I am told what I claim is a very bad thing is what Celebrities put up with all of the time and it is utter nonsense Ė much the same as Industry fools rounding up my Books, killing off the sales to play up practical jokes at me which leave me with nauseating financial complications, then complain when their 50 year old school truant share my personal space and learn to share their own as well, not least because of stupidities exhibited over what I have done to put myself out on account I have written a Book Ė in fact they issue threats they can never back up over it and then I get told my temper is something that needs to be channelled somewhere about which I think there is nothing wrong with it as it is not what I do for a living. They make mention of something I did on the right hand side or left hand side to deserve it every time I clear these matters out like they used to when it was about suggesting I have presented an idea which says itís easy to be successful in the UK while they became racist the one experience of somebody doing it to them the single time, doing it to me every day and will not stop until the result looked like their own, the way their stupidities share what they have with others. So I am going to rip up their finances to ensure this particular statement stops as well; the reality around it continues to be a matter of the fact it shows up with some ageist gimmicks you will tolerate for years after it got itself into trouble with the Law, wants to make a case out of it which suggests it fell behind its finances compared to its mates because kids like me is what it was looking after and therefore is entitled; we are aware if I lived with my parents I would have ended up hurting them seriously for it but I donít, so the other option of chasing them down at the pensions, tackling their Celebrity idiots with ideas about the importance of what they think when they lose their temper while other peopleís temper is irrelevant and I will have my results.

I do get told I have won everything but I have not, I only need to complete the University degree I chose for what I am doing here and then I will be out of their Hair for good as it will be possible to select a lifestyle that will ensure I no longer got in their way Ė otherwise itís an old case of being pushed down a line of learning that they donít want me to go because I interfere with their culture and society, besides which are the 50 year old school truants fooling around with my concerns in the neighbourhoods until they have to catch their breath everyday Ė I do get asked if I know the meaning of what I just said and I do, it means they are criminals or goons with criminal history, the problem being that who they really are is far less than what their ego has suggested at my expense and I want them keeping off my concerns, saying they will not is simply an assumption they think they can determine what I am capable of as well. It does not mean University degree is the answer for everything, the idea I have succumbed to the idea is just an example of the fact they never listen to what others are saying to them, emphasises the reason they need keep away from my concerns. The reality of it is simply that of the fact that if everybody got a University qualification we would not have been able to tell what had become the part where the guy who never does well in school was really the child of an illiterate Millionaire and how it draws attention to the importance of those you worked for getting a proper service Ė so I have to imagine what they mean by this is that their Celebrity culture would be the preferred choice for the consumers. Itís like those gimmicks about being free of Royalty while I look like little king on whose life they count pennies until they raced each other to the millions Ė they think the one they will survive will be the one where you came up with a plan that will ensure they stopped screwing with you if MPs drove into school every day and when they pick their children, get home only after creating you some setbacks, supposing your parents were not doing the same things, the part that brings to light more often the stupidities of making money with your career before you did because they were nearer to collecting their pensions after years of public service channelled towards your civil rights, the part that brings to light the stupidities that allow them turn neighbourhoods on its head so they might plan their Celebrity stupid lives on other peopleís wallet and the part where Law abiding people doing this to ensure criminals had a difficult existence as it was their only exit getting under attack from them will have become far more obvious than it is now Ė itís the one they believe their stupidities would survive and those who handled me for any smell issues would not have been taking a big risk. What I am after is to gather the tool I considered to be relevant to me from the qualification I had chosen and each day I do not have all these tools while they cannot allow me a moments peace will be each day they are caught up in an existential struggle. They do say those who have completed their academic work should have a rite of passage and I understand but itís the practical jokes at my expense that get me thinking the age of 50 was a luxury I am worried about and it does not appear to them that the obligation to have children and raise a family is a quasi-Law in this Country yet as it were, until the way I planned my career and family ensured they were writhing in pain for some reason somewhere over it. The sense I am falling behind everyone else is developed around the one case of Celebrity vandalism, once done blabbing about wealth inequality issues meaning the right to rip up peoples personal and family life for the purpose of pleasing random crowds that spend money on entertainment products, it cannot produce the sex in the bedroom either and I am certain itís only the only flaw there is with their sense of commitment - their inability to keep off my Books and personal finances means I am going to completely wreck it for them.

I have been informed recently that the means by which I get people to pass my information about for me is about to be shut down but I have no idea why people think it ought to worry me so anyway Ė the system was held together by a process of making sure they knew what I knew lest I became a great servant that knew what I knew that I might serve them for knowing better and the business of running my information was due to the fact their Media gits never stopped making sure they decided what my career schedule was going to be and at their hands it was formless which is why I am not doing well with Book sales, so I have been forcing them to do it and they have been fighting back with abusive advertisement that is done in a way which suggests they were trying to communicate, that they have tried to resist taking advantage of me but have failed and that it was all my fault, either by not complying with their needs or provoking them by picking up a career their stupidities should have had. The part where they speak of attacking me physically because I have little respect for their careers would be the one where they had a gang and I was thinking about the insanity of municipal activity while I became very interested in beating the hell out of their very insulting stupidities, so itís an example of what they say when they are convinced they cannot keep their mouth shut and we know the Media gimmick with my career continues very unnecessarily still. In the end it seems they donít think I view their Celebrity culture the way that I view it i.e. various levels of experience but engagement with the Public is the same I.e. for the purpose of buying venues that allow them speak with people about ripping up my family and career Ė they then point out that there is a problem and it is to do with those who published my Books which is utter nonsense; I have mentioned before that I was looking for Book Printers because I wanted to do it myself when I found them Ė Book Printers would take a fee and print a certain amount as I had demanded it, Publish and Print on customer demand was their business, about which I think my Books match their Model and my Model means they can sell it. The Celebrity culture has always meant the same things to me and like talking nonsense about beating me up to ensure I respected their career shows, they are complaining about existential threats on my part while we have already been through this nonsense concerning a religion they tend to suggest I practiced in their personal lives Ė so keeping away from a Book they donít like and not following me around does not appear to be the preferred option for them as we can see, so it does seem that their abuses and wickedness have been practiced to a stage where those who would tell them off as it is a wickedness taken too far are unable to, hence they have earned a Doctorate in evil and how to keep peoples moral light from their eyes in my view, which I find amusing but beating me up to ensure I respected their career was their big mouth wagging, they have a problem with anal sex games I play over their need to express financial corruption over my earnings, so when they get past this, there will be real prospects of their stupidities living up to such nonsense and I believe they never will, much the same as I have warned them I am not emotionally attached to their Celebrity stupidities as well.They do claim my condition will continue to dog me and it does not - there is no condition, just neglected Finances while I built a structure which meant my Partner will be the one to do the Finances, so the output was the business of getting women involved and now they are doing the popular culture and Celebrity thing while helping to support younger people at School, my main concern now turning to myself and me alone, while those who don't want to get to work, know exactly where I stand through my social Media - itís completely unnecessary Media and we can see there is something terribly wrong with them.

The story they want to tell is that I fart everywhere I go and it does leave me wondering if this is what really happens, when we know they talk about living in a republic all the time because they think the Monarchy is harming them when it provides everybody with stability in a condition where they build crowds of idiots with ideas about what to do to me that goes up my bum, claiming I am their kid on whom their future depends at popular culture or turn neighbourhoods on its head so they might plan their lives on my wallet Ė whereby I really think if they handle me because of them smell I am really going to try hurting them seriously. I could never understand what the appeal was, complaining about me one moment and then the next they are off, they and their families passing insults at me behind my back and then the effect start to come through, the tummy churning never stops, they never stop looking like I wither when I see them and that getting the better of me is what their health and well being was built on; so the last time I handled it, people went off to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff because I pushed them into a difficult corner and spent their House on myself, so any beauty that brought about the behaviour was greatly enhanced and there will be trouble like they had never seen before if they put a homosexual label on me. Now while I am reeling from this sense that I had gone too far, they are off on another angle with the matter and this time its their children claiming I have been beaten down by society and they could do whatever they liked with me, not as if I have not got a public image that they can play with and fulfil all their dreams, meaning that in me they have boys and their toys wet dream, while their media fools are playing the same gimmicks on my Books like the Boys playing with their toy until it is damaged and completely wrecked thing, as stupidly as possible but as I said, I have already had to put up with the part where it appears as if I practice my religion in their personal life and they are about to develop a reason to do my stuff again as it were. they claim I am frankly not tough enough to do anything about anything and yes I am not as I donít spend most of my time in the Gym and do not consume the worlds supply of Food all day, plus other slight limitations like strategic childhood injuries and allergies but I have always known what my life looked like and made provisions, these were never enough for two and I am sure they understand making money off my work has become unbearably complicated, worth losing everything else Ė violence is where they believe they have the advantage and pressing it tends to mean I may show them where I had the advantage too.

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