I do get told that if I were allowed to get near the Parliament and to see what happens there, I would have destroyed everything but itís not really the case; what happens is that MPs are very fond of ruining the lives of young people to create those pockets of lost academic endeavour and innovation that they can latch onto in order to gain links and connections at Industry Ė so if the outcome is that they now have this power and influence and wealth going for them, so it gives them impetus to abuse people who work the corridors, as we can see the effect their behaviour has on the Country and what that has done to me because they are always making abusive references to me as well, I would immediately start to take it down if I were being abused directly, starting from the confidence that allows Politicians to address and get involved with people where they are least expected to. Generally the excuse is usually that their need to control industry is justifiable for stability reasons and I can understand that but this whole business of having a public image that extremists with ideologies that should never be explored can take advantage of to settle what besets them by getting the Public to understand was created by them Ė so as far as I am concerned, they have created a problem and gotten about solving it incompetently, having made money and industry connections, there is a sense of power and influence about them which allows them to be abusive in the Houses of Government. Itís like the Celebrity racism we hear all the time which is not actually surprising as there are many times I have come across Celebrities saying something about me getting taught lessons on account what I say is disturbing while they cling to my Public image and get me bumping into all sorts of nonsense everyday Ė so when they are racist it does not bother me, just when they trouble me then they can start getting famous with the racism as well; these days we see them try to find a way around that but the idea is that I am helpless while reality is more a matter of the fact they always want how I grew up and how I attended school and had childhood friends, the time I took my GCSEs and became aware of the way the world works for the first time etc. no idea why their own is never enough. In any case I do not consider them to be famous anyway; a Celebrity is somebody who does show business and show business is a process of sharing feelings of the great and wonderful and even peculiar things that are happening in the Country with those who have not been exposed to it, such as what happens at Parliament or the Monarchy and so on Ė these goons are just trouble makers who enjoy jumping on public image to get Industry trouble makers spending money on narcissistic happiness they make out adds up to the idea they are famous and thereafter start to persecute me because the very disposition that they are not paying me to keep their secrets is itself a problem. So if a Celebrity got involved with my work as a means of sharing what is happening in the Country it is indicative of a Celebrity that wants to share a Court system with me but if they want to share it without getting involved itís just a Celebrity over there, these guys are not Celebrities, just bullies who talk about appearing on Media and why their bottom should not hurt while reality is that the hurting bottoms bit was actually the job the Celebrities do, so we have now entered a phase where I find myself telling them to look to their savings and mortgage when they want equities, keep off my Estate lest I start to tackle their backyard too and the outcome is that I am an individual who interferes with those problems celebrities get involve with to build up the things that push them when they need to exert themselves on set, hence they have only gotten back to the job but the others who are so used to abusing me because they think they are Celebrities are asking for an eventuality where I get my hands on it too. In the end if there are famous people whose bottoms should never hurt as such, then there is an audience for that and itís the one that beats up the wife over a beer in the backyard, so she can never have strange opinions when he stars at the breasts of that goon that wrecks his finances and has babies on his public image, then when the whole life is wrecked it might perhaps return home to beat up more wife. We see it all the time; somebody makes Classical Music and itís about violence and war but the bit where he is angry about the way society behaves so the Daddy character that was him decided to choose a convenient exemption and people are supposed to listen to it on the public image of those who want to handle problems.

They do speak of the need to get through the facts concerning the reasons I am deeply hated but I would not understand anyway while it is rather obvious I stop their fame Ė which I would not do if they were not so busy building up things I do in my own time on Media, telling me I am famous and then spending even more of my time making sure others are getting it, itís a follow on from the fact itís all incredible insults likely to be developed by a certain group of people within the majority population who regularly sit down and think about going off to exasperate some inferior people somewhere and there is nothing to it save insults, which I like to think is what they want to do with their time, save this process afore mentioned. These goons behave in this way because they appear to have need of leadership like it was air they breathed, not as though others are unwilling to supply it, just that they need it every single moment of their nasty lives; so I am sure that if the hate is a burden for them, they can stop doing it too, otherwise my self-appointed processes of public control will only continue and they will continue to deal with processes that mean they do not know what I am doing but are certain if they do those things that hurt me they will end up in some form of pain or suffering as well. They speak of themselves as clever organisms and complain from the reasons they do these things all the time but there are really no reasons save the need to build up those insults on others that people can award them privileges of injustice by and so we see that at the workplace they simply cannot let women be, thus on one hand is the need to talk at people about doing something concerning women so as to make them comfortable which I have no idea why they are always channelling at me if they have no wish to deal with women who hate men but marry anyway and then start to persecute certain kinds of men because they want to create homosexuals that will marry the Men as well Ė on the other the women with careers are always being pushed and buffeted and when such women push back I get that look which I have no idea why I do anyway, we all know their own is at least three times over and that women need to push back especially at the workplace, which is usually the stage where I will likely get told that I encourage women to insult people, while reality is more that the part concerning the women is more of a push back and less of insults i.e. we find these goons build these life changes insults as part of career progression and there will be one for last week and another for last month and then another that was set up right back to the start of the year, so that apart from the way their needs depend on people and destroy peopleís lives, we find that if the boss does not consider them for the pay rise or promotion instead of a female, such a Boss will have to deal with that which is not visible.

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