They now say that Americans think I am some problem for everybody that the British Monarchy protects as a tool to secure advantages and its utter nonsense, the reality of it really is that the main problem was a case where I had decided what Americans want to do with me will never be done, so they have spent years getting themselves stuck and desperate so they might need it at any cost and I have spent a reciprocate amount of years preparing for such an instance as well. It has nothing to do with the British Government that I only completed work on showing large companies that contrary to rumours, I am not out to make money from the shadow their businesses have casted around the world, only to be stuck with Business idiots who want to organise their operations in a way that causes me the most amount of pain, blabbing that if I started a fight I would be burned out before their money ran out, then after it was the fat Cats, now itís just the Celebrities and all for the fact they now officially believe, as stupidly as possible, that the way to recover from a recession is not to get back to the drawing board but instead to find and take advantage of so called kids who are unable to protect themselves or their property. They are not in charge and their stupidities have gotten me into enough trouble as it stands, when they do wish to talk when its talk time, instead of pass stupid American insults at me, I will be ready to listen to but then again, Iwould rather prefer they let me be as we are not mates anyway. The story that this sort of talk adds up to an attitude that will make me more trouble, is a typical example of the fact when the idiots see any occasion in which a trouble maker sets me out as disrespectful in terms of what people can do with market, they want to be a part of that, when it goes wrong, get their stupid imagination up my bum; so I believe it has been clear to a great extent at this stage that I have had quite enough of the American insults from their twats as well Ė as for the business of talking nonsense at me about an attitude that brings about the financial failure, they need give me a little while yet to ensure that they never ever make use of my work ever again without paying for it and then will I sit back to set eyes on the next thing that will prevent me from running a Bookshop properly from then on, blowing off its big mouth about the damage it does because everything else it tries to do to oppress me with my own money had failed, like I had signed a contract with its American stupidities allowing it to handle my work and property for any reasons whatsoever. I do get told the world need to hear some of the things I say but itís the same case as there has always been since the recession; they conduct the tribalism raids to get to the top Industry jobs, the minimum we expect thereafter is a follow on of the best practices people produced in those positions in the past, what we get is homosexuality forced on us, we get insults that decide what we should be thinking about Millionaires and at the slightest sign of trouble the goons will abandon their posts and leave the shopping Families to the dogs, blabbing nonsense at me about an attitude, since it has not yet gotten a response for the damage it does here over fantasies of being able to oppress me. They have rather loved to claim that the way I talk feeds into extremism but itís the way they talk which does that; the Media insults and lies, all built up from the smoking and drinking and partying and lewdness and sleeping around and every behaviour associated with social corruption which is now all integrated in the digital age or so they think but it then comes to crunch time as well as it continues to progress and get worse Ė we donít stop them from securing their pleasures the last time we checked but I am a typical example with 15 years of financial complications built up through practical jokes at my expense and it is just the beginning of what their stupidities wish to get accustomed to Ė they speak of trouble I have gotten into at the Monarchy, the issue with a certain group of people with ideas about what an Arch Prince should look like and itís all good looks, a guy who gets along well with Celebrities, corrupt to the core and cannot keep its imagination off peoples bottoms or stop slapping girls panties to make them justify wearing revealing clothes, talking nonsense about who did what and deserves what at me all the time but it has now become quite obvious that a 49 year old single Royal is uncanny in a Country where it is National stage obligation to have children and look after them even though people may opt out if they wanted, because nothing about my concerns and personal life is ever clear enough for people to be interested, which will only carry on until I wreck and burn their Celebrity culture to clear the air as well and maybe get into trouble with Americans that cannot stop blowing off their big mouth at me in the course of doing so too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland