talk of how a flawed and free press is the real check on flawed leaders and nobody really understands which flaw they are adding up to themselves after they stand up in busy streets to do jobs that pay them more money than a Government minister earns anyway and what leaders they are checked thereof after they are flawed Ė so itís an old story that repeats itself over and over and over again where the media cannot stop checking leaders until it finds it cannot check the tyrant that wants to kill everybody especially those who have been preventing the tyrants career as a tyrant from taking off and then it will stop checking the leaders then all together and start to talk nonsense about its own freedoms instead. There are other reasons this sort of self-gratification annoys me of course and top of the list is the one about stupid middle-aged men hanging up at Industry to discuss with their age mates the importance of wrecking my livelihood to institute ones that were created with the glory and addictions of men in mind Ė like stupid media fucking checking leaders when they are flawed being one of the systems that provide us a security and democracy. It much the same thing we see with their victims of crime who are also criminals in their own right characters all over the neighbourhoods talking nonsense about when I headed up to the gym due to an inactivity epidemic in the Country; whereby the problem really was a condition where the food I eat reflects how I live the pressures they put on me because they think they are shrews and stupid amounts to me needing just a little bit more food Ė snacking will make me sick, eating more will make me sick, so I am always in pain and will head up to the gym before they had stopped being so insulting as far as they are concerned all together, especially when there are American arseholes involved; always them and their stupidities and their mothers and how I have a livelihood I do not deserve since they are the ones that got hurt by neighbourhood gangs; then I must acknowledge what is happening with me, right down to what I feed myself with is racism while the real issue still remained that they do not wish to do any of the war and fighting and to win as well all together, since that is what must happen before I am allowed to have one, with that big mouth they have, showing up all over security services to pick up a means by which I have a commitment to violent activity waiting for me all day long. In retrospect of which I have no idea who the fuck they are all together. They speak of how I think a confrontation with them would be a walk over, they speak of how I do not wish to address the reasons for their behaviour, they speak of Political power and Monarchic power having a go at them but itís still difficult to locate what degree of insult people need to pass off at others to reach a stage where being nice will be the popularity bits that are trying to appeal to a very broad spectrum of crowd by building up another personís public image that they will later own because they do not fancy who they are, while the rest will be the not so nice ones who go after peoples public image to make it their own on media all together. I mean they must make money in such ways and I still have the three ground rules only; none peddles my faith and none peddles my public image and none peddles my personal life Ė feeding into the case they have about the reasons for their behaviour i.e. simple old stupid and corrupt capitalism. In terms of the powers that tackle them however; we live with the enmity being a matter of Hilary Clinton not winning the White House because Donald Trump realised he had the kinds of ideas that would ensure that whether or not he did, she didnít get to but so are we aware that should it have been the case that Hilary was surrounded by people who understood matters of female leadership like any woman that associates with me on media being threatened by job loss being one of the reasons they complain about me, since that is the case considering they are men and their words take precedence over what women say to defend themselves at Media studios and jobs, complain about me for obvious reasons of the so called kinds of people that are employed on media these days and itís just one of many Ė we see the same in Politics and Government and we all know HM was an old hand in the matter anyway, that Hilary would not have lost the election if she was surrounded by people who understood these matters as it were, so the tendency to think that their complains appeals to me in anyway, which is why hey issue those threats to secure my attention beats my imagination every time, since it does not in any way whatsoever. Itís as I have mentioned before, we are now done with a race against time to see who will be homosexual first, since the last time I had to tolerate them, they were selecting their girlfriends like they were preserving their DNA, since then of which it progressed to me dropping out of University and now sitting about reacting to their stupidities is set to create a tramp people wish to step on, while they have the kind of livelihood I have in tall glass buildings where the glory men can be preserved, so it is about to become a race against time to see who will die of heart disease next and I think the insults and abuses and a Public image that will be their own in hell, that I am going to win it too. They say most of my activities are not really clearly set out of course which is not the case; they are Ė what happens with an economic crisis is that people experiment with their expensive qualifications and this means that these trouble makers start a territory war over processes that can be worked on that to let them get rich and these processes are attached to the financial system and the banks; we all know what happens is that they are not really engaged in a clearly set out money making process and have no structures on which to spend that capital, so it ends up in secure Swiss accounts while the government has to devalue those qualifications to get the economy running again by means of economic policies. Itís much the same as we hear them claim I do not care what women think but like to take it up when I feel it is convenient, each time they hear me speak of stupid women who go along with their insanity and show up here to pick on me in order to recover, gain some equality of income and other nonsense that needs to be worked with them and get into a habit of passing insults my way claiming it is feminism because they have a problem with other women Ė whereas the real matter most of the time is that what I get up to really has nothing whatsoever to do with women only fools with a plan to make money by getting involved with the fabrics of culture and society on account somebody is interfering with their financial wellbeing and their home finances and even their relationships, which of course I do not do because I know the money issues work in a very different way but still find myself stuck with them on account I wrote a Book and the media never listens, never mind the reasons the career followed that direction in that way being that I dropped out of University as a result of their incessant involvement and cannot return to college and make my way back because of media abuses and bullying that takes up my time to cause delays that will lead to denial with that big mouth they have got Ė we hear them yap it off a lot i.e. I will ever sell the Books if they do not get rich with my work and public image first and itís the sort of nonsense, I must put up with all the time. It is as I have mentioned before, the number of times the need to get about making sure that if it is important to them it get damaged, so as to make them breathless all the time and ensure that nonsense about attacking any who associates with me comes to an end immediately and the number of times other things their silly politicians put my way becomes more important, so it can get on media and stock markets and city centre to issue those stupid threats and ensure with its local cultural fools and society goons I am always ill; at this point of which this grace is not going to last for very much longer as well for my part. They say I speak as though they do not earn their money legitimately which of course is precisely so; if he uses my public work to sweeten a deal, whether or not he gets 2 pounds off 1 million people and ends up with 2 million pounds depends on how much trouble he makes for them to ensure they give up the money and so he needs my public image and public work all the time like a menace while there are more important things like public criminal disobedience to deal with using the conveniences therein and so after all that getting into certain structures in culture and society to pillage peopleís lives and make some quick money, it does not have a business premises to maintain and does not have employees to pay and does not have electricity bills to fund, so the money becomes a tool for making other peopleís already difficult existence very tough indeed. I know earning an income works differently because I was raised and self-trained in a routine that was acceptable but reality is still that Politicians and the most outstanding being Mr Obama the ex US President, are a bunch of geniuses on this matter whose activities mean that you may have had it under control but when they are finished you will be taking some drastic measures (I mean itís not really a crime as such but when people like Mr Obama are done it will be, the whole process of making trouble after showing up to raise peoples dust and then making them think you have made a lot of money that you do not deserve of which they are mostly right in thinking so, while you are off on an angle, if not so successful you have earned the right to discipline people all over the place as well). Itís the disparities we see all the time with Journalists getting killed in other parts of the world while the UK ones tackle Royal Princes all day long; no idea what is wrong with them but we know they claim I provoke them by stopping their fame about which the reality is still that whenever they start and I have slept with their wives and I feel there is a crowd on my door step over the evils of their culture and society all day long and there are threats issued my way something bad is about to happen and usually happens to the wife Ė so now the scumbags are not putting the culture and society somewhere around my concerns to show up unexpectedly anymore, I am not said to be sleeping with their wives anymore and if they do say so they say in private, they are not issuing stupid threats at me while handling my public image which will become their property sooner or later anymore: all these have become possible due the fact that other problems that he has got have become far more important. It feeds into the case of me being a promiscuous person when I really have a terribly introverted personality - so that what really happens is that even when Politicians tell them to clip me so they might deploy my public image to make themselves look better, the bit where they tackle my finances as well is just going the extra mile to impress their power boffins, things they did because they are narcissistic enough to do - hence what happens when I become disturbed and people want to break free as well. They love those stories where I am seen to be doing everything to back out of a fight all the time, reality of course is that itís the same evil that is responsible for the fact I do not live with my parent or get in touch with them; the one about how I was set out from the family to be the one that did violent things even if it mean crime and prison, while I am trying to attend Church and my academics are never taken seriously as my grade