I am said to be a character that sits about finding ways of making really stupid behaviour I exhibit look really clever and then get away with it in some way, which is something they have to be courageous enough to stop me from doing but I am usually left with wonderment each time, since it isnít clear which one is stupid Ė myself or their celebrities. I mean I am not the one of the two that sees Davidís Mom and Gilesí Mum talk to each other during the school run and turn out to build publicity on their public image while I am thinking about myself the whole time, i.e. building it for me because I am want to be famous but currently do not like myself much and want to be somebody else. They always say I speak of problems I cannot solve when I speak of such matters but reality is more about the fact it is the Politicians that need to solve some big problem here as they are usually too quick to decide other peopleís fate i.e. these things happen and I am off to look after a livelihood, so they show up to systemically rip up my finances and find some ridiculous thing I am to spend my time on while the boys build my Public image for themselves because they want to be somebody else and the girls organise whose societies and big violent men to secure my work for them and tell me to find a more difficult manís existence to live, which is something they deserve due to how much getting involved with bad boys have hurt them so Ė when these people are teenagers and it is starting to occur to them that planning this sort of existence takes more energy than to just find a lifestyle that does not involve activities that all stealing in all except by name, this is what the Politicians do; systemically rip up my finances while they are claiming my public image for the boys and the girls are making use of my achievements to make life easier and have a girls existence Ė so that the outcome becomes a process where they rip up my academics and pass the exams to go off and do the Popular culture they didnít need to pass any exams for and it becomes more obvious when they start to show they are really fond of the left hand side and right hand side issues, which are usually an indication that most of their activities only have place on media based comedy drama but we find all over other peopleís lives and careers instead leaving me to imagine I want the Popular culture as well and if the Politicians are uncomfortable about it, will simply have to wait for the outcome before they fulfil their own needs too. So, we see it every time where the Politicians will hit you and there isnít really a meaning or reason to it but it is the excuse they make which says that whilst they have to work on serious public matters that take it out of them, I have showed up to chase all my dreams in a Country they have worked so hard for nothing to make the way it is Ė so that now that they have to decide what becomes of these really difficult matters with respect to the behaviour of these people they clearly love so much, it has gotten a bit clearer to them and less disillusioned more so; I myself do not have a problem with the matter, I have always been aware that there is a fondness for telling me there is nothing I can do about it because there has to be a part of them that is aware that I can see they build up peoples public image while they think of themselves the whole time, because the same feelings does appeal to me when they rip up my finances and academics and sit about on Public media striking my body and talking nonsense about the left hand side and right hand side, of which we hear them say is because most of what I say ends up in the hands of society people, which original purpose was largely concerned with the fact I really hate the idea of people moving into my right hand and the process where I find them explain that most of my talents are a product of being exasperated by them really does rile me indeed; thus did I set out a means to make them understand they clearly have big tempers and so can understand where I am coming from when I say I do not fancy it, when I say it will drive me insane and I will drive their own too: this was what it was, all settled, then these other goons showed up on Media to start off a story about how others have claimed my career for themselves, right up to the stage where it makes a sense of a statement in its own right, which is why they are complaining as well and I find myself handing my career to them and watching them find they cannot make use of it, with counters the whole prognosis of boasting about their bullying all the time by the assumption there is much that they can do about me. So they say I belong on the right and that is why I know these things but I have never really denied that anyway; everybody knows I chose a Court of female journalists because while I did belong on the right I found really early during my teens that I was able to mobilise myself on the left, so I found some female journalists who shut it down; what they have created from the relationship I have with these women is claims I sleep with peoples wives and in that way they create a process where daddy characters can have anything they want but then again of which is such a serious matter that I have to take responsibility as the husband for instance is suffering when his wife is sleeping with me on Media Ė so primary prognosis is that people claim I sleep with peoples wives because they are having extra marital affairs and the outcome was that I found I possessed a means that caused me ease when I wanted to handle matters of Mr Bullyís fat wife at home while he has a sugar baby to sleep around with and make my life difficult by; so I completely destroyed that, which got us where we are now. Itís very annoying to hear people have made their own idea about my Book but it has been set out as somebody using Royal influence to make very stupid things look clever; I think they really do need to stop making unfavourable comments about my work. I am not saying it is unusual but it isnít; itís an old story where Coca-Cola says, do not mess up the brand and the person they were talking to goes off to start a cocaine business, such that the guess was clear where his sensibilities will end up but if it isnít on the right hand side of Coca-Cola, then they will say people had their way around the matter