There is the conversation that needs be had all the time concerning how I build up the idea I am a clever and smart person while I am really not; the more important reality rather being that I chose to write Books, to make a career for myself writing on the legal premise of ideologies that should not be explored and their need to disturb me at my work which really started out as a need to encumber my earnings on account I was a Christian with a similar personality to the type they see deployed by rich people, which actually belonged to their stupid selves has become a global issue all together; since I am then left with the business of working out why they do it, I always have to look into the fact it’s a matter of some boo boys they wish to build fame and fortune for at my expense, very stupid individuals that are the reasons they tackle me every moment to secure a sense of safety and wellbeing for a bunch of well off villains, making a mess at Buckingham Palace since last they got a security guarding contract there. I have no wish to entertain this conversation about being a clever person, I want them to give me my space and start to realise what they are complaining about will never end irrespective of the lies they tell, as long as they had continued to interfere with my Office and my academic pursuits to fix their stupid sense of importance. We see it play out everywhere, especially when they have an incredible need to discuss my mannerism all the time; that when diplomatic disposition with Communists is failing because of their obsession with Celebrity fools messing around people’s lives while they played their gimmicks with the security services and I did a little act on social media, the result right away was that I had accepted liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel at the fields, so that they might get their fingers up my anus an imagination and spread it around – the same way we find the media show up here to ensure that what I do to see society goons do not make a mess of me and my work is done so many time in every 24 hours that it makes people tired before their stupidities had started to complain about a lack of security. It will then have transpired in their view that on saying what I have said, I have made Celebrities comfortable but we know Celebrities are idiots who hate my leadership and therefore want to be the ones leading me into the leadership activities all together, as stupidly as possible, so their own clowning around is getting serious too – the same as they tell me I am Royalty with no money, about to find out how valuable it was before they got involved, bearing in mind they are always blabbing the same thing about the fame they have secured on my public image with narcissism popular culture canopies, giving me such an impetus for it.

I do get told that I spend most of my time tackling allies and friends which is not the case – what we have is the fact that since the way celebrities want to relate with others is to rip up businesses and need peoples assets for the purpose of securing film and music role contracts like their parents have shown them, then turn out on media to rip up any other precious public persona that helps the same victims secure employment, help or even friends, then it must be that anything to do with reasons I believe I am not in control of matters around me, must have a lot to do with Celebrities and what I must to do get rid of them, especially as this is Government business altogether in the first place – one cannot get fried on both sides, it happens because they are actively seeking a response. Much the same as I am told I never give my all, while the main issue is a commitment towards the business of being a part of the Celebrity stupidities or being myself since it seems they cannot be deterred from picking up my work and getting me to discuss it in an environment that is completely irrelevant to it, killing off my earnings and relying on me very happily as stupidly as they possibly can and cannot stop performing this act to make everything I do toxic in every turn of events like punishment I recognise which is attributable to showing up in a Church environment – so giving it my all will mean becoming committed to hating them and being myself or being a part of what they are doing thereby suspend being myself for the duration, the latter of which I do not have the time for. It feeds into the stupidities of their Politicians, constantly showing up all over my concerns while I am not depending on parents and they are not paying the bills to perform all sorts of nonsense about showing that they were in charge – it seems as if since their jobs and families are not affected, I need to devise a corner at this Office that will ensure all these fools show up here to buy a Book they want to read or make themselves scarce and the next time they follow me around for it when they see me at an academic institution, I am really going to offer up to them the trouble they so vehemently seek.

I mean they do claim that what my Public image exists for is not exactly clear but should be imagine it is any of their business as a whole, then it will go beyond their incredibly bad behaviour that is a part of their very nature being set in front of me and my daily concerns over Liberalist need for pathological lies over who is causing provocation supported by stupid American Politicians and if I detached them from those behaviour, I end up with outcome in which their stupidities depend on me for a lifetime and beyond, and veers into this other area where I will be a Prince if they said I was and so it is impossible for their stupidities to see that it is impossible for me to be a Prince without the authority that the Monarch gives me for what I am doing with myself and therefore I am here only for Government business which I create the Publicity for at this Office and the only way to do my work as an Arch Prince in the process is to ensure all I do is about the Monarch who is the sole reason for the Publicity around my concerns as the Head of State.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland