Now they say Politicians are playing me up for power which is not true, I enjoy sharing everything I have because of them; it gives them such a false sense of security that brings so much disappointment whenever they start to chase the get rich quick stuff and the reason is that they really enjoy spending tax payer funds of vices they claim are good things in certain ways like homosexuality and so on and because such persons are not expected to take up jobs, think they have a donkey so to speak in the Church and I am not doing it for them in hell too, so we are left wondering where they hope to get the shortfall from. Itís the same old case about the reasons they are certain I am a sitting duck people can bully to gain certain feelings that help them acquire possessions which mean they do not have to show respect towards others: whereby it is possible that organising a Political party into a means of persecuting me while handling private concerns to build me a reputation for doing damage to British Government can get me into trouble, just as it is possible when I run a campaign about a disingenuous socialist goons who earn vastly more than those who vote for them having secured a position whereby they are the Nations vice and can have their way with the Crowd to get things done by offering briberies believe I am vulnerable to them as well, I will do lasting damage. It beats the imagination why they think themselves the right people to handle the Nation and the Economy all the time, since we are talking about the fact respect is a commodity for them and so workers who do it with their bodies are jeopardised already and somebody must take some before they can progress, meaning they are all trim to the same size like the devilís army would be and they have no regard for peopleís property which means businesses are jeopardised. Itís not just the insults that carry on long enough to ensure my financial facilities end up somewhere else while they make comments on it and call a crowd doing so every day, there are others like the fact if wealthy people carried out some oppression there is usually a way of paying for some aspects of what they do which provides jobs, these fools pay for nothing and just need somebody they can abuse to become the same thing that wealthy people are while the person is worse off on both fronts Ė then there is the bit about the need to make moral people look flustered because the probability of getting around rubbing shoulders with wealthy people is greater when you are healthy and strong socialist stupidities healthy and strong and then my party piece where people like me attend Church to provoke them by being holy people without regard for the fact they were responsible for starting the first and second world war give or take; these days of which itís not blabbing that nonsense it loves to around that idea I need to take my problems into my life and get killed by a gang or racist to make it go away thing so much in Norway since last a Fascist killed more than 300 persons all by himself about 4 years ago. I do get told itís not something to glory in but it is, as nobody really can explain why they are always dishing the death for me like that all the time as though I am some alternative Christ that will undo the work that the real one did to secure salvation for mankind and I am certain that provided it continues the general reality is that not enough have died yet, counting on my case since 2001. I donít mind the threats and insults with it anyway; itís an old story where I must remind them, they are not good people, remind them they are in fact evil and have got enemies.

So, we do not have access to the single market in Europe and it makes a statement, but it doesnít Ė we have had this nonsense from European Politicians especially Merkel for years and it needs to be decided. We all know such things are the same stupid decision we have seen made by the WTO in 2017 Ė where smoking related Cancer has been killing people for decades as nothing is done about it but just as E-cigarettes were invented to allow people have their nicotine without the death risks, the WTO hits India with a limit on production, which is exactly the same sort of decisions based on excuses we hear from Merkel about an inability to rely on the US during the Trump Administration i.e. punishing the small business people for crimes that have been committed by multinationals because there are things small business people do to protect themselves which Politicians should be deploying at State Office to feel glorious, hence when they do it hit and hit hard and we see an encouragement of it everywhere: Ė media fools seeking their piece of the pie that has to do with saving up lose change for consumerism when a big business is about to crush a small one and cannot keep their insults to themselves with minimum respect for the female folk to show for it, we see Multinationals become completely confident that if you wanted to chastise them for bad behaviour it would make no sense as the money will never run out on account people will always buy shares, we even see the wealth distribution goons start campaigns against Royalty that have nothing to do with their inability to control wealth inequality which is mostly linked to their destruction of the right and rites of merit because they have needs. The failure of the EU to allow the UK access to the single market is an example of the fact they have not grasped the issues at hand at all and for this reason we in the UK will not be missing it as well. I mean they speak of extremism all the time as though nobody knows they are aware of whose insolent children are part of extremist groups and who has been throwing money at it talking nonsense in Public places all the time about the need to rip up some peopleís empire like mine for instance to create new markets that will make them rich and create jobs in the process so as to bring about economic recovery, then blame it on me with even more lies about how I am abusive and cause them to react in racist ways due to a need to show me my place but we all know I am Royalty and they are nothing, and traders or Politicians either way should spend time trading or doing Politics respectively, not pushing their nose into what does not concern them and making assumption we think we can find another group of scum that are as destructive to let them off the hook when itís time to pay the price for it. Itís never true I have actually played any part that has caused them to react the way we have seen but what is now clear is that when I am past my dreams and aspirations, we will see them past their own on my account as well and if showing up around this Empire and its Royal Estate with those insults that cause my financial facilities to end up somewhere else leads to outcomes in which they squander my Estate, then they will be surprised what I am capable of too and itís not Media Advertisement Insults and Industry bullying, robbery and espionage abuses we are talking about either. So I win again and itís an old story of fundamental corruption where they do not want anything specifically but only to see what you are going to do when it is in a position that gives it more strength than you have got and we see their stupid media and local idiots at it all the time, whereby they do not like the way I speak but will rip up my finances and ensure I end up in the same part of society as they are, then sit about working themselves up all the time like there is anything in this world that they can actually do.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland