I have been told that I am a complicated character which I am not, people are just incredibly disrespectful, and it is the disrespect that causes most of the confusion, mainly because I am unwilling to respond to them, since it is not my responsibility and I am not their parent. They do say that the USA supports most of it and yes they do; it’s an old story about how they saw to something of the USA ruling the world along the lines of helping British Public gets rid of the Monarchy to enrich themselves and they got a share of it, hence their need to rip up market for my Books as a tool that helps them access the bigger US market which is not an academic way to make a business profitable and even if it was, I too deserved an explanation every time they did – so it’s not an ideal form of tourism and we are not talking about the US Politicians and the gimmicks with the fact that the rest of the world thinks about their bum and they might want to see people make a form of tourism out of it as well. It whole thing really has nothing to do with the US, the same way that threat of Russian Oligarchs have nothing to do with Russia, save when the Top Government Offices get involved and implicate whole administrations – it’s a gimmick they put up and leave the rest of us thinking that it was possible to be successful when you thought that sorting out the Celebrities, Industry trouble makers and their fans which is the same thing as media was too big a job to do, of which a question of my position was a case of when I was planning to do it, which is the stage that has gotten me putting up these warnings like a sermon these days all together.

They do boast that the insults get the better of me but we also know they must be very important people if it turned out others couldn’t make profit from insulting them – besides which the insults are good naturally for now I will say something about the risk of having me copy it and put them through the same process, so they got off claiming I had no honour and did not think others were entitled to it, so people might get off thinking of the two sides to every story scenario while this is supposed to be the second side of the story in the first place but soon enough it is going to develop into a case of the careers they cannot handle without tripping my income, trashing my Books on one hand, while the scum that will attack me to make them more comfortable blab abuses on the other and when this becomes a premise for operation while we ended up on a schedule over it, I think we will enter an era where there was more respect and less abuses from famous idiots all together. It’s not really an issue as such; I have determined that academic environments are toxic for me, so I will study at home and spend time on my Bookshop, the only thing stopping me is the Celebrity insults; the process of handling my Books of which was a crime in its own right but the biggest source of problems is the part where work I have done on culture and society trouble makers to foster civil living as required according to authority I am given for my Office, is picked up to set the stage for the next form of popularity that they will have as a contract made between Celebrities and paparazzi, it is therefore the last straw, I mean people who did this would hardly have been acting in a way that does not require a strong response from the victims. They do claim I interfere with their show business naturally and never stop telling lies, of which we know that their problem was more a matter of being more important than I am using my own social life and public image which has never really stopped regardless of those excuses and a process of talking with Politicians and media about my attitude like we were mates, getting me to spend my day clearing out their stupidities to return to my career without success while they got off suggesting it meant they were important – this is what causes all the desperation and the need to cling to me as such because if they do not have access to me anymore, they will drop to obscurity and this I wish to achieve as well, since they have been building show business from their own lives the last time we checked and actually did work for it according to what we know thereof – it is a viable public service to ensure it was shut down because when I withdrew access they could no longer continue.

They have also built up this sense that all I said and did was full of bitterness which is utter nonsense as what happens is that I am working intellectual property administration on private equity and we know that there are times that whole companies will be bought for a pound because of these issues: for their case, they set about ripping up what is built from a small number of customers that played a part in the way a company developed its banner and brand, which is like the core market of the company and turn out to be a handful of gits who consider themselves to be such manipulative idiots, that some of these companies turned to them for partnership and friendship as well at the same time. I mean we are looking at 100 customers of which 70 were main market and of the 70, 30 were market that operated as a team with the business and of this 30 about 10 were in such a position as influenced the brand and banner of the company, which is how Intellectual property is built and developed, measured against what a person must be to perform such abusive and destructive behaviour, then show up at the other end hand in hand with some silly politicians, setting out the idea that they were public figures.

They do not scare me in anyway, I would be happy to move on, if only a handful of gits with Offices in the City that does not mind its business, shot off their big mouth on my social life, on grounds they thought they were some sport of Royalty when they had parties in the City and only made comments about my concerns over what they have paid money for at this Bookshop. They do however say that nothing I have belongs to me if I am an Arch Prince, which is utter nonsense as we know they are not so stupid and to show up here because they wanted the Crown or the Queen to lose something important, knowing that the Monarch controls the Military, when they show up here, they want some of mine and are currently working extremely hard to get it. They probably might have spent the time that they have wasted on me, handling people they could take advantage of, but this is not a fact that interests me anymore, regardless of whether their gimmicks are developed from the fact their backs had hit the wall. I ought to be clear that those who entitle themselves to my income needed to ensure it was not open to all regardless of how good they believed themselves to be at looking for trouble and those who get off exhibiting themselves on my social life to make money, needed to ensure it was not free for all, regardless of how much their stupidities believed I was afraid of them or their men – the way this nonsense has gotten everywhere and made a mess for me at this Office every day, really is moving towards an outcome where I got to teach them a lesson they will get forget and not just families getting feedback when criminal visited on account they spent time entitling themselves to my income or families getting feedback from the sex industry when their women patented bits on my social life to their stupid names, exhibiting their insanity and greed all over it; we know it’s everywhere at the supermarkets and corner shop top shelves and their behaviour, the insults have gotten worse. They do speak of enemies at the Monarchy while reality is the old case of Royals who want to do as they wished with Public influence and money and then there was the Church and the Queen was all over it, so they will squash me like a bug for what they claim added up to a lifestyle that spent time telling others what to do without knowing it as it were. It is becoming quite clear the choice that exists because no matter what I do, they will do some damage to my work and claim I had an Achilles heel, then get all over the Politicians and the media over claims my actions hurt their bums – I can move on with my life at this stage, but it is not in my power to stop them wrecking my finances.

I do get asked about prospects I really didn’t want Brexit, of how I could have gone about it, but I would still have done it this way, however with a more hands on approach – the risk is the same we see socialist idiots in Parliament exhibit i.e. EU Laws affected British Laws, the Politicians got all over my career and spent time making laws that set me out in a bear baiting situation with the Celebrities and City centre gits, while they trashed my finances to seek privileges for their Children. Then again, there are always risks – there will be no freedom from complains my actions churn their tummy, since this is not their lives and they are not a threat to any cracked up out of my league, in this place – they did not write my Books and handling it is illegal activity that will not be overlooked on account their stupidities were famous; I have had enough of it. The last 18 years of my time have played out in terms of these idiots wrecking my academic work like we see them give their own to the frugal to cover their arse all the time and their perverted interest in me is beginning to grow an interest in the way they hang around companies failing to do the work they were paid enough to make them rich for and when my Intellectual Property administration exposes any of it, their need to control my Book sales makes sense when others want the jobs and the way to ensure that they didn’t lose it was to appeal to the local communities, as stupidly as possible.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland