They say I have made the media out to be the enemy but it was all as simple as a disrespect towards others which reaches a point where people have to take a look at themselves in the mirror and realise they are nothing like you have made them out to be, disrespect to a stage where people are always mechanical at work or when they attend job interviews, I have never deliberately made them out to be the enemy when they are such bad press for themselves all together. I have always known I have only two problems here and one of them is being stuck with issues that bother stupid men that I might one day perhaps solve their problems and become more important, at which stage my Books will be worth reading, while the other is foolish black women wanting to play with me until I am ruined – those stories they tell about supporting me have no basis on fact, they are only complaining about learning the lessons of the consequences of their success of insults, right up to a case where I will have no peace until the wars the UK has made around the world is resolved while the position they exhibit continues to suggest everybody in the world should have a problem with a moral person and prevent people from being successful in neighbourhoods where they are popular, whether or not such persons live overseas – so we match it with the wars they are talking about and see the sense they are making every so often, then I get told I am still supporting racism in subtle ways whereas the reality is rather that the assumption continues to run that racism is something that the white race is wholly responsible for while we see the media and their black allies spend time on nothing else save that stupid service where they ensure others are not as successful as the super-rich – it develops to that stage where it becomes obvious they will spend money on donations to politicians but I will not allow people wallow in the ignorance that lets their mid-size businesses decide the way to make a living is ripping up other people’s livelihoods to create new markets, making it more obvious small businesses usually answer to the bigger ones whose products are being supplied while the bigger ones always answer to the customers who are likely to file the law suits – these goons hang at convenient points in the middle that they love so much to play around with other people’s livelihoods and pretend nobody can screw with theirs a little wicked things associated with making goons who bully people because they wear frock and assume they control the city that cause job losses, like it was never obvious that if smaller businesses did get off to decide that attacking them will sell products, since they have more problems and are likely to appeal more to Politicians, they are not going to win the fight. I am just going to follow on this case where they become used to telling me I am in a difficult position by shoving me down a rabbit hole over everything I do, to that point where it is obvious I am a mad one that wants to be in the best possible place when the money circulation is restricted and the government has to let flow more cash into the economy and we have to deal with deflation or inflation etc i.e. the bit where I have a little savings and a little investment and not too much of either to look after myself during an economic crisis thus ensure I break even and I am not going to rip their own up in the process judging current events so far. I mean they complain I make the media out to be the enemy but I still remember the days when the main thing was to recognise the effect of fasting and praying and show up to reverse it by violent abuses, which soon gave way to the one where I am detached from the benefits of spending time with my faith in order to stop me from reacting to them proactively and not reactively which will help to unhinge my mind and play up some ego around things I have not accomplished because they have damaged it in order to make me violent and nurse hope of getting into trouble with neighbourhoods gangs so to as to prevent their bottoms hurting while doing journalist job – so nobody on the plant knows journalists are evil as it were and we have not even started talking about irregular heart beat TV being a function of making a statement about not being able to control my heart which is akin to being possessed by a demon. What we now know is that they are always pushing me towards racism after getting rid of the ladies I had at Court, leave me thinking the ladies had some sort of relationship with them in the past or are their spouses to get fuming when I see the spouse appear on a separate occasion leaving me thinking they will continue to find lies they can tell for their position if they are not paying for it starting from getting rid of the ladies and attacking the women and then becoming real journalists after, talking nonsense at me all the time about making neighbourhoods safe for them or else with that big mouth. Obviously which house rules still stand, since they cannot make money without screwing with other people; must know peddling my faith and personal life and public image will occur with severe consequences attached too, bellowing those stupid threats while their goons overseas talk nonsense about the wars the British cause. None of these things of which are unusual it should be noted, since it is clear when I write my Books they claim it’s something stupid made to make sense to others via public work whereas the reality is that writing the Books mean I block off the fame and fortune madness and if they bang their cars and doors at me I can bang mine at them as well – like we see them seek to pitch state provided security of mine against their private security industry people, hoping talk of a public security matter will go their way mostly – their friends overseas will then tell you they thought it was the United States of America; the land of the free. It’s an old story where they say that terrorists make use of my video games and so on, including other things I do while reality is that their constant insults and putting me in par with terrorist on media is responsible for that; since I am aware that some of my activities may work in real life but my habits while I am playing the video games never will, thus no sane person will pick them up in the hope of getting into a fight with trained military, knowing they will end up with two minds just before the fight begins – so what I do does get picked up by British Military of course, hence it cannot be handled by the enemy too, just as they latch onto the fact talking about it does affect Officers whereas the reason it does is that all three sections of the Armed forces contrary to popular ideas, do not in any way operate the same way. Pretty much the same as the claim I am not on top of it whereas happy Prince who runs an intellectual property administration business via private equity, challenging goons who want to play with him and see what they can damage to stop playing with him and complain about popular culture goons creating public insecurity and moving into their backyards to chase their anus and private parts, to stop playing with me and get themselves a Book, does suggest that I am. Of course they say I am overconfident about my abilities and its much the same as when they say I am played up by the women – it seems popularity leaders are no longer invincible on this planet and I am still alive and will live long and prosper for my part in it too as far as I am concerned: the benefit of course being that we no longer have to do too much soul searching when women do school run and attend dance classes and swimming lessons to prepare for work which is usually unacceptable if it’s not wearing latest tech and running in City Parks, while I am not getting anywhere near a gym as much as they will sooner or later become less insulting than they are at the moment – it puts in perspective all that nonsense about owning everything that happens in the Country as a more acceptable form of discrimination and showing up around my income to exhibit all sorts of nonsense around the fact I have private parts all the time with that stupid media.

They say I am always angry and there must be a logical reason for it but there is; the Court is female only, but we have sickening disobedience that means men are the ones addressing me the most via the media. Then it steadily gets worse with popularity and Celebrity culture the whole time, while every involvement with me means they have something to complain about as the result is usually that employer says they have developed new attitude and yet when that hurts enough it will get involved with me some more still. It usually starts with them claiming they are fans and ends with their activities showing that as fans go they are not it with me feeling sore all over; even so while I am of which they are still taking over that bit where I am cool because they do not like themselves and issuing threats at me in order to own it, leaning on me to get a good feeling about life that comes from basking in my personality and recently they have begun taking my so called beauty sleep as well and this is the one that has created the sense I have been losing a Royal Estate, it means that 1.00pm and a situation will emerge where I force Church on people and take their conveniences from them as well, knowing they want nothing to do with Church. So, it feeds into the three areas where I have no respect for society people and Politicians hate my guts and security service operatives and personnel have been getting killed by an enemy that has learned from me. In terms of the first of which is a case where I walk down the streets and people extract sensations of sex from me when it looks like fat chance I will end up in their bedrooms, meaning I soon start a race against time with them while they are trying to attend employment on who will be gay first and the result is usually that they want to make me homosexual as a community and then plan violence against homosexuals while I am as well while the outcome is that it works for me whenever they try to cut me off my faith via church based ageism, that we find them attend Church either way – so now we are in a place where if I tell them to keep off it at Church environment since they have the worlds excuses outside of it, they get to do so or else they have something to complain about alongside their kids too, who do the same things they see their parents do and have no respect for anybody i.e. their new found colloquialism is about my tummy and then my anus after and shouldn’t be feeding into the case with Politicians which is that I let it run so that Politicians can continue with their current attitude where they claim it’s all my fault when I am the only one dropping out of University and they are not for instance – so the attitude of the Politicians is dying away and that big mouth about losing an estate because there is nothing I can do about it will be something that we get the opportunity to find out if it is actually true really soon. As for security personnel getting hurt on my account, that was an old case of their insults, right down to the bits where middle class gets involved with monarchy to invent its own ideas about what should happen etc and people show up to take all I own right down to any Royal Family member I had fallen in love with and so on bearing fruit; the Islamic terrorist ones in the Middle East claim to be fighting for religion and that they have some sort of moral high ground but we all know at this point such claims are not based on fact – it’s the same way they show up to play with me at the Book sale business creating a reputation popularity idiots can make fame and fortune with, knowing these goons are the main source of income for organised criminals. It’s the old case about my personality they seem to have a problem with claiming its loony; this is what people look like when they have had the privilege of seeing God, whether or not others believe he exists – so I do not mention such a privilege all the time so others can treasure their own faith too, but I am pretty sure my actions express it all the time never the less; it is not a product of sleeping with peoples wives on account others have their success of insults going for them and does not in any way mean that while the Royal family is not their family and they do not get to choose my friends, I lose an Estate to their audacious insults. So they are angry as well and the assumption is that I am oblivious to the reason but I am not; we hear them brag all the time about Vincent Van Gogh and the social conditions that meant he never sold is art work while it was worth millions after he had died; I know these idiots are spending money on popularity culture goons that are making popular music on my public image and that I am winning because they are losing my money, they just think I don’t; besides which I am not Van Gogh anyway – they are now vested with facts on how to make stupid statements like ownership of my property that will happen when I have prevented them from getting rich with it first and it’s the same ‘I can have anything I want but he is an Arch Prince and I cannot have him therefore he is very distracting’ insults that meant it was always poking my lovely head and chest and tummy and bottom and keeping an eye on me at University until I dropped out, same took my employment from me as well, while it shows up here to complain about the reasons it is angry all the time and pretend the vengeance I wrought on its stupidities all happened randomly; so I am angry and they are angry and the reasons are very logical, I have not lost any royal estate to their stupidities, only it will get worse if they cannot keep their fingers off my Bum and clear the public image space – we see it on the streets all the time not least expressed by those stupid Bus drivers; I will have my bum fingered for walking down the street but when I get hold of them and twist them into a corner where I can ensure they are going into their Offices alongside their toilets I will lose a Royal Estate because of their temper and their big mouth. In the end it is clear that they get involved with my concerns on account that they have problems that are driving them hard but what it does to me is that I end up with problem on account they will only have what I give if they did through success of insults; hence they do enough damage here to end up in a relationship with me that is all about punishment and the Celebrity ones are finding out the theory that they have mine and have theirs if so needed on account of their fame is another theory I am happy to put to the test in very sore ways as well: I mean the Bus drivers know which jobs I cannot do and which academic work I cannot complete and it’s not even racism yet, just the part where they follow me around and the effect is that my Job and academics is taken from me so I might sit about reacting to their stupidities in a hope I will lose my mind. They do Boast about a difficult situation I have on my hands of which there is no such thing; what happens is Politicians ripping my finances to let them get ahead of me financially and academically for the sake of their self-confidence of idiots, now they think they are important enough to discipline me for my savage and uncivilised behaviour which ensures they have other advantages attached to it but we all know I can extract that stupid self-confidence and beat it down to a stage where it stopped getting involved with rich people at my expense and the result will be that if I have a job I will not face a risk whereby if people are nice management positions change hands and I have to leave - then it will be a roller coaster and a slippery slope from there but for now I am selling Books and I do try to implore them to show up when they want a copy, not to show up and play silly hurtful games with me. There are reasons it happens of course and the most important is that they are screwed, have not been working on those business empires that get to their heads, seeing my Books and Estate and Company is doing well, they want some of it but have no plans to buy my Books but tricks and abuses by which to do so, hence insults and comments on media that leave me watching my Empire shrink every day and I coming up with a plan to cracked up out of their league their own too - so eventually it comes down to getting rid of the criminals that are also victims of crime celebrities to sell my Books and I have expressed this in many ways to deter them from showing up with success. When it started they said they could screw with me as much as they wanted because their money will never run out, now a fat cat has a fat arse and is passing insults and training up younger people to do the same as well; so I am just going to follow it up until when I return to academic stuff and they follow me around again to find out if I am bluffing. The case I am a Bum and a Shrew is something they say ever so frequently but we all know that nobody can study or concentrate on anything while ageist idiots push gangs into his bedroom in that condition, so apparently if I said it was stupid I would get into trouble with that big mouth but it thinks it is successful enough to teach me lessons to such an extent i.e. I am going to keep an eye on it and when I return to an academic institution to find them follow me around, then we will find out if I am bluffing as well. It’s been going on for more than a decade now, these idiots thinking they are famous enough to select me as the person ugly and stupid community croons who are insane want to get feelings of sex from and so we have the politicians that are now complaining show up to prevent me from defending myself bearing in mind the level of abuse needed by such idiots who need to look at some kind of personality they do not see often because it is out of their reach and take advantage of it to feel they are alive, they say it affects people jobs if I defended myself and now that I have stopped doing so my behaviour is such that I will do nothing until somebody gets hurt and the ageists are having a field day with media passing around insults. The idiots are never seen talking from their own rights and the insolent threats are just a point of regular tolerance all together. It’s never really more difficult than handling this alongside stupid Celebrities claiming they can have what I do to my enemies and have what my enemies do to me because they are famous; I want them off my Books and intend to personally supervise them clear my public image space too (I do get told I spend my time tackling those that have done nothing wrong of course until such times as these for instance where freedom is being discussed and a light is shed on what they have carved out and decided constitutes their newly developed freedom and it is usually at such a point that I will not want to be seen doing anything about it as well: I mean it’s simple for all to see that if its freedom is making popular music on my public image which I do not want, I may understand if that Girl got off to make one so with my approval, which provided people with security while they were trying to complete their academic work on account somebody was a drug dealer but that they are famous and can have both what my enemies to do me and what I do to my enemies is a big mouth wagging besides ageists pushing gangs into my bedroom to goad me every second and seek fat cat privileges doing so as it were - they are fucking famous). I mean I can be stupid too; where those who own fashion brands are a real problem all together and it will show up on social media to ensure its fashion outlet and the girls and the money is something I want but cannot have and if it wants but cannot have my Office and Public life, it is a cause for surprise ADHD idiots vengeance - I can be stupid too when I take over the public image of those company boards and run their lives for them to I might set out a statement that shows there is always somebody in that company that wants those stupid shares of theirs and this is what is about to happen very soon too (when they issue those threats and the victims have not added it on to become confident too, in like manner of which I have made it quite clear here that the bit where they need my help but have no respect for me creating outcomes where I do what I do to benefit everybody anyway was none of their business - very important they complain about my hatred for their homosexual communities and keep their insults and hands to themselves: They speak of me harming the Legacy of Princess Diana and it’s part of this line of flak I get every day from people who build enterprise around members of the Royal Family coming from the family of the spouses and yet I can still remember when mine began the year I returned to the UK in 2001 when there were rumours of HM speaking to Her Circle about recently surfaced hope and the importance of showing respect for the forces that were beyond control - the same reasons they are fighting for their lives as we speak: then we hear I have no respect for Celebrities and that it is the biggest problem I face but we are still having fresh memories of the damage done here to bring us up to a moment where it would seem they were important enough as compared to me, to say such things, thus if I said they needed to fuck off, I would be told it was a swear word naturally but I wonder what people would make of the fact they annoy and abuse and annoy me to provoke me into reaction not because they hate me but because being my enemy means having an opportunistic disposition that allows them suck up to rich people - I am here as such talking about, turning the fact they need to stay away from me and all my concerns and keep their fingers off my private parts as a sermon because I really am thinking about doing something about it very often, considering I should not be but because the ladies are now tied down thanks to silly Politicians, their insanity is taking up my time). Everybody knows they are always clinging to my personality making use of it for all sorts of purposes including the need to take cool guys character and make use of his sleep time to feel good about life and recover personal dignity they lost to their insane deviance and that their eyes and that of their community idiots and society fans are firmly fixed on the area where the finances are located which is why I cannot sell my Books when I stop them taking it and they feel they can control me because they are not buying either, issuing those stupid threats ever so regularly with those insults we have to put up with on Media all the time.

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