before I came along with new messy and controversial ideas but we all know its utter nonsense as my Broker is largely a matter of Property equity broker and that some companies have brokered with me for long enough that they have structures that built as a development of the system where the Property Asset Equity is still mine but is brokered as a Trust, that it goes beyond the trust and amount to structures in their Company which then add up to a Holding in it for me Ė at which stage I have to behave like a shareholder and ensure the holding is profitable at all times. What we have ended up with mostly from these goons is that they boast of how I cannot handle myself but we all know I have never really made trouble for them before and there is no way they can tell that their prognosis of what I am capable of is actually the truth but the word of advice that stems from getting on public places to start a statement where people have taken my career from me until it makes sense and becomes profitable is that they need to seniority bullying leave culture and society where they find it as I am aware of its existence and do not need an education from them Ė itís an old story about flying over a thousand acre plantation field, looking at the endless crops as far as the eye can see and the clear roads that allow the produces to be transported as though it was another world, bear off to the west and that would be the river that runs through the country, north east will be a sighting of the City just made out in the mist; this is what culture and society is and its important they stopped making it show up completely unexpectedly around other peopleís concerns especially mine, then get off to do this bit of running around industry to spend money on racism while at the same time organise self-seeking fools who attack moral and religious people to build prerogatives for rich people to pick a fight with racists and play this gimmick of sucking me out of my closet while stealing my public life for nonsense that develops all the way to Soldiers that might be Loyal to them since it soon becomes a matter of whether the Military in the US is to be what their celebrity private security is to them and they can feel it from my actions on their need to handle the movement of my Books and come up with ideas to scare people stiff for wanting to get involved all the time, by the way of which forms the nucleus of the problem that Politicians have to solve here ripping my finances so they can make money with my life as it were, especially now itís important for Politicians to own the big companies so they can make public policy which can actually control this madness as it were, nice vantage point here from which I make use of the country they work for to get rich and chase all my dreams while they build it for nothing in return; it is only the one where they need to stop the sorting out the problems of my own race insults of playing with me and show up here at the concerns of this Estate and my Royal personage or my Firm to only when they want to my Book and then their anus will hurt from there too and that big mouth will be all over the place for it thereof, since that wasnít how popular culture goons deploy my public image to make fame and fortune that lets them get into industry backyard to chase their anus in the first place intellectual property administration service as it were.


They say the democrats hate my guts and itís like something people cannot understand, it is not actually so, the truth is that they were evil, now I have detached their wickedness from mainstream living, they think they can handle me, so itís a good idea to start hating my guts, they hate my guts because they think I am one of those important figures with a considerable history behind me but can be beaten up by them if they wish to get rid of the image they have as losers, by means of some rewarding cowards violence based on abusive stereotyping that isolates their victims for them like animals that the Police has to grapple with all the time but I am none of these things. What has happened is that I have detached their wickedness from mainstream living and can now sit about having a conversation with them that I can make them pay attention to if I do not fancy their behaviour. So they have always hated me in the first place because they think I should make it possible for them to access republicans who will do violent things for them so they can take over the world, as American wife while Republicans are American husband and I have given them some time to find out what will become of their stupid plan, fed up with it and want these incredibly stupid scum to show up around my concerns only when they want to buy a Book from me and not when they want to play with me. They speak of the reasons these bullying happens of course but only one matches the truth i.e. it was educated enough to show up on my television and therefore has the right to assume that I buy it in order for people to get on it and talk through to me all the time; rather comfortable with my half priest existence of course except, they will not let me sell Books because there are a few millionaires around, lots of boasting about how I get beaten down by those if they wanted but everybody knows I can make their millionaires breathless too if I got about making sure all they had and thought important was treated with a sense of destruction and vandalism, which if I did long enough will kill these scum that love to address and try their insanity on handling me all the time Ė so itís not yet a main issue when their millionaires spend most of the time they have paying attention to the income margins of my Estate ad pervading my services with stupid speeches to crowds of middle aged scum into something that gets people to think that handling it is what I do for a living; all I can say is that trader should trade before they have to complain about Royalty as well, blabbing about which ones I cannot take on when handling them could not be easier as it were: all they really have is those neighbourhood goons and the US democrats especially only have cults and gangs and n like manner are we all aware I do not fancy the money as much as they do, know what makes them tick and I have achieved to the very top without it too, hence easily imagined what could happen, when