They say my Court is a place where all the things that can be done to people by an extremist group is being practiced in order to hope for such an outcome which has no basis on a reality that is more about the insults of Lesbians and how Female Journalists get into an Arch Prince Court where they can have a relationship with a Man they are not actually married to which will last forever and the same for an Arch Prince that is always dealing with insults from Men having a Court of Female Journalists he has a relationship that will last forever; their behaviour will not stop the continuation of such things in any case but it is being practiced as part of a daily evil associated with a contraption they call a job. So on context everything they have done has not actually ended up improving their lives because of my actions and I am very well aware of that i.e. if this condition they claim exists whereby economic conditions are bad for all except them is allowed to continue, it will add up to another daily evil that they can deploy to ensure such an outcome is linked with reality, making up facts on that stupid media as they go along - so I have made myself clear about why they need to find a way of making money which recognises that others want to do the same, a way of getting rich which recognises others have their hands full with difficult matters and may not win a competition against them, a way of making money that is actually civil, otherwise I will be kicking it up a gear to ensure every hurtful thing I experience from them is felt at their financial wellbeing and then they can tell me to sort out Women from there, like messy business worthy of their mates as it were.

I mean even now they say I should be able to see that a religion that preaches love even for enemies is an affront to female freedom since it is likely to contradict everything that supports the fact that women have to get into difficult relationships and get themselves out of it by means of contraception, than risk the route of violence but I am completely lost as per what it has to do with me when they spend most of their time making sure everything around me except my finances is working as I had intended because they need two things in their lives and one of those is to get rid of the Monarchy while the other is to get rich and famous and I am the key to it Ė I mean I still have to put up with neighbourhood scum picking up on their stupidities at Media along with the male colleagues which spends all day doing horrible things to me until at atmosphere emerges by which to churn my tummy and tell me I cannot have my Public image anymore and therefore somebody else can own it as such with that big mouth, which is precisely why I dropped out of University while the matter is so simple for me to resolve. The American ones have come to this point where they say I think I am in control but am not whereas reality is that the recent move to shut down the dark web is such a massive boost for what I may have to do to prevent everything that either putting up a product there to get rich with and establishing a link between bullying me and grabbing my empire to do so, or having already put up a product that has made them a lot of money by means of the same process, leading to outcome whereby since Obama had a great idea I will lose the Film Industries and the Auto Industries and the Fashion Industries and the Media Industries and the manufacturing Industries and every interest that was associated with my Royal Intellectual space simply because I am spending my attention on selling my Books and they have found that it is a possibility I can be bullied into a condition where I am unable to protect my clients from them on account I need to get the products off the shelves; so it would without the shutting down of the dark web have led to outcomes where I run their stupid lives for them and follow it up with a campaign that suggests somebody else is always in need of their shares or their companies, topped up with putting noose down the noses of those stupid celebrities to drag them back to sell my products and pillage my Public image to make money that they can buy me with from there, like the fucking idiots they are Ė since these activities are contained in their job description and they simply have to perform them as it were. The big problem is still that I dropped out of University for something I could so easily control whenever I wanted to handle my Public image, to sit around getting made a mess of everyday by these fools and now they are after my Books as well, to create their sceptic Media who have doubts about my Royal abilities with plans to report news on absolutely nothing else looking for trouble all the time. I do not provoke people until they become disturbed human beings - what women do with risky relationships and contraception has nothing to do either with my religion or with me. So they say I am contributing to this game where peoples incomes as a matter of public pleasure on media but I am not, itís an unusual situation that has called for an unusual response that involves peoples salaries being revealed; what the Journalists and television personalities have been doing with their salaries is spending the money on goons who cannot work the shares they own in companies without pillaging other peopleís lives and public image for being beaten back, for the fact that the victims protected themselves; so itís not a matter of how they were either financiers or manufacturers as such, just a matter of the fact they considered their salaries to put them in league with the great and good of the world of rich people Ė so somebody else got fed up and revealed how much the salary was. I for my part as seen do not have to reveal any salaries if a Royal Office gives me enough power to control the lives of traders who will not leave me alone and keep their insults to themselves even when an exasperated version of such a sermon has become the norm Ė then after I run the lives of celebrities and Journalists and some industry goons and trouble maker Politicians, I can set out a campaign where somebody in an Office always wants their jobs, somebody in the company always wants their shares and then the outcome will be one of those occasion where it becomes obvious that Royalty is the bigger and more powerful one before it stops. Some people say they wish to work out the extent of my power because they want to be fans but I am not interested; I am mostly preoccupied with the worry of my Court Ė to stop those who get off on public places claiming to be a part of it and to ensure everybody that is a part of it has a specific role to play, so I might be free of the incessant worry about affairs at my Estate, while they can be free of a suggesting sexual impropriety and deviance. I do get told controlling the celebrities would be very difficult which it isnít; the celebrities only exist in the world of the madness of men on the left and on the right in the middle of which service people are doing their jobs and if it is not happening with respect to my Office specifically, then I need to stop any celebrity activity being done in such ways, therefore I have to ensure all celebrities have their specific roles; the rest of the time itís mostly local mongrels who should have been the famous ones because they were better looking, making trouble for everybody and the neighbourhoods, which is what women tend to handle well Ė so I can spend my time with them superior industry trouble makers corrupting every service in my Intellectual space to gratify their madness and their wealth and I shouldnít tell them they are stupid because I do not stand achance and I will get into trouble if I did.

Now there is talk of me having inclusion problems and an inability to get along with people and it is utter nonsense; I do not have inclusion problems in anyway whatsoever, what people have been doing around me most of the time is some way by which a moral person can be trapped somewhere and then sacrificed and killed to create a better world for them and to do that they have a plan to be more important than I am using media that deploys my public life and public image to that effect and then when they have given themselves the right to rip up my finances, if added to a process where they keep their own, such a dream will be fulfilled. Today they think I have gone along with it to a point where they are on one side and I am on the other and we are equals which could not be further from the truth and we hear those stupid complains about what I have done to them to deserve it as a result too, which relates to a loss of that stupid culture and society by which they build up these senselessness and then when it gets to a frenzied point and I am stuck in the middle anything can happen to me and they can have anything they want from me and the devil will be powerful. I have made myself clear about where I stand on the matter and the month of July of 2017 was the last time-period where I was willing to tolerate this nonsense they call a process of making money and if they are unable to find a way of making money which is civil and respects others who have problems and therefore unlikely to win a competition with them, there is going to be serious trouble over these matters and I do not in any way have an inclusion problem thereof. We see it every time telling lies such as my opinions being uneducated whereas I could have known their opinion about the law is that it serves to protect so called cunts and weaklings from them and now their stupid bad reputation will take over everything on account somebody knows that the bits of the law that says they should be guilty only when proven serves to protect them from other people as well Ė we see the stealing all the time that we used to see about 3 decades ago when gangs ruled the streets of the US and Capone was famed, the women linking their feminist madness with some stupid imagination about a sexual habit of mine they have never actually seen and you can never leave your possessions somewhere and return to find it the way you left it, even if it was something said or thing in action, provided it is valuable, not because they need it but because you are being punished, made to feel sick all the time, being punished mostly just for existing and of course if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time they see it as well, any new ones created after I have plaid waste to it so far and they are always clear not to find a civil way of making money from the start of August 2017 and blow off that big mouth about violence as well while at it. Itís never true I am scared of hurting people as such; the reality is more a case of not wanting popular culture because I do not fancy it while those who have turned civil rights into a means by which to spend the stupidest of their times around other peopleís concerns when they share a skin colour with people do other things with it like ensure I am facing racism when I do not want them making popular culture fame and fortune money with my reputation and public image, then send out their stupid children to tell me I cannot handle them or I will be looking for trouble when we all know itís the evil next door neighbour situation whereby I have to drop out of University in order to show it is important not to build up popular culture around my concerns while they have not lost anything yet save a certain part of their big mouth so far and itís all going to end terribly altogether too - they are very well aware I am not the one complaining at the moment and that they are riding on abusive insults that are possible because their victims do not have the time that can be spent on them yet so far. So they say every Political entity in the world hates me which is understandable as I need people to keep off my Literary Empire in the same way I do not know who is the most popular persons in their neighbourhoods and have not been shown to care if there is one anyway; the Americans are most prolific in this matter, itís as though the existence of my Books that puts Royal property in a Public place but in such a way as people cannot pillage it to solve personal problems and get rich means that they cannot move on with their lives and itís never really clear what they want from me anyway Ė just that it happens because they live in the most powerful Country in the world which is completely irrelevant considering that their behaviour gives me a license that means I can do pretty much anything I liked. So it comes down to this case where the British have to be made to control me in some way which is never going to happen and there is nothing of me to control; their celebrities have been showing a lot of respect when if they want to spend their time on being more worthy to be Royal than I am, they will waste mine and my property to create one on media and same with when they want to run an endless media scepticism on my ability to fulfil my duties too Ė they rip up my academic work and finances to create their news and so on. So, what we see as a result is that they hate a Book that is written in such a way that those who steal in this way, not because they need to but because they are punishing those who have what they do not and making those who own things they donít sick all the time, means they show up around it all the time as well, looking for a privilege of injustice that they will never get. They do speak of me being some sort of shapeless Royal which is utter nonsense Ė I am an Arch Prince and one that is good enough to support an entire government thinking on his feet if it is required of him, my Books will not appeal to them and they know that being seem around my concerns is damaging; I mean opening the Bible in the company of Boys who are smoking marijuana and have not asked a word of you is a calculable risk for a preacher but when they come into your house because you open the Bible there, itís another story entirely Ė their celebrities have been showing a lot of respect that then indicates there is anything they can do about me too. Itís sort of those situations where they have done it and when I ask if the next