systemically plummet and I look like black sheep over time, the way we see those who do it give to the frugal as it were. The Politicians are behind it apparently and those can always scale that state provided security fence that runs around the Parliament Premises to give me some trouble again and see if we will not find them travel around the world to complain about it hoping for some blasphemy that will lead to prerogatives of injustice for it. itís a well calculated plan, it serves as a means of putting in line those who have been marked out for abuses and insults that will eventually put images of them all over sky scrapers, so they can make millions of pounds in a condition where employing people is an afterthought, while they are not paying electricity bills at an Industrial scale, speaking of the bills for instance. I do not think it is a matter other people should be concerned about most of the time; it does occur to me that a good way to stop those insults that means they let their millionaires pillage my income to make more millions by accessing what I have which their millionaires do not with bullying and vandalism, can be stopped when I start to view everything that is important to them with a sense of a need for vandalism and destruction that will make them feel as breathless as they make me especially when they tackle young people and women and blab those insults about success I will never have if they do not get what they want, as long as they can use people as leverage. It creates this eventuality where the females like to step up to me and pass an insult that will eventually turn out to be financially profitable whenever they do it and blab about me backing out of a fight and then the males will claim that the whole process was set out to develop a means by which they get to teach me a lesson Ė teach me a lesson it hates Donald Trump who does race superiority stuff, placing embargoes on certain immigrants because its stupidities is doing gender superiority stuff and can turn up here to get all up close and personal if it has the fucking guts for it too. I mean the way it works naturally is that they have always behaved like that but when it gives people especially the victims a breathing space, this shows that it will not be willing to do absolutely anything for money, when it does not, it needs to keep its insults where people appreciate it, clear my space, keep off my Books and keep those stupid fingers off my Bum - I mean, when I start to reciprocate their behaviour on their finances, they will claim it is world power stuff but as it stands, right up to teaching lessons, there is obviously a thing I have done to provoke them, so as to deserve this sort of behaviour currently (they never run out of excuses of course - the main one where will be that sexual superiority stuff and race superiority stuff are all ingredients of War; what has nothing to do with me as what I really do is write and sell Books which really should be the only reason they show up here, certainly not to play with me). They say I have no way of justifying anything I say about racism except that I am scared out of my wits but so are people racists when they are scared out of their wits; since 50 million people were identified to have died of racism in world war two, it had become obvious to the world that racism was a bad thing Ė the problem we still have is lying middle aged men with a need to bear bate young people who cannot keep their hands to themselves and have no respect for anything in their whole lives; so in my case even when a group of young people sit outside of their workplace during break time it provokes them and they know of a kid whose anus they need to strike until he does something about it and this is the sort of problem I should tackle when they are doing me a favour since these sort of young people are not as dangerous as gangs which I will be fighting as well: is not a problem of course and will continue right up until they and their whole families are pitched against neighbourhood gangs as well so that they might end up loving and not hating the Police for it at the other end. The prognosis is still the same; it can stay out of trouble when it had stopped playing with me and showed up on my concerns to buy a Book, not push neighbourhood gangs and other trouble makers right into my bedroom to make use of my youth and leave their stupid housewives striking my anus every single moment, while their media fools assume that having access to Public information apparatus translates to outcomes where I do what they want with that big mouth. It does not add up to say that somebody who wants nothing to do with you to a point where if you talk to him it will set him off and if he finds a weapon he will kill you, is responsible for drip, drip provocation and keeping an eye on your recovery process to insert new ones that make you disturbed enough to drop out of school and sit about reacting to the stupidities that go by in society until scumbags get rich and have financial systems to support their foolishness that says they have the right to discipline others on account they are important - anything that promotes that sort of theory is lying, we are talking about it because some idiot has gone off to draw up this link and showed up on media to make sense of it at other peopleís expense because he finds their struggles amusing. Now it is said I would do anything to avoid service jobs but we all know the first time the issue of me concerning service jobs came round, it did because Politicians were talking about a personality I had which I needed to give up to those who needed it, the sort of scummy thing you would think about or say if you met somebody or heard that they existed of course, then it progressed to the bit where it was me and service jobs in terms of the fact I was not exactly the kind of person that service leaders could use, now