I am told I am always a target for Male society troublemakers. I am not a target for them, they hate the responsibility associated with the fact that the reasons we have so much inequality of the sexes is because of the fact such a small number in the male population is setting out time in which they will support the female community before they get on with their own private concerns at a 100% rate so unless it is reality that either the process of setting out the time for such things makes me vulnerable to them or the fact that whenever I do I become a target for criminal and industrial feminists that makes me vulnerable to them, then it is just something they want to make excuses for, gloat over my body parts and start a practical joke for their personal gratification for and it usually will not stop until they are complaining about me in a major way as well. The criminal and Industrial feminists who wreck the lives of those that set out time to support their female friends, usually have a reason and that was about me solving the problems of women, these goons never have a reason for their behaviour, they make it up as they go along and it does not stop unless it really does, thus only God knows why they do and why they love their big mouthed insults over my feelings concerning their behaviour so much too. I dont think it a crisis as such, its the same tale of the fact when you do not get them into difficult situations, such that while you are studying at University they were complaining about inequality, then you will appear to have become the thing they can do whatever they like with, much like the devils spawn so we find that what they are complaining about presently with respect to my person is their disobedience and a story of how I am the personality people deploy to get things done for them, either as a hope or a pragmatic politics, it does carry on to a point where they get a response and their entire society was something I built Publicity for as the thing that is usually deployed to fix my problems too and then the Politicians will hear all about my attitude as insultingly as possible all the time but still it never stops while the reality on the ground is that we were never social, political or economic equals. The women who support their cause as a special group, they carry on with such things very relentlessly and yet if I pointed out that their Politicians leave it out, the fact that whilst they complained about sexual abuse, the insulting luvvies that they are, they wrecked my academic work and finances so the stupidities of such individuals might gain access to somebody good looking, whom they can abuse and ask to leave Town if he is uncomfortable with their big mouth all the time, it would have been too expensive a thing to say for their foolish Politics to bear but it is worth bearing in mind their relentless corruption, slimy body fluid corruptibility that is facilitated by their involvement with me which their stupid homosexuals can fool around with and the fact that it is always possible for me to sell that stupid culture and society for a living. They speak of Media all the time but those were goons who did not mind putting people through decades of nauseating financial complications just so they might live out the financially well off layabout existence they had in mind as career squatters I have warned enough times that they do need to stop running off their Media jobs on Publicity I have built for my Books because its the only way they can go for Hours without feeling like they want to go home already among many other reasons including addiction and they do need to solve their problems and keep off my case, I suppose it were better before these matters were resolved over a me versus the Media situation.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland