They now say that my Hay fever is a very small thing that happens to debilitate me, meaning I am not good enough for my position and it is utter nonsense – what happens with the Hay fever especially when people have tummy issues like I do is that you tend to have a high temperature and when you go under cool water to keep cool it is never healthy cool, it is sick cool and you feel nauseated and sickly all day for three months, never mind the breathlessness and sleep deprivation and the fact it happens in summer, so sometimes your heart is about to explode when you get out of bed since it’s impossible to get under cool water during bedtime and you have a blinding splitting headache that does not go away until you got under water to keep cool and this is because of the sheer temperature of the blood that is circulating around your body – that said, it does not make me half a stressed as the fact while I am managing my condition, somebody sets about daily practical jokes with local goons that shoots up my stress levels because they believe my response to such things to be exhilarating; running off their career on publicity I have built for my Books to bottom out the finances and leave me with financial complications that execrate the nauseating sensations and they never ever stop or listen, this is compounded by a need to cling to my Public image and build up communities of goons who have ideas that constitute imagination that goes up my anus to make me give up what I have earned and a life built for me on Media that they can force me to live alongside ageist goons who sit about hoping somebody will force me to do something that will make them comfortable on account they consider themselves to be very important, flirting with tyranny at my expense – so it’s all completely uncalled for but they have never seen a reason not to do it. I do not think it a crisis either, they have continued to suggest I deserve it because of my behaviour while all that has happened with my behaviour is that they followed me around at University in much the same way, wrecked the academic work to ensure I spent my time responding to the insanity that was associated with a need they have to get me deploying Public Office to secure their creature comforts by protecting their bums from the abusive processes of getting a job, about which none knows how they intend to pay their way in the world but we know when I am sore all over they go off to get the job for the purpose of bullying me with the money they make anyway and we have ended up with an outcome that was born out of the annoyance of this happening to such an effect that I dropped out of University on the same year the world’s worst recession began, hence I had decided to wait for them at the markets to resolve this matter altogether.

The Politicians say it’s something that happens on the right hand side and the fact a twerp like me has ended up with a Royal commission that brings it on and we know the first fantasy they had about me was a case of a titanic battle with Politicians that went down in history and created intrigue and mystery that runs along the corridors of Westminster and that it did not end well, so this new fantasy is wanting to set out some new Political landmarks on the basis of my Office having created problems for them and been responded to, as stupidly as possible but if this Office were to create problems for them since they will not stop ripping up the career and academic work and hanging about to hope I will try to make money from civil rights in which case they would be first in line to get such money out of the public, what would have happened would have been a progression of this case where Society trouble makers complained about me because the women are always abusive so I cannot live with my backyard and front porch because it belongs to them and hence always made to feel stressed even in Bed, which is why the women suffer most each time I issue those threats about selling their silly culture and society for funds, the Men just love to walk around the streets trapping me in female problems, whether or not they were aware that each time women support women, an idiot always has an idea about chasing Lesbian Lovers and each time Men support women have ideas about ruining some Men who trifle with feminist power, until I get them stuck in it to add to the fact they hate their wives who hate them too in equal measure, so being that the Popular culture goons and Celebrity goons was a given when it comes to hating my guts, when I do get the Big brothers and Big sisters until control as well, it will be such that the deployment of big brothers and big sister position will help me resolve all of it to an extent whereby it was clear that this behaviour had something to do with a set out job I perform as a matter of people trifling with me to earn an outcome in which I wanted to punish them in a way that they will not recover from as easily as they imagined.

Their theory is that this is how civil wars are created and that they were chasing autonomy and economic interests while what happens with the economy is that Households have showed up to spend their money on supplies, about which they must have the money to spend in the first place for any economy to take place and those who create these supplies have built an environment in which they will demonstrate how various items work, I am lost as per how these stupid behaviour facilitate any of these, only makes sense then when we consider that the only one they have done is the big business bits, being that they were overseas government and Politicians the last time that we checked. They have complained my actions are distracting and yes they are – dropping out of University was distracting and above all spending 6 years to tidy up for another attempt without success was even more distracting, when I decide they need to move, I am faced with a blockade, not just of my personality being a debatable subject that spreads me around so people can make the insults that gesture me to their left and right quantifiable, to such an extent they can move into my right hand and beat me up to ensure I never think of that part of my life anymore, then own it, which is further exacerbated by those stupidities of body language by the Politicians that is completely unconnected with their contract or Parliamentary code of conduct blabbing off something of what happened on the right hand side which means I will never be free of them and stands to suggest Media and Celebrity gits want to be me – which by the way all began when they started their society bullying at University and made up the reasons for it using what I wrote and said while I studied as an explanation for their behaviour and kept making up their own version as they progressed, right up to the point where the whole abusive processes started making them financially better off and then they became such clever bullies they could not be reasoned with, whereby when I want to move on all hell breaks loose because it means I will be ripping up their Politics and society in the process because of the sheer volume of Legislation they have devised to cover it up. In the end they have always been more interested in abusive practical jokes and a processes of becoming rich layabouts at other people’s expense and they love to point to other forms of Politics which have been repressive while reality is that most others prefer to put in at least 40% effort into what they are doing before they got off asking others for support.