it is about the other things I do having been stretched out like so, to do my own part and ensure where I lived was a safe place for me and we have not started talking about media fools picking a fight with a guy that goes around claiming he has been familiar with wealthy people whom they have never actually met. I mean I do not get about claiming I am familiar with wealthy people anyway but to say so would indicate capitulation or sorts, hence the reason I have not mentioned it; so we can see that picking a fight on media with people you have never met is supposed to create an effect involving society and community and culture goons having fun all day long which is of a violent nature and the wealthy people become the ones I do not even want to dream of messing with which adds up to some great service they are performing every day in their view. I do not think the wealthy people story is an issue, I am just mentioning I do not go around claiming to be familiar with them Ė what happens is that you spend £50,000 on a degree and a lot of your time but walk into the city once and the level of disrespect is such that your career has vanished, itís not that if I made a statement about their career and any history they have with me including the bit about chasing my personal finances while making use of my existence which they do not actually have to and then included a personal statement of my own and put it up on public places including the internet, their careers will not vanish too, itís just that I am mature and they are stupid, so I do not go about claiming to be familiar with wealthy people, just the one problem where I have gotten rid of every complication associated with understanding that they are not to get involved with my concerns if they are not buying my Books which has created an outcome where they want to teach me lessons about their superiority, what happens to those who offer them a give and take relationship. The blacks say I have a problem with ethnic minority which is utter nonsense; what happens with them is that five men will meet for a party and soon one conversation will lead to another and they will be found talking about power issues, not long after we will find it has become a society and its purpose is to show up in public places to expect the boy that is me to come through so they can have wealth and position and even so, I have lived in Nigeria for 20 years and quite used to seeing people whose whole life is about grabbing another personís coolness, grabbing another personís personality, grabbing another personís public image and I have made it simple enough to avoid complications, it cannot be that difficult for somebody to stop getting involved with my concerns if they have not been buying my Books. They always say the Books do not actually help them of course and it makes me wonder why it is a conversation and not a process where they took a hint since they hate the Books already considering it is written in terms of the level of bullying that means every paragraph a writer develops has an aspect that concerns him being bullied by them, which he has written as factual to find out if they are his personal gods all together. Only money and the theft of what others have achieved in order to attain it invariably factorises all these things Ė it is the only constant in the matter; the vulnerability to gender bullying and racism and discrimination and nepotism is a systematic process of grooming by these idiots; what they want me to do is overlook the damage they have done to achieve that grooming process like we see them give to the frugal. Like they say I go on and on about it while reality is that itís a matter of a degree of insults that has carried on for such a period of time as means that as I continued with living and got to write my published Books, it was able to mess with the phenomenon that is the content behind the Book cover if it made a statement about me and this is only progress by very important people from a process of playing with being able to predict how much money I had in the bank and whether or not I was able to put up a fight when challenged; so I am meant to gradually develop to a stage where their salaries and means of making the money is on the blue corner and my Books are on the red and they can see it clearly, so that it might be possible to respond with punishment as we can see that it is not an ideal fun for people to have persistently. Like we hear them claim I would never justify my Books on Media whereas I would likely justify every bit of Media abuses of other peopleís humanity if they gave me the opportunity: it used to be a challenge to develop your talent, keep it personal and secure and recognise opportunities, these days there is one more requirement and itís not looking like a generic millionaire character otherwise you will be spotted early and then join the group of selected few whose lives are being torn down to ensure everybody has a go at being wealthy - I mean I do not know of people who wouldn't defend an opportunity to remind them they are cowards who do nothing about bad people and we all know they will come up with a new requirement when the present one of not looking like generic characters that became millionaires at a later date runs out of steam but I do not know they are not peddling my public image or my personal life or my faith and that talking about it every day is not prove I am helpless: it really does come to that stage where some thousands of people know that a thing belongs to me and they have laid down popularity pipelines on my life and started their campaign at Industries about how nobody knows who the hell I am and then it becomes a question of whether they want to abuse those many people who know it belongs to me when they are done taking it from me and then I had secured myself a license too.

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