So, I am said to be worse off in every social situation but I am not, what brings on the worse off is people spending time making abusive comments about my concerns, as to express how entitled they thought they were, to a process where my career was stifled, and my person deployed to help them deal with consequences of their personal decisions. So, we find that they cannot make those comments without getting after the jugular of my finances, as if they were at war and we were enemies, only to end up looking as if they were doing what was entirely within their right to do, which then bottoms out my market all together. The case here mostly is that they come from a world where financial wellbeing was entirely reliant on the bottom chasing gimmicks which I am not involved with or vulnerable to in anyway, hence the need to wreck my finances and get me sorting it out for them instead of enjoying my own life, because it would have undone their sense of superiority otherwise, what has gotten me noticed by the way that the other gits at the Monarchy spent so much time making sure I did not get into a relationship with somebody from the upper class, so anybody I got into a relationship with will have to do something about the bottom chasing bits to maintain our relationship and I will have to deploy my Office to protect their interest to that effect but first I must get into a relationship with somebody but these guys need to make comments about their own careers if they absolutely had to make comments as their lives relied on it or I am set to stop it the way that makes me more comfortable than everybody else will be. They do claim I am responsible for a process where I ended up in that disposition in the first place but I am not, its the daddies for whom every prospect of taking advantage of me to make money had failed, so they had since resorted to life changing abuses and a process of determining what my personal life was going to be, hence as long as the ageist idiots were confident of a no response from me, they will wreck my entire life and shower me with insults every day, while their foolish fame fools who think they were celebrities believe I should not have been furious that they cut the public off from my Books, to stifle the sales and make the secret to their fame and the answer for the problems picked up through their foolish personal decisions. They do complain that I wreck their careers as well and its a story of the yapping gotten completely out of hand the first time round, such that for the damage done, they got a response from me and they showed up at the backyards of Industries where not even daddies corrupt fat cat gimmicks worked on me, the next response I think, will produce a result that shows up on their bank balance, so that I might enjoy some closure concerning their gimmicks, I intend to ensure that it was the finale. They do claim I am finished and done but trying to keep up some important image factors which suggested otherwise but I am not in anyway; what has happened is a process of being stuck with people who had no business with me, like a perverted and obsessive interest in a writer while they clearly did not read Books, so others were unable to work with me on a financial disposition and I was cash strapped because my Books were not selling the other being the personal life issues where I planned my finances to get my market acumen tied up in a creative equity Trust, so I am now stuck with people who want to handle me because prospects of money that exists in the trust, either way of taking advantage of me or not, had their names written on it, so instead of a relationship with somebody that adds up to a process where the social circles they were comfortable with got along with their idea of a relationship we have a two part story of idiots trashing my finances over suggestions of anal sex caused by their need to have both. Some of them have suggested it is a big ask but it is not, I am not vulnerable to the bottom chasing issues, if I get into a relationship with somebody we would need to both come out of it, the security will rely on me and my Office and if I had my finances sorted, it would never be an equal relationship, while my background is one in which my parents had divorced and I could not afford to take excessive risks. The rest of the case is that those who do the bottom chasing bits are not doing it to me as a matter of career, work or finances, they do it as a matter of the fact they were twisted and evil, had no moral and thought they had found somebody to inflict the consequences of their stupid personal decisions - causing middle class twats to show up here and tell me I needed to fight my battles rather than handle them, while making a mess of my public life every day from the disposition of communities of violent lasciviousness their stupidities had built and had no wish to eliminate while complaining about me as well, whereby I do not think the prospects of them entering into a list of scum that I want to oppress from a Governmental disposition existed, if they kept their stupid hands to themselves and stopped handling me, especially the blacks.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland