Now they say extremism especially the racial ones are completely out of control in the Country because of me; reality behind that of which is that the Royal Family has never been seen attending Church of racism, if such stories continue I will never see my love and should we meet each other we will both have no quality of living Ė for the blacks however of which the case remains the same, that when it is not needed it should not be done as it were, done along with other civil rights fools hanging up on media to discipline, discipline, disciplining what is their mates here with a big mouth all the time, something they apparently really have to do, linked to their job description linked to their stupid livelihoods on that foolish media. It is usually stable when these goons are not involved, usually stable when the Police goes off to investigate who has been handing Police work to some goon that has appointed themselves in a racial group. The case has always been that I need to talk about real things happening with me and not all these sad and bad nonsense; real things of which would be that I have a Court and there are Celebrities and Journalists and people from all backgrounds in it Ė the difficulty of administration then being that of which one has been informing their whole family who are now a part of it at home as well, which one has been informing their parents that are now a part of it as well, how far have they gone and at what stage would they feel they are comfortable with the way they want to be part of the Court system and then you can say they are in it and you are on hand for their needs and they may be for yours as well; what then happens by the way side is these goons inviting themselves in everyday as abusively as possible which means people are always in pain on the inside and everywhere smells like everybodyís toilet and they cannot be made to listen unless a tool or measure that has been known to be effective is being deployed to make them. They have mentioned I never have taken into account that my actions are causing suicides but itís an old story where the Court is happy for me to do something about security matters without getting involved with violent situations but the Men who invite themselves into our concerns, on account of being the ones that are better suited to a life of security being sorted without violent bits so they can seek a higher paid job or a position that pays more in the establishment they work in think it is not good enough: so I can never get it right because I am always stuck with them followed by insults and abuses to bend me into perverted situations and corners all day long like an atmosphere that is taking over my real existence, hence while my own question is one about how long people do such things and what they are trying to accomplish by sharing it with other crowds, their own becomes one about whether I am accounting for the fact that I am causing suicides since I do definitely turn their own inside and out, bottom it out all the time as well. we hear that bragging I cannot according to them find another way to respond to without them gaining some prerogative from me that puts them in a superior position all the time, which has to do with me getting myself out of a difficult situation that I cannot actually free myself from in order to have something really difficult to do which will not be paying me imputed into my concerns in a way that means I have to clear it out before I can move on with that stupid media but itís nothing new about the fact that they have no other way of making money save the way that is not civil Ė targets pregnant women that are not likely to win a competition against them, targets University drop out who according to them do not know anything, even targets government Officials who have their hands full with state concerns, then we hear them tell me I care about the poor people that are the reasons others lose their high paying jobs; whereas the reality is that although it wants to trap me somewhere and see me get into a gang fight that will make its stupidities feel special since we were mates and the idiots should have won a competition against me for being better human beings, it does not actually want to buy my Books even though it should be the one deploying processes of dealing with security without getting involved with violence to seek positions and jobs that pay more than its stupid superior self is currently getting at the moment because everybody loves to serve its stupidities the last time it checked Ė so when compared with the fact that a Prostitute thinks a Priest should exist, thinks an Arch Prince should exist, so that when the fact it is a woman and its job is about sex adds up to a process where it has to tell some people it just wants to have sex not get involved with all sorts of things associated with getting close to people, it might make sense, thereby creating the probability that she might read my Book, these fools clowning around with important things at other peopleís lives expect me to make a choice. So, it seems that it cannot get on with anything unless it is ripping up peopleís lives and has linked the process with how his mate for a quarter of a million-pound salary, creating these two spectrums where that is how it increases its salary from 5 to 6 figure sums and leaving others with a broken home and a broken life and broken finances at the same time. So it eventually does come down to whether or not an Arch Prince can enforce his own rules, which means that we are right on top of the story concerning the bit where they need to find ways of making money which is actually civil and do not do it means do not do not too as it were and need to do so very soon indeed; otherwise itís an old story where you can avoid a certain part of town to stay out of trouble but the processes of childbirth means women cannot avoid goons who link love with the anus and hence you are always likely to find trouble when you go down that route Ė the reasons Politicians are authorised being that it is government business to be authorised to, the reasons I am being that I am an Arch Prince and there are behaviour I prohibit which some people have made into a main preoccupation which is to be followed up with trouble as well; so the bit that should not be lost in translation is that we are now where we need to make money in ways that are civil not make more excuses that may even involve young people ending up where trouble can be found knowing that somebody at Government is always likely to create an environment that is full of Women and growing children which is likely to be messy and fun, as I have my hands full and cannot keep dealing with this nonsense like this all of the time, especially when I am trying to study. Now they say people like me who think abortion is bad should be taught a lesson and I could never understand anyway; after all when we consider it in legal terms and public terms, we find that the child has an equal right to life as a woman who has been sexually assaulted has an equal right not to carry through with a pregnancy that came forth from it Ė which is pretty much the same as a nursing Mum who has been raped throwing a baby down the drain; we will have had to decide who committed murder and who committed rape. As for the story of little brittle men like me making decisions, itís usually the case before people need entire National civil service and parliament and media to handle me while I have not actually done anything to them Ė Itís usually a case of who I convince people I do not like Celebrities and that there is good reason for it; we see the Media ones who cannot stand the sight of women are good at fighting and this means they are always making a mess of my whole life each time they appear in public places, we see the mainstream media Celebrities like to pick on me in order to feel they are important and likewise the society ones both of whom do not get along with each other but for some reason I happen to be stuck with their gurus, never mind the fact that these things rather indicate each time a criminal activity has affected me, there was a celebrity working with it somewhere at some time to such an effect being attained. I mean we are all afraid if they are afraid they ought to do what everybody else does i.e. look after friends and family and bear in mind the risks, hope that security services will extent to you at a needed time and when it does not, itís a long line anyway and you have to understand that you have your own personal decisions to make thereof. Itís the usual stuff you get when you have not spent time grooming them into a position where they are ripe for the kicking as well; so, I do get told there is need for sustainable solution to the problem which of course is the one I had given before i.e. that they are always seen making out that the school people attend and jobs people have and careers people own and pay attention to are a process of people accepting culpability for whatever it bothering them, a process of guilt acceptance, where we find the media latches onto it and will not let go, whereas the reality is that nobody is actually making out their insults and violent abuses are happening because there is a reason that propels them to behave like that, the pinnacle of course so to speak, is that Politicians Liberal and socialist have now spent tax payer funds to let them walk around in fine clothes and jewellery looking like characters that do not deserve some violence for their stupidities because they were successful, hence it is usually construed that not grooming them to be ripe for a kicking is the wrong thing to do as their need to go from character peoples want to beat up for its stupidities to characters that are the worldís most prolific bullies, is a defence mechanism Ė my opinion being of course that this is usually the wrong way to look at it as we know a criminal who gets away with it and deploys the money in mainstream investment at my expense does not necessarily stop the bullying because he is twisted and evil. So yes the question of peopleís minds is how they ended up stuck with either mainstream celebrities or society celebrities and more so how people ended up with a social disposition that suggests something similar to their gurus and studio owners and managers etc but for me as we can see I really do not have an answer to this question at a Royal Office, it becomes a case of what I am meant to do to them to clear my public image space. So, I said abortion is wrong and they do need to avoid getting on my nerves for it; besides which I was not talking to them when I wrote it in a Book, they were never likely to buy in the first place anyway. Either way of small man making decisions or feeling among in the company of strong people that can do violence when he is not worthy and they have never had evidence of him doing so anyway; the reality is still the same as it has always been the idea I am a lot of trouble which I am not Ė itís their insults and itís a cycle that continues endlessly picking up things I have done to create problems for themselves and more acceptance of culpability for being the source of those problems means they make more of it with more insults for themselves and for the Politicians it was a trader and then it got elected and wants a fight with those who get to the job and then get called into Crown service for prestige, wasting my time, whereby Party leaders can no longer control them all together and they always respond to me when I clip those stupid profits they make at my expense, just as they need my strengths to fight me with Ė the bit about interfering with a writers thoughts all the time using filth of mediocrity is what decides I cannot control what my tummy does obviously and means I will get beaten up thereof, notwithstanding which I do interfere with their own using my religion as well anyway; the point being consideration for their need to get off claiming my academic work and job and livelihood adds up to things I am doing to accept blame for their problems and making out reasons that cause them to behave the way they do, caused me to drop out of University and that was in 2008, they need to move on, just in case it might become a good idea to get out of here and build a public image on it too. They however are far more concerned with the idea I might get away with what I have done which follows on from complaining all the time about the consequences of showing up in my life to take up my time looking for acceptance of blame for their problems, claiming my academic work and job and livelihood and everything else I have adds up to such things all together - so it is complaining but cannot be caught dead stopping; like we see the claim I am in trouble with Americans works i.e. beside the business of getting off foolish black people I hate to be stuck with exactly the same thing from the white communities churning my tummy all the time and wrecking things around here - absolutely no way in their view that I may think of these activities as damage - since last I wrote some Books and their stupidities became the obsessed with the point which exists somewhere in the Middle of the two main Political parties over my earnings; as mentioned above in any case, the fools always respond when that stupid profit has been hit and if they wind me up will find me make it very dirty indeed (We all know apart from their House of Government getting shut down for the first time in history, how I ended up in such a situation proves how stupid Americans really are and proves their thirst for twisting other peopleís noses but then again for me the question that applies to a reasonable person goes beyond being asked by people all the time whether I have done something to offend their stupid selves, is that of the stage at which I will hope to start thinking of it as a form of damage). Everybody I come across has the same question to ask; of whether I have done something to offend them, as the part that lets me raise funds to pay my way in the world from a Royal Estate disappears with the use of Media and Celebrity every day.