turn in mine; which most time I ask, is because I just want them to go away and not because I mean any situation that may amount to a threat on account I have since it is not approved by the Church, they usually say it is not and then I will start to think they are joking as well but then again of which the abuses and attacks will continue to a stage where a hypothetical condition exists where it is said supposing Ė supposing there is nothing you can do and these are the reasons I am not the one complaining, particularly because if I grabbed that stupid culture and society and put it to celebrity culture as well, we would see that they would be chasing their lives so that people can pick on their weaknesses with media and make a mess of them and then find such abuses amusing like they are doing with me presently, thus I do fancy the history they are building here all together. We hear them speak of how I do not deserve to keep people off the finances and publicity attached to the Books that others clearly wrote as it were but even now; they are using my personal space and temperaments and personality for something that is so important to them that I do not have a resting space and a bedroom and a study space and an Office where I can do anything I need to do to run my career without thinking about being accommodating of others Ė so it is an empty agitation in my view as it were and I would fancy they moved their abusive evil senselessness and its disobedience somewhere else too.

They say I really love to have the last word and itís not a matter of having the last word as it is more a case of having my work, rest and sleep environment to such an extent that I can do anything I want to do with it in a way that does not compromise with the fact that other people exist and then there will be no problems; as for the fact I cannot face up to the Celebrities, the big idea goes beyond showing up here to punish me for the fact that people heard they wanted to get involved with me at the Monarchy and it did not end well especially around those bits where they would do anything for money and hate those who have no ambitions and aspirations but want to take or take over the lives of such persons whenever others have given an opportunity of a lifetime, only to find that when it comes to it, the accusation I play too much and blame others is never really enough since the reality is that the Bible teaches against being a loutish playful person but does not mean that their narcissist happiness that is willing to do anything for money will suffice when I feel I am being threatened by them either: the point is, the idea is that if I rented the venue next door to Glastonbury and felt it interfered with my gospel I could not fight for it, which is not actually what truth, reality of history says.

They say I think about women that are out of my league every time while reality is that every goon that shows up here to distract me from what I am doing and cause huge delays to my progress has no sense of direction and its always a huge problem to get compromised with them emotionally or sexually - so there is a bit of respect for those who Celebrity status exists independently of me but the ones whose own does not generally do the most damage over their need to assume I am completely unaware their main priority is to mess with me while selling products to their fans, turn up here very disobediently and unnecessarily make my whole life toxic by conversing with a crowd about how more successful than I am their stupidities were and it will take weeks and months to clear it out then I deal with another as soon as I am done with the first. They know I hold Royal Office and have a sense of what Wealth, Power and Privilege is and that their money cannot affect me in anyway but feel as if I should have problems and get off serving them by means of the Public image and the Bookshop I handle at the Hermitage which means I am trying to get into contact and into a form of relationship or another with people, as stupidly as possible and then stand up somewhere claiming I think having problems means being successful therefore implying the business of making a mess around here because they expect me to get off a Hermitage and set about proving a thing or two over the way I have handled my finances was something I would be forced to do and we know the only way they make the football and Celebrity money we hear them blab about all the time is to put up the money that Industry goons who give it to them to get back at Government operatives that donít co-operate with Industry needs, somewhere that gets the attention of the Public and gets people wondering what to do if they had a fraction of it, getting people to part with any little money they had in the first place and passing around bread winner insults for it - I have no idea what their problem is all together; running a business properly or doing a job properly but the insult about being out of my league continually interfering with my concerns and ending with threats on their part is that which will get them complaining over the fact it got serious before it stopped too. They say people know they are not out of my league but I am just petty and it is utter nonsense Ė what happens is that they take money from Industry trouble makers and put it up as leverage against the general public then hang around at the shops to collect money from people to add to the money they already have and try to get married into the Royal Family chasing my bum Ė this produces an outcome where they make a mess of mine all of the time and other sales Industry goons that play with their wealth inequality gimmicks want to make a mess of equities I broker with Clients by accessing me; it has now become a question of when indeed exactly I am going to start the process of getting my business into the hands of somebody that can help me make a living with it while they make a mess of it like this every day and they have continued to boast about this nonsense being the power they have over me and I am prepared to break their own as well at this point. It still goes back to the destruction of my academic work, they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, the more famous they are, the better it will be that they did so Ė if I said the abusive nonsense is usually a matter of getting people to think I believe their stupidities to be interested in me while they are only interested in people that are following them in public and on the Internet and with that the wreck everything around here and make my whole life toxic all day long, I am now keen to pin their own up at very strategic locations and then when it becomes a matter of me, the Celebrities and those fans, bearing in mind when the fans are gone the job is finished, it will end the way that their stupidities want it to end all together as we can see, I do get told when I handle it or speak of it that way, I am slow about the matter while they are really no good at all but I donít like them either, I just like it when they find money and buy products, more serious things like dropping out of University over their need to make a mess of me has happened and they appear to be hard of hearing over it, started a new one with my public image over my Books yet again. Now they say that in Africa I would have been taken down for Witchcraft and their stupidities would have been the people to set out the accusation and its utter nonsense as the time spent on clearing out everything that allows people think I am insane by going back to when the disturbed obsession they had which was mainly about hurting me for fun began, is better spent on something more important and we know when I start talking like that, they will be the ones getting done for witchcraft by the crowd they brewed up Ė we know itís the same story here in the UK, trying to keep them off my Bookshop and what Employers and Audiences think of my Books; the Men have had their House spent on me by my humble self, so whatever beauty is responsible for that obsession will overflow and if they label me homosexual it is really going to blow up in their faces, so we have instead an eventuality where they head off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff all the time, next stop will be the dirty faced women who feel like hitting me until I pay attention to them even while I am asleep all day along with their dirty faces speaking to equally stupid Celebrities about knowing me and owning me all the time, looking for more of what their mean cunt stupidities are complaining about. They have pointed out that itís the fact I am a threat to Celebrities which brings on this behaviour much as we know that between 2008 and 2019 the business of wrecking my academic pursuits had been achieved, the part where they found out where I am heading and everything that helped them out with that at National Media and Parliament has come to their aid again for the purpose of pulling me in two directions all the time has occurred and the bits about their imagination getting up my anus as a matter of the leadership their stupidities want to provide in the Local communities have happened as much as a schizophrenic can do as they possibly can with that big mouth inviting itself into my concerns like it wants me to commit murder all the time and we see this behaviour extend to their foolish fans as well Ė it will say that I an endowed with a body type that does not allow me pay a lot of attention to insanity like their own but I will then have to match the personal decisions they make right up to the point where they can no longer live in the one and only society they have got, with the destruction of my career in order to make available a disposition that will allow their stupidities feel good about themselves; it adds up to an education on why people kill other people Ė I donít fancy the big mouth blabbing at me all the time as well either. So we find some will say these activities allow the witchcraft do whatever it likes but it does not around here; I detached it from my mainstream living and those who are in charge can either show up here because they wanted my Books free of charge which we can talk about or because they wanted to buy the Books I had written, otherwise never leave it out, the fact that they have not had it figured out and are contributing to more problems as it were - really had enough at this stage. I do get told that these people donít hate me, they are just stupid and I am aware of it too but their involvement with me is largely a matter of the leadership Journalistic idiots and their Celebrities supply around here, next we find they want me to deploy my Office for the purpose of looking after their hurting bottom problems too and I am pushed out of my own space to make a case for the fact they are not more important than I am because it obscures my person and Public image leaving the criminals and goons who get obsessed with it, that they get around with as well, to make a mess of my concerns all the time, while it cannot allow me any peace blabbing nonsense about being out of my league and if I did not have a relationship with them, I would have lost something important when it has no sense of direction and itís always the highest risk and extreme pain for every compromising position I find myself in with them and their stupid media jobs that get to their heads. So what it means is that my whole life is mostly about a fraction of the Public that wants to get involved with my concerns and is quite obsessed with the service my Books provide for the audience but does not have the time and stomach to either buy or read it and it has now produced all sorts of nonsense like criminals dispatching their children to creep around me and pee, pee, pee, extract money from my Public image while they all complained to Politicians about my attitude alongside the Media twerps who think itís a problem I should be solving as they are publicly complicit with it to make a fool of me and blow off their big mouth in an attempt to issue threats all day long (much as I have been told if I run my life the way I do I will roll myself off a cliff but will not, if I know the careers of Media idiots does not look like stupid people and dirty faced black women claiming they own them, getting involved with their concerns and expressing something of a need to beat them until they responded to a need to pay attention to some ugly fools who needed self-improvement, so I have no idea why its complaining to its equally stupid Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible while it is busy with this either - itís the Media; it thinks that when it has media it is complicit with crime one moment and the next the victims of its stupidities are dealing with busy body practical jokes that make people feel the age of 50 was a luxury, if about to be exposed).

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