Hence speaking of the fact they distract me and ruin mine and I distract them to ruin their own as well and their American friends are facing the same predicament right up to the point of shutting down Government but not handing back the money tax payers gave them during that period because there was some behind the scenes government going on during that period – what their sense of freedom and autonomy generally implies is that each time I spend years building relationship with a Company I suddenly find that a Pop star who has been pillaging my work and public image to get goons that make money for the purpose of fighting people spending money on them by buying equipment and venues for them to sell Celebrity products on my public image by has in an action that shows whenever they make money they never mind their business, bought shares with such a company in order to gain access to and dominate me – so they really do start to look like they want a response from me with those sugar babies darting off insults that churn my tummy while their benefactors will fulfil dreams being disobedient at my expense, hence goes without saying when they look like it enough they will get one and it goes without saying if they build that popular culture pipeline they stretch from US to japan across this Hermitage again I will ensure what they were currently complaining about was many times as bad for my part too, following me around at the academic institutions again will mean I did my best to ensure they got the trouble that they sought. So this is what they have perverted my Intellectual property administration business into i.e. the old dream of making money because Royalty was selling Royal position and public image which the last time we checked their civil rights stupidities had enough money in the world to buy as it were. What then happens with my trust system is that whenever I try to release money from it having spent time claiming they were my brothers and sisters which makes my race a curse for me, they want to ruin everything around here and release some for their stupid selves like character I cannot avoid hurting seriously as well. Their friends overseas love to say I might run an intellectual property administration business but they can do whatever they liked with my possessions and will never stop; I don’t mind the boasting for my part, it’s always an old story super Car makers do not get Government help like their conniving and destructive idiocies would have acquired to play such stupid games with and if they broker their equities with me it means that this Hermitage was losing Assets and making my financial condition which was none of their business although it appear when I am broker it hurts them more than it hurts me much worse, especially more so when their stupidities did the damage and then I am going to get involved in the system, settle up who produces what raw material and by the time we are done there will be a need to do something about it and attacking some developing economy businesses while doing nothing about the black markets would be in order, to stop their stupidities and its disobedience, much the same as we know the attitude to be the same right through to the USA, that if their lives are about the cycle of shopping, taking care of young ones and doing the day job, they are not a problem but when they have a little money they tackle those who practice morality that they deem to be practiced in their personal lives, make up the reasons by making a mess of the public image their victims had cultivated and start to put up the stupid money as leverage for some war they think they will win if they were the ones that had gathered up enough resources to – meaning you could pick up your portfolio and walk into the City to make money  winning jobs and wind up in a rabbit hole that leads up to this sort of nonsense while those who have a history of wrecking your life had a head start in the gathering resources bit, whereby it’s very difficult to tell what the bloody idiots want from others but we know they have always excused it over historic injustices that need to be corrected while some other people did not matter and specifically with respect to me, it will not stop showing up in public to pass around those insults about being superior to me and Royal involvement with me is done to mock its stupidities, when we know it would be a whole new game if I decided the events of the last couple of months and what I have been writing was to be deployed for the purpose of being superior to their stupidities, regardless of which knowing how Royalty works, taking pictures of their stupid selves blowing kisses at Criminals on my house and spreading it on Media and social Media and internet has nothing to do with money regardless of me having any, which is also in any case none of their business. They do say that their children are becoming more of a threat to me which does not bother me in anyway whatsoever, it’s the same goons that have turned what people do with Fashion and the business of getting some of their models to familiarise with me into something of a popularity and lawless process of sitting about spending my well made plans and working abusive industrial espionage on me, as stupidly as possible and they love to blab that I would not dare take the steps that I have warned them I would take if they pushed it further, which is precisely why I am going to dare, starting with the business of taking the fashion connections away from them, so they might look like characters that encourage the violent behaviour that we see during carnival somewhere else and it’s basically the same story at the Celebrity culture but the Industry parts go one step further and becomes a matter of the fact when I am in pain people feel they are better off than I am and that helps to sell products while their Celebrities grind showbusiness at me over such things, as stupidly as possible. So I do get told that I am not making progress with myself never the less which is utter nonsense – I have rather concerned myself with making sure these nonsense and the political gimmicks they put up with it as though the sensations of convenience they pass at their Politicians to develop the kinds of Politics we see thrown around in this Country really is the right sort of expectation that a Government should have of its population who are aged between 18 and 65, when it blows off that big mouth about what I cannot do while making a mess of me all the time – I have been concerned with making sure goons who make money to spend on them for making trouble spent the money to a stage where they realised all they can do about me is spend money on these trouble makers to create better people in society and then pretend they deserved an accolade for it, it is not getting anywhere near National Government where it was rather clear the outcome will be that the Country either burns or it degenerates into Poverty and then it burns thereafter.