money mad democratic idiots and traders cannot trade instead of handling Royalty whenever they please. So why do democrats hate me? If it isnít that they think they can take candy from a baby which is what we see about those insults concerning how I have taken their Showbusiness and is always likely to make me go for a fight with them as a whole all together: I mean the show business that was their public image Ė even now we all know what they want to do to prevent piracy is shut down people making bits of movies into clips on the internet, never mind the fact the ones I pick and display on my social media was actually their property all together, their equity that was deployed to make the movies, an example of the fact when I have business with others these very stupid collection scum will have business with me as well without reason, apparently of which nobody really wants to make movies made from equities that involve them into clips on the internet as it does not actually inspire anybody. I hear they speak of people I am scared of, which are just a collection of fools that set off the process that allows community croons to strike my anus all the time do I cannot go anywhere smelling properly while they get about with stupid millionaires who cannot pay attention to their trade and not my Estate income margins, never mind show business idiots who claim I have taken their own while we continue to get stuck in this matter because they have no respect for my or what I do and the only way to stop getting stuck between the problems I resolved to build an Intellectual property administration business and to write the Books I sell in it as a product is to get rid of the stupid criminals that are also victim of crime celebrities i.e. every threat they issue is a function of trying to impress some rich and powerful bastard that has send them out to pass a message, they didnít think they might have to when they got about handling me and my Estate like we saw them do as though it is contained in their job description as it were and it has not yet made sense to the idiots that the reason they cannot take my career from me is that I tend to take over the structures that lets rich and powerful idiot send them out to deliver a fucking message as it were, what they want to find out is what I will do to them in terms of violence is they posed a physical threat with those stupid three to five bedroom flats. Itís not just the bit about intellectual property administration at show business either, they never show up here if not to play with me and set off statements that allow popularity fools to make money off my public image and move into their right hand to chase their bottoms until they commit suicide and all I had to do for my part was sell Books not clip their finances so they can claim itís a world power issue; they usually claim nobody told me to throw equities at Casino self-employment Film Industry with their Tycoon's Chess Boards over my Estate but we all know that they first claimed it was Elitism Film making since the original plan was to stimulate the minds of younger people all over the World, then they made their own films and music on it and are now set to destroy it if they cannot have it, complete with features like a rival but more powerful intellectual property administration system that does nothing for anybody but is set to exist simply because they have no respect for what I do and itís impossible to actually describe how stupid democrats really are, just have to spend all my energy thinking about making sure I am not a cowards narcissist expressions too and the fact they have no respect for what I do for a living instead. It did make sense to bring Military sensibility into the Show Business Industry deploying my Estate Canopy equities in this way because this problem is just a tip of the iceberg as it were Ė we all know that you may put some £100,000 into a Company share but it is the sales idiots on the streets forcing products on people that are actually doing damage to make you rich Ė so it costs about £400,000 to raise a child from birth to the age of 18 and this money ends up with people, are these people allowing others social and public mobility as well then? If US Democrats blab at me Books I have written to cause nostalgia and then showbiz I have taken from them or damaged due to a Public image that belongs to them one more time, I am actually going to go for it as well, see if I can shut them up too (24/7 it passes messages at others about some more powerful and wealthier goon - it could have thought about that long before the fact its only job at the company was to handle social media became a tool for attacking an Arch Prince everyday - now blabbing which problems I cannot handle while middle aged idiots in the neighbourhood let the yobs into my bedroom and blow off their big mouths for it). We hear that talk of Civil and Human Rights all the time as though those who have position to pass on by Hereditary do not have these things to worry about - so I will be carry on with mine a 'Kill me Quick - that was good' statement, where they really want to show me as it were and it will show up to make statements and each of it insulting and abusive but adds up to what he wants to do with his time until he issues threats based on activity meant to ensure it takes up my time as well and we are not talking about the Politicians, really stupid ones that show up to tell me to stop doing it as it is not needed (we hear the blabbing about how the freedoms I enjoy today was bought by people who had the courage to stand up to a might and right state of affairs when their sense of right and wrong is fundamentally flawed and itís the same with finding areas of peopleís lives to deploy as pressure points and getting rich quick by it meaning all those sales careers and jobs adds up to the same as what an Arch Prince is doing with his Network that has indicated they were in the same position as me when they were younger, thus threatening everything and everybody which does not make me angry in small measures considering the amount of career and academic work I have to do to secure qualifications and operate this business on a professional basis and how such nonsense affects the finances and creates a barrier in the process).

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