Now they say I am finished and done which is utter nonsense as what happens is the business of people picking up the state of my finances which was partly created by the way I handled it and set about building me a reputation on Media that is closely linked with the fact they think in my position I should be making myself rich, in order that they might be proud of me and not ashamed of me with a need to kick me all the time with a big mouth, so if I allowed it to run, it will establish an avenue from my concerns and run off to any level that it likes with respect to building an incredibly stupid reputation for me, that I will have to respond to for the future and we know when they start like that completely unnecessarily, I leave University the same year the world worst recession began and did without qualification, when it starts it does the same year I started trading my Books more seriously, so I look like a character that does not get paid when he worked. The Celebrities are always keen on this nonsense as we know but it can only end up in a reckoning with their gangs on one hand and my desire to teach them lessons that Municipal goons will run with for a long time on the other. Talk of me winning a great battle being utter rubbish as none wins a great battle when idiots like this kept their stupidities from his Books and stopped following me around at a writing career Ė nobody really knows what bugs them but we know they claim itís the fact I have something other people donít have and the first time that became a threat they ended up making popularity on my Public image supported by National Government because they could not defend their own corner when I wanted them working for money while I supervised to control the threat I had to face. They have no mode of communication anymore these days because a large portion of the public has been accustomed to seeing them claim they were better human beings than I am, saving passing around insults on what I should get off my bum and do for them with their foolish Media and Celebrity culture and I could never tell if they join their stupid Politicians who could have bought a Book from this place but preferred to start a campaign of confiscating my writing career because they would have power to win elections endlessly if they did instead, if they copy this nonsense with that big mouth they have got on account they have as much power as the Politicians do but we know I have warned them long enough about grinding Celebrity culture at me until they needed it like a drug, therefore going to make their own look like that as well, and they can cross that line and take a swipe at me if they were fucking mad enough. This is what their power is and so we see there is no need for this conversation and then we go back to the very beginning to see how we started having it in the first place.

For their part the Politicians is usually a front; what happens is that they pick on me and decide I must live in fear because they are bullies, when I push back, I stop some drug supplies, I stop some Celebrity culture, I stop some organised crime and then they will need to find alternatives at my expense and itís enough trouble for a life time for absolutely no reason whatsoever or it can be about dreams of handling me which was rather easy when I am in Government service and when they want to be important in terms of government, their nepotism which I have had enough of channelled at me or not, I am more important than they are and there is nothing wrong with that, while the Celebrity culture was one whereby if I got my hands on it they will never see it again, showing up here all of the time to seek privileges of injustice when they are the ones making all the trouble, that if I began a fight with them they would have required a grand introduction to tell them that was happening like we see happen currently. It goes without saying as such my academic work is a matter of when I start and my Books are a matter of when I get somebody to control my Business and help me make money with it so we might both get paid and we know they interfere with this all the time, those gimmicks they think adds up to business and their bottom chasing idiots in the City centre that can handle anything they wanted Ė complaining that I want to control everything while they chase me around to wreck my whole life and when I write a Book start a mini war because they donít want to buy it and accuse me of seeking to control peopleís lives and general access to popularity wealth; I would fancy they kept away from my Books and had stopped following me around. The talk of me having bigger enemies at the Monarchy is utter rubbish naturally; their blabbing will stop the day they have to do it, or their culture and society goons will do it for them when I walk down the local streets. They claim I am powerless because I smell like my toilet and this is the thing that helps them gather as a community to tackle and grab both market and trade secrets, as stupidly as possible but how it is done is that whenever I sit down in an Office to write, I donít want to be disturbed while the business of not being disturbed when I sit down to write suggested I was more important than their stupid selves and had to be stopped. Their problem it seems, is that when they make a mess of an Arch Princeís concerns they get immersed in the business of sorting out the extremists in the neighbourhoods and the ethnic minorities copying them thing and yet the main obsession that brings about the insults, abuses and threats is that their stupidities needed to make money on my Public image. Then we hear that everybody knows all I can do is talk but we know that getting prepared for them will mean removing all the things they do to ensure I am weaker than they are and then for some reason thereafter start up some National Politics gimmick about the problems that exist for the Country because weak people exist and I could have spent the time I would spend to get rid of such nonsense and get into a fight with them on what my aspirations really are; fair to say itís not yet a case of people with weapons having decided they are very stupid individuals, the bread winner insults they throw at everybody or not, and then with some weapons want to prove it.

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