In the end, they forget their place so often and spend time issuing those threats at me which remind me they were to be paid attention to as a bunch of well-fed gits with access to super cars in the City, who are stuck between community croons that work the 50 year old school truants routine for their children who want to own and run companies while threatening me for the smell caused when I am inflicted by their incessant familiarity, as if they were unaware that their family members were responsible for it, making trouble all the time – they always say I wouldn’t dare and wouldn’t last but we all know they will need a matter of years to make a certain amount of trouble for me over the fact they don’t want to smell on their own while I make these statements about the fact there is no need for me to be inflicted with that nonsense where I cannot step outside of my door without being made to smell of what I last ate as they rage on with their stupid disobedience all the time – so if pointing out where they end up between community croons and industry gits was not enough, then it goes without saying they are always boasting of bad things that will happen if they do not have money and messing with my Books without sharing the salary that gets to their heads which I have had to tolerate over the last six years while blowing off their big mouth at me is an example of this – it will take years of work from their stupidities, to get me complaining about the fact they think they run the Country but do not in any way whatsoever, and then they will have reached my Social status to make enough trouble for me that will back up that big mouth blabbing at me all the time, otherwise it can keep its distance, keep its hands to itself and stop getting involved. It’s an old story where you pick up your credentials and get into the City to chase a life and something might happen with means City centre workers show up to chase your interest for you, like they did me, which showed me I had some real talent going for me – then watch what they will do with it, like a bunch of characters that you know if you had the business of keeping yourself from doing violent things to them in the blue corner and they were in the red, it would be a losing battle, acting as if they were very privileged the entire time. Their ageists tend to follow this on with Media appearances naturally, where they say it’s something that happens on the right hand side in their case as well, about which the Media will ever stop torturing me basically once I found myself a media mistress with whom I can practice certain sexual behaviour that will ensure Industry trouble makers paid the practice for their actions, then it will stop my way and yes they do like to boast that I would be dicing with some serious problems while reality on the other hand was rather that once one mistress decides I had gone too far and that they were more friendly than I was, she would be free of me, to get around her life at their expense while I found myself another – what we know they complain about currently is the ones we are doing with ourselves i.e. I have Fashion Models’ Coven and since anything that gets involved with me ends up with hurting bottoms, I put them up to the business of hating my guts in Public which is how they sort out their Mobility and how I sort out mine and the last time we checked their big brother and big sisters insults had been copying this too, making a mess for me as if this was how they sorted out their own. It does come down eventually to the fact that they have no business with what they claim happens on the right hand side as they are not Royalty and it is not a bad thing for me to be more important than they are – in the 1980s and 1990s it would by now have resulted in me engaging society in some routine and then even the average Taxi Driver will have ideas about going down a certain route if he is messed with and they will look like shinny people being gay and singing songs with Freddy Mercury but what we have here is a matter of improving standards i.e. they might have families and will perhaps one day want to look after those – stop trying to make out I am to write Books and attend a Book signing event in which I pick up their security problems, end up looking like I want to get shot at like John Lennon, while they issue their threats at me and express this nonsense whereby every one of them wants to be an Arch Prince. Hence mine is to ensure culture and society trouble makers complain about me, same as popularity and Celebrity culture goons and the big brothers and big sister characters along with their minions, as if feeds into the business of the fact the Head of State spends most of her time with people who have a Lifelong Orientation with one form of Academy or another in the business of providing Public services – they have got their own concerns and need to stop getting involve mine or handling me as doing so even then was not part of their work contract, the part where I too made it a business of mine to handle them is still avoidable. Everybody knows as long as they are aware the state of affairs was such that a Grass was too Green excuse being the reason I did not put up a fight to look after some Damsels in Distress would have been unacceptable to the Queen, they will believe that their Celebrities and Media stupidities can do whatever they liked with my person. So the claim has been largely that I am unappreciative of American support, while reality is that they spend their time on this nonsense and interpret their financial needs as a process of stirring up some enemies in Africa and the Middle East which they can eliminate to ensure they became entitled people with a Military Might but we know they have not defeated any of their own enemies yet and that what they should do to earn other people’s services as diplomatic Allies lies in complete ruins.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland